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Sanctuary State Illinois: Illegal Aliens Freed from Jail After Allegedly Stealing $1.7K in Clothes from Macy’s

'Reasonable Decisions': 70% Of Criminals Dem Gov Released Early Went On To Commit More Crimes

Rep. Jamaal Bowman Pleads Guilty To Pulling Fire Alarm In Capitol Building

ACLU Declares Trump Gag Order To Be Unconstitutional

Mike Johnson Elected House Speaker

Texas AG Sues Biden Administration For Cutting Razor Wire At Southern Border

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Government Demands Access to Your Digital Identification
Post Date: 2023-07-26 23:04:45 by Charles_Byrd
Across various states, a new technological advancement allows Americans to replace their physical wallets. A simple tap of their device on a scanner streamlines identity verification. Apple Pay and Google Wallet have made checking out at the grocery store and gas station so convenient, but is the convenience of commerce something we need in our interaction with government? Any facilitation of following Americans digitally is seemingly unnecessary — we know that from our Ring doorbell cameras to Alexa to red- light cameras to our smartphones, the federal government has its eyes on most of us most of the time. With that in mind, though, wouldn’t the efficiency of a digital ID be ...

Pastor Confesses to Kidnapping and Murdering 8 Year Old Attending His Bible Camp
Post Date: 2023-07-25 21:04:33 by Charles_Byrd
Nearly 50 years after the skeletal remains of a missing 8-year-old girl were found, a pastor confessed to police that he kidnapped and killed her. Click for Full Text!

More than 30 American news sites publish propaganda from this one country
Post Date: 2023-07-25 20:32:59 by Charles_Byrd
Shanghai-based media company Haixun Press is placing articles on over 30 American news websites to promote China, according to a Monday report by cybersecurity firm Mandiant. The firm’s full name is Shanghai Yihuan Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. and it distributes news articles worldwide to reach specific audiences, including the U.S., according to its website. Articles Haixun Press is promoting have been posted in subsections of 32 or more legitimate American news outlets such as The Arizona Republic and Pittsburgh Post- Gazette, according to Mandiant. Click for Full Text!

IRS to End ‘Most’ Unannounced Home Visits, Reversing ‘Decades-Long Practice’ after Alleged Abuses
Post Date: 2023-07-25 00:23:38 by Charles_Byrd
The IRS announced Monday that it will “end most” unannounced home visits in a move that “reverses a decades-long practice.” “We are taking a fresh look at how the I.R.S. operates to better serve taxpayers and the nation, and making this change is a common-sense step,” IRS commissioner Daniel Werfel, said in an official statement. “Changing this longstanding procedure will increase confidence in our tax administration work and improve overall safety for taxpayers and I.R.S. employees.” Click for Full Text!

Federal Reserve Officially Launches New Instant Pay Service
Post Date: 2023-07-22 01:33:53 by Charles_Byrd
The Federal Reserve on Thursday launched its own instant payment service, FedNow, touted as a way of allowing Americans to do things such as receive their paychecks and cash checks much more quickly, in a matter of minutes, as opposed to waiting one or two business days. “It is a brand new, shall we call it a superinformation high-speed highway for payments, that the Fed has launched in an effort to modernize its payment systems opportunities for all of us,” Scott Latham, president and CEO of the Alabama Bankers Association, told WSFA 12 News. Click for Full Text!

After Gas Stoves, Biden Targets Dishwashers
Post Date: 2023-07-20 19:19:17 by Charles_Byrd
Gas stoves aren’t the only household appliance the Biden administration is seeking to regulate out of existence. The administration’s proposed dishwasher standards would make those labor-saving devices both more costly and less effective, while having next to no impact on so-called climate change. The Department of Energy (DOE) in May published a 255-page document proposing new energy-efficiency standards for dishwashers. The DOE estimated that the new rule, which would take effect in 2027, will “save consumers nearly $3 billion in utility bill savings over the ensuing 30 years of shipments and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 12.5 million metric tons.” Much of the ...

Mass Public Effort to Protect WA Children From Pride & “Drag” Perversion
Post Date: 2023-07-20 19:11:07 by Charles_Byrd
A massive grassroots effort is underway by parents, pastors, and community leaders in a Washington State town to protect local children from a planned LGBT “Pride” event and “drag” show aimed at sexualizing and confusing the town’s youth. The event has already been pushed back almost two months due to the massive public outcry and concerns from officials. Amid the controversy in Arlington, a community of about 20,000 in Washington, activists committed to protecting children have gone door to door distributing thousands of flyers denouncing the upcoming event and warning parents of the danger. Pastors across the city and numerous businesses are warning the community ...

Inside a father's fight to save his son in ‘trans sanctuary state’ of California
Post Date: 2023-07-20 19:05:44 by Charles_Byrd
After a state family court severed Ted Hudacko's joint custody from his trans-identifying son, the California father was left twisting inside a legal straitjacket while his son underwent a procedure that even violated a California court order protecting the child, a scenario countless parents across the U.S. might face given the state's commitment to being a "sanctuary state" for underage sex change procedures, he says. Legal recourse for parents who object to "gender-affirming" care and seek to prevent irreversible bodily harm to their children seems all but impossible in light of systemic changes in California law — of which Hudacko's is a case study. ...

Louisiana Lawmakers Override Veto on Law Banning Sex Changes for Minors
Post Date: 2023-07-20 18:35:35 by Charles_Byrd
The backlash against the trans agenda continues to gain force in red states. In Louisiana, conservatives scored another victory this week, as the GOP- dominated state Legislature overrode a veto by Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards on a bill banning trans procedures for minors. Click for Full Text!

Senate to Review Hundreds of Add-ons to NDAA Legislation
Post Date: 2023-07-19 21:26:22 by Charles_Byrd
The U.S. Senate will be quite busy over the next two weeks as they negotiate the nearly 670 proposed amendments to the chamber’s version of the fiscal year 2024 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). No one knows for sure which amendments will reach the Senate floor for debate, but one can expect several key amendments on the Department of Defense’s (DOD) abortion travel policy. That policy was targeted in the House version of the NDAA that passed last Friday covering “woke” policies such as diversity, equity, and inclusion; critical race theory; and transgender healthcare. Click for Full Text!

Iowa Governor Signs Heartbeat Bill Into Law
Post Date: 2023-07-17 18:58:52 by Charles_Byrd
For the second time in five years, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed a “heartbeat” bill into law. After calling the state’s General Assembly back into special session to consider the issue, the legislative branch passed the bill overwhelmingly last week and Reynolds signed it into law on Friday. Click for Full Text!

Biden Announces $39 Billion in Student Loan Forgiveness
Post Date: 2023-07-17 18:54:46 by Charles_Byrd
The Biden administration announced Friday they will automatically discharge $39 billion in Federal student loans for 804,000 borrowers in the coming weeks as the Department of Education (DOE) implements fixes to address “historical failures” in the loan program. According to the DOE press release, the fixes implemented by the administration will ensure all borrowers have an accurate count of the number of monthly payments that qualify toward forgiveness under income- driven repayment (IDR) plans. Eligible borrowers will receive the student loan debt forgiveness if “they have accumulated the equivalent of either 20 or 25 years of qualifying months.” Click for Full Text!

Georgia Suspect in 4 Killings Fatally Shot, 2 Officers Hurt
Post Date: 2023-07-16 20:03:21 by Charles_Byrd
Officers shot and killed a man wanted in four weekend killings near Atlanta during an exchange of gunfire, and a sheriff's deputy and a police officer were injured trying to take the suspect into custody, authorities said. Henry County Sheriff's spokesperson Syntonnia Moore said Andre Longmore was shot during an intense manhunt for the 40-year-old man. The exchange of gunfire came a day after Saturday morning's shootings rocked a quiet subdivision of Hampton, south of Georgia's main city. Click for Full Text!

Institute launches campaign to get rid of OTHER race-based laws
Post Date: 2023-07-16 01:19:20 by Charles_Byrd
Now that the Supreme Court has ruled race-based admissions standards for colleges are unconstitutional, an organization in Wisconsin has decided the other race-based programs in that state need to go. The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty has announced a new legislative roadmap that sets a path toward "colorblind" policies in that state – and across America. Click for Full Text!

U.S. senator challenges Biden to fly pro-life flag after Pride celebration
Post Date: 2023-07-12 17:31:55 by Charles_Byrd
Republican Sen. Pete Ricketts of Nebraska is calling on President Joe Biden and his federal agencies to show inclusivity toward pro-life Americans by flying pro-life flags during October, which is Respect Life Month. The Nebraska senator sent 20 letters to Biden administration agencies with this request, first obtained by The Daily Signal. The White House and the agencies are very unlikely to fly flags honoring the unborn, but since Biden heads the most pro-abortion administration in United States history, the move highlights the one-sidedness of the administration’s much- criticized decision to fly the Pride flag on federal buildings, including the White House, throughout the month ...

Biden's pick to lead Joint Chiefs of Staff led DEI efforts at Air Force
Post Date: 2023-07-11 18:02:22 by Charles_Byrd
President Joe Biden’s nominee to Chair the Joint Chiefs of Staff helped spearhead the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion movement at the Air Force and now faces formal Inspector General complaints over his pledge to promote and hire subordinates based on race. Chief of Staff of the Air Force Charles Q. Brown is expected to testify before the Senate Armed Services Committee Tuesday as the next step in his nomination process. Click for Full Text!

Excellent Sixth Circuit Ruling Allows Tennessee Health Law to Take Effect
Post Date: 2023-07-10 19:31:29 by Charles_Byrd
Acting on an emergency motion filed by Tennessee, a Sixth Circuit panel on Saturday issued an excellent opinion (in L.W. v. Skrmeti) on a Tennessee law that prohibits healthcare providers from providing certain procedures as treatment for minors with gender dysphoria. The prohibited procedures include surgically removing or modifying tissues, cavities, or organs (e.g., chopping off breasts or genitals) and administering puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones. Click for Full Text!

Michigan House Passes Bill Making It a Felony to Use Wrong Pronouns, Fineable up to $10,000
Post Date: 2023-07-10 19:29:00 by Charles_Byrd
Michigan continues its race towards oblivion, with its recent groundbreaking legislation, House Bill 4474, sparking a fiery debate statewide. The bill, which criminalizes ‘harassment’ or ‘intimidation’ through the misuse of pronouns, is one of the first in the country. The Democrat-dominated Michigan House of Representatives passed HB 4474 with a 59 to 50 vote on June 20. The bill now advances to the state Senate for review. If approved, it will require the signature of fascist Governor Gretchen Whitmer for enactment, which she intends to give. Click for Full Text!

"Orwellian Ministry of Truth" Busted
Post Date: 2023-07-08 01:29:54 by Charles_Byrd
In an order fittingly issued on Independence Day, a federal judge in Louisiana has forbidden multiple federal agencies and named officials from having any contact with social media companies with the intent to moderate content. The preliminary injunction arises from a suit filed by the states of Missouri and Louisiana, along with individuals that include two leading critics of the Covid-19 lockdown regime — Harvard’s Martin Kulldorff and Stanford’s Jay Bhattacharya — and Jim Hoft, who owns the right-wing website Gateway Pundit. Click for Full Text!

Kansas AG Sues to Stop Trans People From Changing Driver's Licenses
Post Date: 2023-07-08 01:03:01 by Charles_Byrd
The Republican attorney general of Kansas sued Friday to force the state to be among a few that prohibit transgender people from changing their sex on their driver's licenses and to repudiate the Democratic governor, who continues to allow such changes despite a new anti-trans law. Attorney General Kris Kobach filed his lawsuit in state court, seeking an order to stop Gov. Laura Kelly, and agencies under her control, from letting transgender people change their licenses. Kobach contends a law that took effect Saturday prevents such changes and requires the state to reverse any previous changes in its records. Click for Full Text!

Families Confront Texas Walmart Gunman in Court
Post Date: 2023-07-07 02:33:53 by Charles_Byrd
A brother who traveled more than 1,000 miles to confront his sister's killer. An uncle of an orphaned 4-year-old whose parents died while shielding the boy from the spray of bullets. A wife whose husband was gunned down at her side while their 9-year-old granddaughter looked on. Nearly four years after a white gunman killed 23 people at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, in a racist attack that targeted Hispanic shoppers, relatives of the victims are packing a courtroom near the U.S.-Mexico border this week to see Patrick Crusius punished for one of the nation's worst mass shootings. Click for Full Text!

Ben & Jerry's Co-Founder Burns Bill of Rights at Assange Rally
Post Date: 2023-07-07 02:31:48 by Charles_Byrd
Ben Cohen, a liberal activist and co-founder of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, burned a copy of the Bill of Rights outside the Department of Justice on Thursday in protest of the treatment and incarceration of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Assange, a 52-year-old Australian, is in custody in a maximum-security prison in London awaiting extradition to the United States. He is facing an 18-count federal indictment for publishing thousands of classified documents and diplomatic cables in 2010 and 2011 related to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Click for Full Text!

Air Force embraces DEI as recruitment falters
Post Date: 2023-07-07 01:29:47 by Charles_Byrd
The U.S. Air Force has become increasingly focused on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts, and critics say it is hurting recruitment. Chief of Staff of the Air Force Charles Q. Brown has been a major backer of the DEI efforts. Brown said in the fall of 2020 that DEI was a key focal point of recruiting and a factor in promotions. The Air Force launched a Diversity and Inclusion Task Force in September 2020. Click for Full Text!

US Has Funded Police Units Worldwide for Years
Post Date: 2023-07-05 01:25:23 by Charles_Byrd
U.S. law enforcement agents are working behind the scenes in several countries to install local police units in locations where departments are believed to be too full of corruption to uphold the law. According to the U.S. State Department's Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, members of 105 police units worldwide have been vetted to work along with the Bureau of Diplomatic Security, the FBI, and the Department of Homeland Security, reports The Wall Street Journal. Click for Full Text!

5 Dead in Philadelphia Shooting Spree
Post Date: 2023-07-05 01:21:04 by Charles_Byrd
A 40-year-old man with a rifle, a pistol, a bulletproof vest, extra magazines and a police scanner fatally shot four men in a Philadelphia neighborhood and chased and killed a fifth man inside a house, police said. A 2-year-old boy and a 13-year-old were also wounded in the Monday night massacre that made the working-class area of Kingsessing the site of the nation's worst violence around the July 4 holiday. Click for Full Text!

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