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Race-Based Illness at the Best of the Best

Shouldn't Hillary Clinton Be Banned From Twitter Now?

"GoFundMe for Son's Hormone Blockers!" (5 year old)

Charlie Kirk Wrecks Pro-Trans Wet Leftist

Watch the Ugly Cunt Lila Grace Rose tell her baby she could have killed it

Is Joe Scarborough and Vicomte13 the same person?

Record Georgia turnout exposes the Democrats' voter suppression lie

It’s Long Past Time For Congress To Break Up The FBI

US Navy Sailors Deserting At "Staggering" Rate Amid Mental Health Crisis

Mexican Cartels Are Living Among You – Hiding in Plain Sight

Peter Schiff: The Recession Is Already Here And It Won't Be Mild

US National Debt Tops $30 Trillion for First Time in History

This Place is ‘far more psychopathic’ than any State in the country By

The Pentagon Testified Assessing the Ukraine and No One Noticed

G7 Countries to Provide $19.8 Billion in Aid to Ukraine

Zelensky Requests $5 Billion a Month from Global Community in World Economic Forum Speech

(Sellout) McConnell Swipes at ‘isolationist’ Rand Paul, Says He Represents ‘a tiny percentage’ of Senate GOP

America LAST: US Senate REJECTS $ 48 Billion Aid Package For Small Businesses and Restaurants Just Hours After Approving ANOTHER $ 40 Billion for Ukraine

Biden Unveils $100 Million More In Weapons To Ukraine Literally Moments After $40BN Approved

Congressman: Democrat-Appointed Justices Know the Leaker

Biden Sent Baby Formula to Ukraine After He Learned About U.S. Shortage [Videos]

Is Hillary’s lawyer cooked?

Biden’s Amendments Hand U.S. Sovereignty to the WHO

Hillary Factor: Evidence now shows false Russia collusion story began and ended with Clinton

How FBI bigwig aided and abetted Hillary Clinton plot

Tucker Carlson Warns America That Biden is About to Hand the WHO Immense Power Over Our Lives

Dr. Malone on The Pandemic Treaty Co-Opting Sovereignty of 194 Nations

The Brief: Despite Evidence Of Clinton Lawyer’s Guilt, Durham Faces An Uphill Battle With A DC Jury

BIDEN'S BOTS: Half of Joe Biden's Twitter Followers Are Fake

West sees Ukraine as ‘expendable’, says Lavrov

What To Do With All of These Useless People?

US Set To Block Russian Debt Payments, Pushing Moscow Closer To Historic Default

What YOU Should Do Now About the WHO Takeover (Vote on May 22-28)

Twitter Engineer Admits Censorship Against ‘tolerant’ Right-Wing in Undercover Sting: We’re all commie as f***

Zelensky Signs Law to Ban Ukraine’s Opposition Parties

McConnell Expects Wednesday Vote on $40 Billion Ukraine Aid

Biden Admin to Spend Billions on New Bike Lanes, Cameras; Struggling Americans Sound OffÂ… Do Better!

Pelosi House ramps up perks like Peloton, liquor store while Americans scramble for baby formula

This Week’s Spygate Trial Is Bad News For Hillary Clinton

Biden sending US Troops Back to Somalia, Reversing Trump Pullout

Ron Paul: Why Did Rand Paul Delay Washington’s $40 Billion Ukraine Giveaway?

The Buffalo shooter was NOT a white supremacist conservative like the media is saying

Justice Clarence Thomas: I Wonder How Long We're Going To Have Institutions At The Rate We're Undermining Them

John Durham Goes to Court

Starving American Babies Disguise Selves As Ukrainian Soldiers In Hopes Of Getting $40 Billion In Federal Aid

Biden Regime Shipping Pallets of Baby Formula to Border Facilities For Illegal Aliens as American Babies Go Hungry

Marjorie Taylor Greene, Food Security is National Security

Rand Paul Blocks $40B Foreign Spending Package; ‘We Cannot Save Ukraine by Dooming the U.S. economy'

Facing Disaster, Dems Begin to Triage

DOJ Employee Accused Of Leaking On Donald Trump Abruptly Resigns As IG Closes In

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Ron Paul Song
Post Date: 2007-10-10 23:13:37 by A K A Stone

Talkin' 'Bout Ron Paul
Post Date: 2007-10-10 23:11:20 by A K A Stone
Poster Comment:Ron Paul would make an awesome President. Pray for it.

Megadeth (Washington is Next) unless Ron Paul for Pres 2008!
Post Date: 2007-10-10 22:47:59 by A K A Stone
The quiet war has begun with silent weapons And the new slavery is to keep the people Poor and stupid, "Novus Ordo Seclorum" How can there be any logic in biological war? We all know this is wrong, but the New World Order's Beating down the door, oh something needs to be done There was a King (an evil King), who dreamt the wickedest of dreams An ancient mystery, no prophet could interpret Of seven years of famine, the wolf is at my door As predicted years ago, that that was, that is, that is no more The word predicts the future and tells the truth about the past Of how the world leaders will hail the new Pharaoh The eighth false king to the throne, Washington is Next! ...

Mom Admits Paying $80 for 12-Year-Old Son to View Hooker’s Breasts
Post Date: 2007-09-21 14:45:08 by A K A Stone

More worthless pigshit torturing a man for asking John Kerry a question
Post Date: 2007-09-17 22:48:46 by A K A Stone
Poster Comment:We need to have citizen groups watching the pigs. Then when they get out of control we can kick the pigs asses.

Ron Paul - Then and Now - more at FreeMe.TV
Post Date: 2007-09-09 21:52:18 by A K A Stone

I Million YouTubers: Got 5 bucks? No! Kiss Ron Paul Goodbye
Post Date: 2007-09-06 23:18:29 by A K A Stone
Poster Comment:Spread spread spread

Israeli sniper gets counterniped.
Post Date: 2007-08-26 22:50:03 by A K A Stone
Poster Comment:I wonder what happened next.

Battle at Kruger
Post Date: 2007-08-26 22:29:40 by A K A Stone
Poster Comment:Interesting video of Buffalo, lions and Alligators.

VIDEO: ABC Caught censoring Ron Paul support to favor Romney
Post Date: 2007-08-14 09:27:21 by A K A Stone
Poster Comment:Ron Paul 2008 is the only logical choice.

Post Date: 2007-08-10 21:29:31 by A K A Stone
The purpose of a political campaign is to win. To do that, you have to constantly build momentum and reach top speed on Election Day. The Ron Paul 2008 campaign is now shifting to a higher gear. The next stop: Iowa straw poll this Saturday. But before we shift gears, let’s remember how our campaign was dismissed by many at first. The “experts” didn’t give us a chance. They didn’t think we could even get our engine started. What they did give us were their inside-the-Beltway opinions why Ron Paul’s campaign for freedom and constitutional government would sputter after only a few weeks. But the “experts” were wrong. Why? 1. The message: ...

VIDEO: We Are Change confronts Mayor Bloomberg
Post Date: 2007-08-08 02:36:30 by A K A Stone
We Are Change confronts Mayor Bloomberg on the subway over his plan to ban cameras on the streets of New York City and his failure to help the 9/11 first responders. This is great video, a must watch. Click for Full Text! Poster Comment:This is a must see.

Who is this stupid piece of pig shit?
Post Date: 2007-08-01 22:37:21 by A K A Stone
Poster Comment: Thanks pig. Now the people hate you even more then previously.

Stephen Colbert tries every secret handshake to join the Illuminati
Post Date: 2007-07-28 23:10:53 by A K A Stone

When Will We Have Had Enough?
Post Date: 2007-07-28 22:47:24 by A K A Stone

Leading the Cause of Freedom in Iowa RON PAUL
Post Date: 2007-07-10 23:53:11 by A K A Stone

Toyota Robot
Post Date: 2007-07-04 00:04:59 by A K A Stone
Pretty amazing.

Learn How Pro-Life Leaders' Lies Kill Babies
Post Date: 2007-06-06 23:43:05 by A K A Stone

The Federal Reserve
Post Date: 2007-05-31 00:51:43 by A K A Stone
Poster Comment:I've been noticing on YouTube that on all of these patriotic themed videos there are people posting to vote for Ron Paul in 2008. Interesting.

Ron Paul : Stop Dreaming
Post Date: 2007-05-29 01:22:18 by A K A Stone

Bomb Scare: The History & Future of Nuclear Weapons PART 1
Post Date: 2007-05-27 23:41:26 by A K A Stone

9/11 Homeland Security Office Already Existed
Post Date: 2007-05-27 16:46:13 by A K A Stone

Raymond's Ultimate Conspiracy Video List
Post Date: 2007-05-27 15:30:57 by A K A Stone
Bookmarks Raymond's Ultimate Conspiracy Video List Brought to you by Out There Radio, your weekly podcast for the Occult, Conspiracy Theories, Hidden History, and everything else that makes the world such a strange place. Visit OUTTHERERADIO.NET for more info or subscribe to our podcast in i-tunes.. Click here to subscribe. We are a totally non-commercial show, so don't worry, everything is free. Enjoy the movies, Raymond Documentaries Famous Men speak about Conspiracy Theories - Google Video Meet the Bush Family - Google Video YouTube - Trapped in the Closet Richard Grove talks with Webster ...

How to Own the Political Process
Post Date: 2007-05-26 14:24:46 by A K A Stone
Poster Comment:This Girl is witty.

Confessions of a Ron Paul Junkie
Post Date: 2007-05-26 13:28:55 by A K A Stone
Poster Comment:The hot babe is for Ron Paul. Encouraging.

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