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Covid SURGES Among Most Vaxxed Communities Says Harvard Study



DARPA Hydrogel in COVID Vaccine can create crystals, nano-antennas to receive signals from 5G Tower

Hydrogel microbots to ferry living cells



How Gates, Fauci, and Schwab manufactured the Covid-19 Crisis to usher in a New World Order that will “Build Back Better”

More than 100 scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory could be fired Monday

The UnvaccinaTed ... Are Looking SmarTer --- Every Week

Man who was 13 when he killed a four-year-old boy ... granTed parole --- afTer decades behind bars

America’s ... DescenT --- inTo Medical Fascism

Terry McAuliffe is misreading what matters to Virginia voters

Results Over Rhetoric: Biden's Divisive Administration

30 years ago this was a fishing village

Educating Students about the Victims of Communism

The 2020 Election Wasn’t Stolen, It Was Vandalized By Democrats, Big Tech, And The Media

BUSTED! MASKLESS School Board VP Caught on VIDEO Singing At Crowded Karaoke Bar After Accusing Fellow MI School Board Members of Spreading COVID Because They Won’t Wear Masks To Meetings

Joe Rogan forces Dr. Sanjay Gupta to admit CNN shouldn't have called his COVID treatment 'horse dewormer'

Rolling Stones Cave to Woke Idiots

Democrats are going down, down, down

In MinnesoTa - BreakThrough Cases From The Fully VaccinaTed ... AccounT For 99% Of All New Covid Cases --- Including Rising DeaTh RaTe DespiTe Vaccine

Jason Chaffetz: Dems own Biden failures – they'll run but they can't hide from policy fiascos

Loudoun County Schools covered up bathroom rape and sodomy of 15 year-old girl by skirt-wearing bisexual male…

If Polls Are Right, Dems Are Doomed. If They're Wrong, It's Worse.

Stop making excuses for Joe Biden — he’s the one to blame for his far-left agenda

I Interviewed Trump For 5 Hours. Here’s What He Told Me About ‘Stupid F—er’ McConnell, McCarthy’s Bromance With Luntz, And The Fake News That Bothered Him The Most

"Wilder is The biggesT puncher in The hisTory of our sporT ... I have goT The biggest balls in The hisTory of our sporT --- as I have proved many - many Times."

Joe Biden’s class war

Why I Just Sued Facebook

They’re Coming for You

The USA Is Now In The Hands of The KGB!

Why Is ... The FBI Working for --- The DemocraTs?

MIT Abandons Its Mission. And Me.

Emmy Award Winning STylist ... Dies of COVID --- DespiTe Being Fully VaccinaTed

How Leftist Prosecutors Contributed To 2020’s Massive Crime Spike

NEW - La Palma volcano eruption: More earthquakes and strange heat signatures.

Your votes have been stolen with algorithms and computers since 2000.

Supply Collapse: Inevitable?

How To Remove Vaccine Poison And See What The Spike Protein And Graphene Oxides Do To Your Blood...Instant Clotting

Failed governmenT policies for fighTing The COVID-19 pandemic ... are The direcT consequence of The poliTical conTaminaTion --- of science - medicine ( poliTics / law Too ).

Donald J. Trump on Election 2020 and 2024

McAuliffe: Virginia is for Lovers, but Not Parents

Complete collapse: Team Biden’s made a mess on every front

I had To Duck search The accuser's firsT name ... I could noT believe --- iT was really her name.

Maricopa County audit flags 57k+ ballot issues in a state Biden won by fewer than 11k votes

Left-Wing Media Borg Orchestrates Yet Another Bogus Hit On Tucker Carlson

This women - crazie Hirono ... conTinues To be --- The most insipid member of congress.

Former NoTre Dame Professor Who Said ... “Damn The UnvaccinaTed” --- Dies Two Weeks AfTer Receiving 3rd Covid ShoT

Dr. Joseph Mercola ... How The Spike ProTein --- HurTs The HearT

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Here’s the truth: Hamas is a terrorist group on a mission of genocide
Post Date: 2021-05-18 20:17:56 by tankumo
Editor’s note: The following column first appeared in The Times of Israel. Dear Trevor Noah, I just watched your 10-minute monologue on the Israeli-Hamas conflict for your popular television program “The Daily Show” (which aired May 11). Frankly, it wasn’t easy viewing. In fact, I began talking back to the screen, but, obviously, to no avail, so I chose instead to write you this open letter.

Biden must let Bibi fight his way: Goodwin
Post Date: 2021-05-16 13:44:32 by tankumo
For many Americans, the violent clash between Israel and Hamas sparks an understandable sense of having seen it all before. While it’s true there is a long, bloody history between the combatants, the current fighting is unique in ways that make the endgame especially crucial for the Jewish state and the entire region.

Biden Is Off to a Disastrous Start
Post Date: 2021-05-16 13:42:09 by tankumo
(No surprise, Democrats are disastrous, except JFK.) https://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2021/05/14/biden_is_off_to_a _disastrous_start_145772.html

New Data Finds Majority Of Trump’s 2020 Voters Were Women and Minorities
Post Date: 2021-05-13 19:41:47 by tankumo
New data sets pertaining to the 2020 presidential election contradict former President George W. Bush’s recent attempt to smear the Republican Party as solely comprised of “white Anglo-Saxon Protestantism.

Why Republicans believe they're right to oust Liz Cheney
Post Date: 2021-05-12 20:14:09 by tankumo
(I think many Republicans sense conservative voters love Trump). House Republicans voted early Wednesday to remove GOP Conference Chairwoman Liz Cheney from her place in the party leadership. The vote marks the final development in Cheney's estrangement from her GOP colleagues.

COVID Fraud – Lawyers & Medical Experts start legal proceedings against W.H.O and World Leaders for ‘Crimes against Humanity’ [Full Thread]
Post Date: 2021-05-09 12:59:38 by A K A Stone
A team of over 1,000 lawyers and over 10,000 medical experts led by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich have begun legal proceedings against the CDC, WHO & the Davos Group for crimes against humanity. Fuellmich and his team present the faulty PCR test and the order for doctors to label any comorbidity death as a Covid death as fraud. The PCR test was never designed to detect pathogens and is 100% faulty at 35 cycles. All the PCR tests overseen by the CDC are set at 37 to 45 cycles. The CDC admits that any tests over 28 cycles are not admissible for a positive reliable result. This alone invalidates over 90% of the alleged covid cases / ”infections” tracked by the use of this faulty test. ...

When Cruelty Actually Is The Point
Post Date: 2021-05-07 01:25:26 by tankumo
Last month, Newsweekran an op-ed called “Caitlyn Jenner’s Campaign as a Trans Republican is the End of Identity Politics.” That was the title, though the actual content of the piece didn’t quite measure up. The author, progressive journalist Skylar Baker-Jordan, used the term “as a gay man” three times, hardly a spectacular repudiation of identity politics. And while he said he wouldn’t support Jenner’s bid for California governor just because he’s gay, Baker-Jordan did conclude that he could oppose Jenner because Jenner’s rich and Baker-Jordan had grown up working-class.

Here Is What Republican Voters Really Believe in. It's a Shame the GOP Has No Idea
Post Date: 2021-05-03 19:35:36 by tankumo
At least 74 million Americans voted for Donald Trump in the 2020 election. Everyone I know believes the number was actually much higher, but 74 million is the number the biased, "fake news" media counts as fact.

Joe Biden needs to stop lying about the cause of the border crisis and start fixing it
Post Date: 2021-05-02 14:26:59 by tankumo
President Joe Biden on Friday laid fresh blame for the border not-a- crisis (he insists) at the feet of his predecessor. Does he not realize that his nonstop lies on the issue undermine his credibility across the board?

Can Democrats Avoid a Wipeout in 2022?
Post Date: 2021-04-30 20:15:56 by tankumo
The good news for Democrats who watched Joe Biden unveil a historically ambitious agenda last night is that newly elected presidents have almost always passed some version of their core economic plan— particularly when their party controls both congressional chambers, as Biden’s does now.

Biden declares war on America -- literally
Post Date: 2021-04-30 20:11:26 by tankumo
(The left is always about power, they are against freedom and they are the true enemy of America.) President Biden’s confused and meandering speech to Congress on Wednesday night bombed worse than the Academic Oscars earlier this week. The half-empty House chamber made it look like a birthday party where nobody showed up. And the sad losers who did show up were all early- vaxxed and double-masked. Their mothers should have made them all wear helmets.

Tim Scott's 2024 Star Rises After Biden Rebuttal
Post Date: 2021-04-29 20:01:57 by tankumo
Sen. Tim Scott never actively sought the role of race relations ambassador for the Republican Party. The role found him. And on Wednesday night, the happy but sometimes reluctant warrior embraced it with gusto. The only black Republican in the Senate and the most prominent African American Republican on the national stage, Scott delivered his party’s nationally televised response to the President Biden’s joint address to Congress.

Former Obama White House advisor Seth Andrew arrested, accused of stealing from charter school he founded
Post Date: 2021-04-27 19:54:31 by tankumo
A former advisor in the Obama White House has been arrested on charges of scheming to steal $218,005 from a charter school network he founded, federal authorities said.

The voter suppression lie
Post Date: 2021-04-25 14:46:19 by tankumo
The voting wars have flared up again, though they’ve never really been far from the national political debate since Donald Trump was elected in 2016, or the Supreme Court decided Shelby County v. Holder in 2013 — or really Bush v. Gore in 2000. This time, a massive new Georgia law, the Election Integrity Act of 2021, also known as Senate Bill 202 (or SB 202), has triggered national apoplexy, with Democrats, including President Joe Biden, declaring it the new Jim Crow. Such comparisons are insulting to those who fought for civil rights in the 1960s, incendiary to a public discourse already hampered by low institutional confidence, and at base disingenuous.

John Kerry in Earth Day wonderland
Post Date: 2021-04-21 19:47:24 by tankumo
It is not encouraging to see John Kerry returning from talks in China and suggesting he’s achieved some sort of climate change breakthrough. The last time he trumpeted success on an allied diplomatic mission, he was touting the 2016 Paris Agreement, in which he weakly acquiesced in hobbling United States interests in favor of our main global rival while doing nothing real to deal with the hyped problem with which the world was supposedly grappling.

Democrats Are Cheaters
Post Date: 2021-04-20 20:11:33 by tankumo
The reason Democrats and their left-wing allies hate the Georgia election reform bill and are so adamant about passing their H.R. 1 / S 1 Corrupt Politicians Act is simple: They cheat and they want to keep cheating.

Democrats Are Terrified of Georgia
Post Date: 2021-04-20 01:37:42 by tankumo
Georgia’s voting reform success has the liberal coalition on high alert. Why? Because the left fears common sense voting reforms will stand in the way of their dream—a federal takeover of state and local elections.

Climate Media vs. Climate Science
Post Date: 2021-04-17 21:20:51 by tankumo
Joe Biden has put a presidential imprimatur on climate change being an existential threat, and he doesn’t mean in the Jean-Paul Sartre sense of man’s search for meaning in an uncomforting universe.

Why We Black Leaders Support Voter ID Laws
Post Date: 2021-04-16 20:05:06 by tankumo
Why We Black Leaders Support Voter ID Laws COMMENTARY .By Rep. Burgess Owens, Robert Woodson, Jennifer Carroll, Ken Blackwell, Raynard Jackson, George Farrell, James Wright & Michael MurphyApril 16, 2021 Why We Black Leaders Support Voter ID Laws(AP Photo/Brynn Anderson, File) America is a country of over 300 million people. We are comprised of every shape, size, nationality, and opinion. This diversity has proven to be one of our greatest strengths. However, if you listened to largely white liberal media personalities and elite CEOs, you wouldn’t know this. According to liberal orthodoxy, all Blacks think alike, and all Blacks support Black Lives Matter, and all Blacks oppose ...

Pelosi: ‘No Plans' to Bring a Court-Packing Bill to the House Floor – at This Time
Post Date: 2021-04-15 19:43:03 by tankumo
(Honestly I don't think the bill will pass the house, the majority is too slim, and there will be some Democrats opposing the bill.) House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) says she currently has no plans to bring Democrats’ bill to add four new members to the Supreme Court (“court packing”), but that might change if Pres. Joe Biden’s commission to study the move determines it’s necessary.

High School Coach Fired After Refusing To Enforce “Insane” Outdoor Masks During Sports
Post Date: 2021-04-14 01:04:37 by Deckard
“I will not stand up in front of the kids and lie to them and tell them that these masks are doing anything worthwhile” Track and field coach Bradley Keyes told reporters in New Hampshire that he has been fired after he refused to force students to wear masks outside while they were engaged in sporting activities. Coach Keyes was working at Pembroke Academy when it introduced an outdoor mask policy, which he calls “senseless, irrational, cowardice bullsh*t.” “I will not stand up in front of the kids and lie to them and tell them that these masks are doing anything worthwhile out in an open field with wind blowing and the sun shining,” Keyes explained in a ...

Gran Torino Denounced for Anti-Asian Racism
Post Date: 2021-04-13 23:59:29 by Deckard
Some laughed at the phoniness of the crisis the media fabricated after last month’s rampage against sex workers in Atlanta, as it twisted itself into knots to dupe the gullible into believing that “white supremacism” poses a threat to Asians. But racism against Asians coming from someone other than blacks did come to light. Surprisingly, it emerged in the wokest sector of society after academia, Hollywood: Bee Vang, who starred opposite Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino, says the film “mainstreamed anti-Asian racism” in the United States. Vang says he remains “haunted” by audiences laughing at the racist jokes said by Eastwood’s character in the 2008 ...

'It Is Still Not Safe To Go Outside,' Says Fauci's Head In A Jar In Year 2739
Post Date: 2021-04-13 23:35:58 by Deckard
WASHINGTON, D.C.—An intercepted transmission that appears to be from the year 2739 shows footage of Dr. Anthony Fauci -- or rather, just his head, which has been preserved in a jar. In the video from the future, Fauci says it's still not safe to go outside, go to movie theaters, or eat indoors. "Honestly, even if you've been immunized and are quadruple-masking, per current recommendations, I don't think I would risk it," he said. "Although we eradicated the virus some seven centuries ago, we can't be too careful. We must remain vigilant.""If we let up even a little bit, we could end up right back where we were in 2020."Fauci also revealed ...

Biden Re-Ignites the Waco Fire
Post Date: 2021-04-13 22:28:33 by Deckard
The president’s ATF nominee reminds us of a dark episode of law enforcement lawlessness.The Branch Davidians' Mount Carmel compound outside of Waco, Texas, burns to the ground during the 1993 raid by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF). Nearly 80 members of the religious group were killed in the fire, which ended the 51-day standoff between the Davidians the ATF. | Location: Near Waco, Texas, USA. (Photo by Greg Smith/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images) Last week, President Joe Biden nominated David Chipman to be head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, the premier federal firearms enforcement agency. Biden complemented that announcement with a ...

Over 500 White People Have Been Killed By Cops Since 2020. There Has Been No Rioting Over Those Deaths.
Post Date: 2021-04-13 19:39:45 by tankumo
(I wonder why!!!!!!!!!!!!!) BLM militants smashed police cars, assaulted police officers, vandalized police stations, and looted local businesses in Minneapolis on Sunday night. Video footage shows the pillagers ransacking shoe stores, auto parts retailers, pharmacies, dollar stores, and even pizza restaurants. As we have learned in recent months, no ointment can numb the pain of systemic racism quite like an armful of stolen merchandise.

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