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Today I turned 50!

San Diego Police officer resigns after getting locked in the backseat with female detainee

Gazan Refugee Warns the World about Hamas

Iranian stabbed for sharing his faith, miraculously made it across the border without a passport!

Protest and Clashes outside Trump's Bronx Rally in Crotona Park

Netanyahu Issues Warning To US Leaders Over ICC Arrest Warrants: 'You're Next'

Will it ever end?

Did Pope Francis Just Call Jesus a Liar?

Climate: The Movie (The Cold Truth) Updated 4K version

There can never be peace on Earth for as long as Islamic Sharia exists

The Victims of Benny Hinn: 30 Years of Spiritual Deception.

Trump Is Planning to Send Kill Teams to Mexico to Take Out Cartel Leaders

The Great Falling Away in the Church is Here | Tim Dilena

How Ridiculous? Blade-Less Swiss Army Knife Debuts As Weapon Laws Tighten

Jewish students beaten with sticks at University of Amsterdam

Terrorists shut down Park Avenue.

Police begin arresting democrats outside Met Gala.

The minute the total solar eclipse appeared over US

Three Types Of People To Mark And Avoid In The Church Today

Are The 4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse About To Appear?

France sends combat troops to Ukraine battlefront

Facts you may not have heard about Muslims in England.

George Washington University raises the Hamas flag. American Flag has been removed.

Alabama students chant Take A Shower to the Hamas terrorists on campus.

In Day of the Lord, 24 Church Elders with Crowns Join Jesus in His Throne

In Day of the Lord, 24 Church Elders with Crowns Join Jesus in His Throne

Deadly Saltwater and Deadly Fresh Water to Increase

Deadly Cancers to soon Become Thing of the Past?

Plague of deadly New Diseases Continues

[FULL VIDEO] Police release bodycam footage of Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley traffi

Police clash with pro-Palestine protesters on Ohio State University campus

Joe Rogan Experience #2138 - Tucker Carlson

Police Dispersing Student Protesters at USC - Breaking News Coverage (College Protests)

What Passover Means For The New Testament Believer

Are We Closer Than Ever To The Next Pandemic?

War in Ukraine Turns on Russia

what happened during total solar eclipse

Israel Attacks Iran, Report Says - LIVE Breaking News Coverage

Earth is Scorched with Heat

Antiwar Activists Chant ‘Death to America’ at Event Featuring Chicago Alderman

Vibe Shift

A stream that makes the pleasant Rain sound.

Older Men - Keep One Foot In The Dark Ages

When You Really Want to Meet the Diversity Requirements

CERN to test world's most powerful particle accelerator during April's solar eclipse

Utopian Visionaries Who Won’t Leave People Alone

No - no - no Ain'T going To get away with iT

Pete Buttplug's Butt Plugger Trying to Turn Kids into Faggots

Mark Levin: I'm sick and tired of these attacks

Questioning the Big Bang

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WATCH: 'The Biden Curtain' goes up to block view of Hawaii Ground Zero
Post Date: 2023-08-28 20:51:46 by Charles_Byrd
It's already being called "The Biden Curtain," as new videos from Lahaina, Maui, reveal miles of black curtains erected to prevent people from seeing what's happening at the origin site of this month's catastrophic wildfires in Hawaii. Geoff Cygnus, a citizen journalist on TikTok, posted the video, with a caption reading: "Miles and miles of black fencing being put up in Lahaina. Ground Zero is now behind the Biden curtain." Click for Full Text!

Republican found dead inside his home with disturbing stab wound
Post Date: 2023-08-28 20:47:48 by Charles_Byrd
A New Hampshire Republican activist and lawyer died under suspicious circumstances. Alexander Talcott, 41, was found dead in his Durham, New Hampshire, home on Saturday, according to WBTS-CD. Click for Full Text!

Recent Mask Mandates Lifted Amid Pushback
Post Date: 2023-08-28 03:49:28 by Charles_Byrd
Kaiser Permanente in Santa Rosa, California, on Aug. 24 reversed a recent policy that would require masks in its facility after it reinstated the mandate days before. A Hollywood studio also said it would do away with its mandate. Officials for the hospital system told the Santa Rosa Press Democrat that the mask policy applies only to staff, not patients. It said that it is “strongly encouraging masks for patients, members, and visitors in the hospital and medical offices in the Santa Rosa Service Area in response to this latest increase in COVID-19 cases.” Click for Full Text!

San Francisco retailer challenges Mayor Breed to swap jobs for 180 days: 'You'd see a lot of change'
Post Date: 2023-08-26 20:52:35 by Charles_Byrd
The owner of San Francisco's historic luxury department store is holding the feet of elected officials to the fire over the city's deteriorating conditions, leveling a threat to move his business elsewhere if nothing changes. For over 165 years, Gump's was a popular stop for shoppers who visit the City by the Bay. But in a full-page ad in The San Francisco Chronicle, its CEO John Chachas called out top Democrats California Gov. Gavin Newsom, San Francisco Mayor London Breed and the city's Board of Supervisors, suggesting the upcoming holiday season may be its last. Click for Full Text!

South Carolina Supreme Court Upholds New Heartbeat Law
Post Date: 2023-08-25 02:13:26 by Charles_Byrd
In a splintered majority, the South Carolina supreme court in January 2023 ruled by a 3-to-2 vote (in Planned Parenthood v. South Carolina, aka Planned Parenthood I) that the heartbeat law that the state enacted in 2021 violated the state constitutional right to privacy. As I explained, Justice John Cannon Few’s separate opinion in support of that ruling was “the most interesting, and in some respects the most puzzling, of the three” opinions issued by the members of the majority, and it even strongly suggested that he would uphold a ban on abortion from conception. Click for Full Text!

Cities to Ban Meat, Dairy, and Private Vehicles by 2030
Post Date: 2023-08-25 01:26:40 by Charles_Byrd
Fourteen American cities plan to ban meat and dairy products, as well as all private vehicles, within the next seven years. Even electric vehicles are on the chopping block. The major metropolitan areas are part of a group known as C40, a self- described “global network of nearly 100 mayors of the world’s leading cities that are united in action to confront the climate crisis.” Click for Full Text!

Some Charities Lost it All on Maui but are Still Working
Post Date: 2023-08-23 19:14:12 by Charles_Byrd
The Salvation Army lost its Lahaina Lighthouse Corps complex to the fires on the Hawaiian island of Maui, including the administrative building, church, thrift store, and residential quarters for its staff. All staff evacuated safely when the fires began last week. All have been accounted for, but the buildings are a “total loss,” said a spokesperson. Click for Full Text!

Pro-life Abortion Laws Set to Take Effect in Indiana and South Carolina
Post Date: 2023-08-23 18:55:48 by Charles_Byrd
Indiana’s new abortion law, which critics claim is “a near-total abortion ban,” is now settled law in the Hoosier State. On Monday, the Indiana Supreme Court voted 4-1 to affirm its previous ruling that the law did not violate the state’s constitution. The law was originally passed by the Legislature and signed by Governor Eric Holcomb in August of 2022. Enforcement of the law has been held up by court proceedings initiated by Planned Parenthood and the ACLU since then. Click for Full Text!

That SAFE Banking Act for legal cannabis companies stalls in the Senate, again
Post Date: 2023-08-23 18:52:31 by Charles_Byrd
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has said that federal legislation addressing some of the banking challenges facing the legal cannabis industry is a priority this year. However, despite Sen. Schumer’s support, new concerns have emerged within his caucus that may endanger proposed solutions. The Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act has been billed as the answer to banking woes for cannabis companies and a version of it has been introduced in every Congress since 2013. The U.S. House of Representatives first passed the bill in 2019 and has passed it seven times in total. Some of these votes have occurred on a standalone version of the bill, while others incorporated ...

California Introduces Digital ID, Starting With Driver’s Licenses
Post Date: 2023-08-21 19:09:49 by Charles_Byrd
In a concerning move for privacy advocates, California has broadened its digital driver’s license/ID initiative, prompting citizens to place sensitive ID details onto their smartphones. Dubbed “mDL” by the California DMV, this mobile driver’s license can be used in contexts like airport security or verifying age for alcohol purchases. Click for Full Text!

Homeowner: Squatters who broke into my house in February are still living there — and cops arrested me after I called 911 on them
Post Date: 2023-08-20 01:58:31 by Charles_Byrd
A Georgia homeowner told WSB-TV that squatters who broke into his residence in February are still living there — and that police arrested him after he called 911 on the alleged intruders. Adding more insult to injury, Tim Arko added to the station that code enforcement actually cited him for not properly maintaining the home he can’t legally access. Click for Full Text!

‘Millsvilles’: The Maine Wire Visits Portland’s Drug-Infested Tent Cities
Post Date: 2023-08-20 01:51:05 by Charles_Byrd
The shifting settlements are part of an ongoing spat between the city and the State over whose responsibility it is to deal with the sprawling open- air drug markets and overdose hot zones that have sprung up amid ongoing housing and addiction crises roiling Maine. When the Millsvilles are on city land, they’re a city problem, but when they’re on Department of Transportation land, they’re a State problem. Click for Full Text!

‘Sound of Freedom’ Director Calls QAnon Labels ‘Heartbreaking,’ ‘Not True,’ Debunks With Details of Film’s Origins
Post Date: 2023-08-20 01:49:04 by Charles_Byrd
Despite its status as the highest-grossing indie film since 2019’s “Parasite,” “Sound of Freedom” has been dismissed as a QAnon fever dream by large swaths of the mainstream media. But that derisive label is “so ridiculous” to the film’s writer-director Alejandro Monteverde, who began working on the project in 2015, two years before QAnon emerged. “The origin [of the film] has been avoided, purposely or accidentally, in the media,” Monteverde said. “The origin will answer a lot of these misconceptions on the film.” Click for Full Text!

Ballot Measures: What Are They and How Do They Affect You?
Post Date: 2023-08-20 01:30:47 by Charles_Byrd
America’s democratic system was designed by our Founders with numerous checks and balances to ensure policy change is deliberative and truly representative of what the people want. In general, new laws are enacted through the legislative process: bills are introduced by popularly elected representatives, debated, and passed by those representatives in the legislature, and then signed into law by the governor. This process is representative democracy in action: the citizens’ will is implemented by the legislators and governor they elected. Click for Full Text!

The National Association of Pro-life Nurses Opposes “The Right to Reproductive Freedom with Protections for Health and Safety” Amendment to the Ohio Constitution
Post Date: 2023-08-20 01:25:03 by Charles_Byrd
The National Association of Pro-Life Nurses supports Ohio Right to Life in opposing “The Right to Reproductive Freedom with Protections for Health and Safety” amendment to the Ohio Constitution. Click for Full Text!

Biden Says ‘In Practice’ He’s Declared a National Climate Emergency
Post Date: 2023-08-18 02:29:21 by Charles_Byrd
President Biden told the Weather Channel this month that he has “in practice” already declared a national climate emergency. Click for Full Text!

Girl, 16, charged with assaulting tourist riding NYC subway with family in viral attack
Post Date: 2023-08-15 23:24:28 by Charles_Byrd
A 16-year-old girl was arrested Tuesday on assault charges for the viral caught-on-camera attack of a Nevada mom as she was riding a Manhattan train with her family last week, police said. The teenager — whose name was not released due to her young age — turned herself into the NYPD Tuesday morning at about 9:45 a.m. in the same area where the shocking beatdown allegedly took place aboard an F train. Click for Full Text!

Former Idaho gubernatorial candidate Ammon Bundy arrested on warrant in Gem County
Post Date: 2023-08-15 23:19:33 by Charles_Byrd
Ammon Bundy, the anti-government provocateur, has been arrested according to the Gem County dispatch service. Bundy has had an active arrest warrant since mid-April after an Ada County judge found him in contempt of court for refusing to show up to legal proceedings for nearly a year over a civil lawsuit filed by St. Luke’s Health System. Click for Full Text!

San Francisco's North Beach streets clogged as long line of Cruise robotaxis come to a standstill
Post Date: 2023-08-15 23:12:03 by Charles_Byrd
One day after California green-lighted a massive expansion of driverless robotaxis in San Francisco, the implications became clear. At about 11 p.m. Friday, as many as 10 Cruise driverless taxis blocked two narrow streets in the center of the city’s lively North Beach bar and restaurant district. All traffic came to a standstill on Vallejo Street and around two corners on Grant. Human-driven cars sat stuck behind and in between the robotaxis, which might as well have been boulders: no one knew how to move them. Click for Full Text!

‘What a Scumbag’: Beachbum Biden’s ‘No Comment’ on Hawaii Deaths Stir Backlash
Post Date: 2023-08-15 22:59:26 by Charles_Byrd
In the wake of the devastating wildfires that have swept through Hawaii, President Joe Biden’s response has sparked intense backlash, with critics denouncing his apparent lack of empathy for the victims. The president’s terse “No comment” in response to a question from a reporter has ignited a firestorm of criticism from various quarters. Click for Full Text!

Some Parts of America Are Already on the Verge of Being Ungovernable as Rampant Lawlessness Spreads Like Wildfire
Post Date: 2023-08-15 22:56:15 by Charles_Byrd
In order for a civilized society to function, most people have to willingly follow the rules of that society. If that happens, law enforcement authorities can deal with the few that choose to be lawless. For generations, that is how things worked in America. There was a high standard of morality among the general population, and so the police were able to successfully handle the few bad apples that insisted on breaking the law. But now everything has changed. As a result of decades of extreme moral decay, lawlessness is rampant and there are vast multitudes of young people that openly flaunt the rules of our society. In fact, there are already some areas of the country that are literally ...

Hawaii Officials Were Warned Years Ago That Maui’s Lahaina Faced High Wildfire Risk
Post Date: 2023-08-15 22:32:24 by Charles_Byrd
Nearly a decade before a wildfire destroyed the coastal Maui town of Lahaina this week, killing at least 89 people, a report by Hawaiian fire researchers warned that the area was at extremely high risk of burning. Another report, in 2020, tied fires to winds from a passing hurricane— similar to the ones that fanned the Lahaina blaze. Click for Full Text!

'This guy must be gay': Obama's brother whacks Barack again
Post Date: 2023-08-14 00:23:31 by Charles_Byrd
Barack Obama's brother is again going public with his assertion the former president is a homosexual. Sunday night on Twitter, Malik Obama tweeted: "This guy must be gay," referring to to Barack's public support for keeping pornographic books in libraries. Click for Full Text!

What Biographer Garrow Missed in His Obama Takedown
Post Date: 2023-08-13 03:05:55 by Charles_Byrd
On August 2, two days before Barack Obama’s reported sixty-second birthday, the Jewish journal Tablet published an interview with Pulitzer Prize-winning civil rights historian David Garrow. Asking the questions and providing extensive commentary of his own was the well-traveled journalist David Samuels. Although Garrow is a progressive and Samuels something of a centrist, their evaluation of Obama’s tenure in the White House borders on cruel. Click for Full Text!

Giving To Maui Disaster Relief – And Who To Avoid
Post Date: 2023-08-13 02:24:14 by Charles_Byrd
The horrific scenes coming from Maui – and news that at least 55 people have died – have caused many of our readers to ask: How can I help? Click for Full Text!

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