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The Dobbs Leaker Accomplished Nothing But Accenting The Left’s Contempt For Democracy

PredeTermined AlgoriThms Source of ... Widespread ElecTion Fraud --- in Arizona

After Roe, Never Trumpers Should Just Admit They Were Wrong

Calling Justice Thomas ‘Uncle Clarence’ exposes the rotten sham that is the progressive movement

The Democrats’ lies on abortion since SCOTUS’ overruling of Roe v. Wade

President Trump, A Formidable Candidate In 2024 Republican Primaries: Golden/TIPP Poll

The Red Wave Is Not Just Inevitable, It’s Also Conservative

How liberal policies have killed black communities: Clarence Thomas


STRANDED!!! Lake Mead's Water Dropped Too Fast!!!

A Supreme win for school choice

The More Americans Decide The System Is Rigged, The More They Will Silently Rebel

How Donald Trump Saved the GOP

Marching in Time

Mortgage Rates Explode and Housing Crash Imminent - With Scott Walters and The Economic Ninja

A Warning From A Farmer

What I Just Learned Will Shock You

Lake Mead Drought Update!!! What's Going On?!!!

"Homosexuals Are Coming For Your Kids Via Disney... They Want Us To Be Just Like Them"

Go read this report about a Google contractor who claims he was fired for calling out cult activity

WAYNE ROOT - My LaTesT Exclusive InTerview wiTh PresidenT Trump ... The RevelaTions - His Shocking Response AbouT Running for House Speaker --- Proof America is Under CommunisT ATTack

EXCLUSIVE: Rubio questions Harvard on Fauci-China cover-up

Can ChrisTian Russia ... save The world --- from globalism?

All in all it's just the groomers on the prowl "Another Brick in the Wall"

North Korean defector: I am terrified of the 'massive indoctrination coming from the left' in public schools

Trump vs DeSantis: Who Should Patriots Support for 2024?

Disney Disaster: United Arab Emirates Bans Pixar’s ‘Lightyear’ over Lesbian Kiss

The entire hood came out to beat this white man and they stole his car. Leftists be like 'stop profiling people'.

The FBI knew RussiaGate was a lie — but hid that truth

The narraTive is shifTing fasT ... Zelensky may soon see his --- 'supersTar' sTaTus in The WesT on The decline

The Eerie Silence Around Kavanaugh Assassination Attempt

FReepers have always supporTed him ... he goT sick --- can’T be There for all of you.

Kayleigh McEnany calls out Harris for failing to condemn threats against Kavanaugh: 'Where is the media?'

Colin Kaepernick Transitions In Order To Make Carolina Panthers Cheer Squad

ABC News: Our Numbers Show Biden Is a 'Serious Drag' on Democrats

Will Boudin Be the First Soros D.A. to Fall This Year?

Woke LA District Attorney strikes out in California court

Media Group Backed By George Soros And Obama Staffer Buys Conservative Latino Radio Stations Ahead of Midterms

Transfaggots want women to spend more time smelling their poop


Parents are still being treated like terrorists

If Schools Don’t Let Boys Into Girls’ Bathrooms, Biden Will Take Their Lunch Money

The Cancer of Election Fraud

California Spills Water into Ocean rather than letting Farmers Grow Rice

Bertrand Russell - Message To Future Generations (1959)

The bodies of those who were killed on the fields of the war in Donbas. A reportage

New bid to spin Hunter BidenÂ’s laptop

Yuma County School Board Member Set To Plead Guilty For 2020 Election Ballot Trafficking Crimes As Exposed In “2000 Mules”

Big Pharma Boss Caught FAKING His COVID Vaccination Status; Injected Himself With Salt Water Instead… Now Facing Criminal Charges

Ricky Gervais - Trans Women

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18 Fun Facts About 'The Naked Gun'
Post Date: 2015-12-05 13:50:05 by Deckard
Image credit: YouTube After his career-changing performance in Airplane!, Leslie Nielsen teamed up with Jerry Zucker, Jim Abrahams, and David Zucker again for the ABC parody show Police Squad! in 1982. After six episodes, it was canceled (though some people were clearly watching it, as it was nominated for two Emmy Awards). Six years later, the show found new life and pronounced success as a comedy movie franchise, beginning with 1988’s The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!. Nielsen returned as detective Frank Drebin, an inept police officer who uncovers an assassination plot against Queen Elizabeth II, and falls for the villain Vincent Ludwig (Ricardo ...

Robert Loggia, movie and TV tough guy, dies at 85
Post Date: 2015-12-04 19:50:45 by cranky
Oscar-nominated actor Robert Loggia, who was known for gravelly voiced gangsters from "Scarface" to "The Sopranos" but who was most endearing as Tom Hanks' kid-at-heart toy-company boss in "Big," has died. He was 85. Loggia's wife Aubrey Loggia said he died Friday at his home in Los Angeles after a five year battle with Alzheimer's. "His poor body gave up," she said. "He loved being an actor and he loved his life." Hanks expressed his grief on Twitter. "A great actor in heart and soul," Hanks wrote. "A sad day." A solidly built man with a rugged face and rough voice, Loggia fit neatly into gangster movies, ...

Golden Disobedience (When My Parents Disobeyed FDR)
Post Date: 2015-11-26 06:55:23 by Deckard
This week, we’d like to post a fun article by our friend, Sandy Sandfort. Sandy is a wealth of interesting stories, and he has a new website in the works. If you’d like to be notified when it goes live, send a note to: sandy@privilegedcommunications.net. Inertia is a human frailty. Too often, we go along to get along. We conform. Because of this, those who claim authority can get most of us to do their bidding if it comes with a plausible justification and is only incremental. We get nickel-and-dimed to death, the death of a thousand cuts. Back on April 5, 1933, His Majesty, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR), had a pen and a telephone. So he issued Executive Order 6102, which made ...

Brigadier General Doyle Cemetery
Post Date: 2015-11-24 17:59:49 by Chuck_Wagon
My formerly 89 year old father's ashes were interred today at a military cemetary - in northern Burlington County New Jersey. I guess my Mom felt those ashes needed to age in the closet for a year.

Monday Night Music thread
Post Date: 2015-11-23 21:12:52 by sneakypete
Poster Comment:I don't know how many of you have heard this before,but this woman has to have the most perfect voice for this song I could imagine. And "No,it is not about lesbian love." for those of you who would just stop listening early.

Majority of Americans Feel Like ‘Stranger in Own Country’
Post Date: 2015-11-20 17:50:14 by cranky
A Super PAC tied to Ohio Governor John Kasich is annnouncing a new multi-million dollar effort to torpedo Donald Trump’s campaign for the Republican nomination. Trump’s continued dominance of national and state-level polling has vexed the GOP establishment and pushed it to near-panic as voting nears. A recent survey of public attitudes by Reuters/Ispos, though, suggests caution for the GOP establishment. Whatever failings there may be in his specific policies, Donald Trump’s campaign has tapped into a strong, visceral feeling of millions of Americans. Seeking to destroy Trump, the candidate, may further alienate the Republican party from a rapidly growing block of voters. ...

Captain Paul Watson's Thoughts on the Attacks in Paris
Post Date: 2015-11-16 22:11:07 by ebonytwix
My Thoughts From Paris Commentary by Captain Paul Watson I have just now returned to Paris from Provence. The terrorist assault in Paris happened on Friday, just three days ago. I had not had a chance to fully appreciate the gravity of the situation until today but that did not stop some people from sending me angry messages chastising me for not immediately addressing the situation along with messages demanding that I pray for the victims or that I post a French tri-colour on my page. I have not addressed the situation in Beirut or in Kenya yet either. Things are a little different now than when I left ten days ago for southern France. Far fewer tourists, barricades before Notre Dame and I ...

Census Visits
Post Date: 2015-11-11 21:11:10 by Don
I just got a letter telling me that my home address, not me but the address, has been scheduled for a visit by a census wienee. But, it isn't one visit, it's a total of 8 visits with the first visit lasting 10 Or 15 minutes. Has anyone heard of this kind of census taking?

Happy Veterans Day
Post Date: 2015-11-10 23:16:44 by Don
Happy Vets Day to all veterans.

Bon Jovi Hallelujah
Post Date: 2015-11-08 12:55:03 by A K A Stone

Pictorial Essay: 18 Things I Did That My Grand-kids Can’t Do Without Someone Getting Arrested
Post Date: 2015-11-02 07:40:14 by Deckard
WE ARE RAISING A NATION OF WEENY-FIED CHILDREN!! Yes, we are! And, we will eventually pay the price. EVERY one of the actions below in today’s ‘Murika is frowned upon, downright illegal or,  subjects you parents to a visit from the State Gestapo, aka Child Protective Services. SNOWBALL FIGHTS!! (Of which I was on the receiving end of more than one black eye … to which my dad would say, “You’re such a pussy!“) “13 Year Old Up On FELONY Charges For Throwing A Snowball That Reportedly Hit A Cop” ——- http://www.thedailysheeple.com/13-year-old-up-on-felony-charges-for-throwing-a-snowball-that-reputedly-hit-a-cop_022014 LEMONADE STANDS! ...

Orwell Estate Sends Copyright Takedown Over the Number “1984”
Post Date: 2015-10-27 13:53:40 by Orwellian Nightmare
The Orwell estate is cracking down on people who dare to use the number "1984" without permission. In a truly Orwellian move they have sent a takedown request, targeting an Internet radio host, for selling T-shirts that feature the four iconic numbers. George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four is a classic book that describes a rather dystopian future with surveillance and control as central themes. The author himself passed away in 1950 and currently his rights are controlled and protected by the Orwell estate. Ironically, the estate itself has gained a reputation for exerting tight control of copyrights and trademarks, surveilling the Internet for possible offenses. This is ...

Comment 28 Signs Someone Lived Through The '60s
Post Date: 2015-10-27 11:49:52 by Orwellian Nightmare
1. They still remember the words to "I Want To Hold Your Hand." The fab four, as the Beatles were known, took the world by storm. Their first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show on Feb. 9, 1964 was the highest rated show in TV history at the time. It's also been claimed that not a single crime was reported during the time of their performance.   2. They get the joke when someone says "what kind of world do we want to leave for Keith Richards?" Yes Kitten, he's always looked like this.   3. They remember not just Tina, but also Ike. And they especially remember singing "Proud Mary" along with them. ...

11 Police State Stories by “The Onion” that Could Very Well Be True
Post Date: 2015-10-17 11:04:45 by Deckard
The satire news website “The Onion” has become well-known for publishing fake news stories that could be true, and point out how totally ridiculous our reality has become. More than once a week, the staff at The Free Thought Project passes around at least one of these articles behind the scenes for fun, but today we are going to share a few of our favorites. 1. Insecure, Frustrated Bully With Something To Prove Considering Career In Law EnforcementCalling it his lifelong dream, local man Brendan Lockhart, an insecure and perpetually frustrated bully who believes he has something to prove to the world, told reporters Thursday that he is seriously considering a career in law ...

Sunday afternoon Music Party
Post Date: 2015-10-11 12:03:00 by A K A Stone

The Late Late Show With James Corden
Post Date: 2015-10-08 00:39:19 by A K A Stone
James Corden is on. Welcome to the late late show he says. I'm going to watch the show. He's talking about Bush now.

25 Things Generation Xers (and Baby Boomers) Did as Kids that Could Get Today’s Kids Arrested
Post Date: 2015-10-05 09:04:33 by Deckard
With all of the ridiculous new regulations, coddling, and societal mores that seem to be the norm these days, it’s a miracle those of us over 30 survived our childhoods. Here’s the problem with all of this babying: it creates a society of weenies. There won’t be more rebels because this generation has been frightened into submission and apathy through a deliberately orchestrated culture of fear. No one will have faced adventure and lived to greatly embroider the story. Kids are brainwashed – yes, brainwashed – into believing that the mere thought of a gun means you’re a psychotic killer waiting for a place to rampage. They are terrified to do anything when ...

Donald Trump After Cage Death Match With Barack Obama
Post Date: 2015-10-04 16:34:55 by A K A Stone

Sorry, Girls! But The Smartest People In The World Are All Men
Post Date: 2015-10-02 20:10:27 by cranky
We’re constantly told that sexism and stereotypes are what hold women back in maths, engineering and tech. But it’s a lie. The real reason there aren’t more female astrophysicists is that the number of really, really smart girls is minuscule. Sorry, no offence, but it’s true. Of course there’s the odd mould-breaking chick brainiac who gets a lot of press attention. But they’re in the minority, and not because girls are put off by some mythical male-dominated patriarchy. There’s little doubt that men occupy more of the higher end of the IQ scale. Every study comes out the same. IQ isn’t a perfect measure of everything, but it’s the best indicator ...

Scot Free: How the JFK Conspirators Got Away
Post Date: 2015-10-02 16:20:02 by Deckard
By Aaron Dykes The game is rigged, and the fix is in… as depicted in this sketch from The Kentucky Fried Movie back in 1977. What else can you say? The only truth that will be told to the masses is through satire – but at least it’s good satire. The Warren Commission’s lone assassin “magic bullet” theory is like the bad prank explanation of a criminal gang who laugh off the attempts to catch it, and aren’t exactly afraid of getting caught in a lie. Who are the real perpetrators? Look at who controlled the cover up, and who holds the reins of power. Read more:JFK Assassination at 50: Liberty Died With ItCreepy! First TV Commercial Shown After JFK ...

Don Henley: Kanye West Is 'Arrogant,' Frank Ocean a 'Talentless Prick'
Post Date: 2015-10-02 11:27:58 by Orwellian Nightmare
A year after complaining about Frank Ocean sampling "Hotel California," Eagles singer and drummer Don Henley is still bitter. The R&B singer had used the entirety of the Eagles hit in his song, "American Wedding," on his 2011 mixtape Nostalgia, Ultra. "I didn't think he was cool," Henley told The Guardian in a new interview. "I thought he was a talentless little prick. And I still do."Don Henley on 'Sloppy' Songwriting and Cultural DecayHenley had previously asserted that he felt Ocean did not understand or respect intellectual property, a point he reiterated in the new interview. "Some of these young kids have grown up in a world ...

MK ULTRA, LSD and the Military Industrial Music Industry
Post Date: 2015-09-24 09:23:09 by Deckard
This program is mind blowing, when you consider the many connections between pop culture and music icons, and the military industrial complex. There is obviously a great deal that hasn’t been explained to the naive and believing public, who identify with these figures, and refuse to ask critical questions that could diminish the popular images with whom they identify. Nevertheless, there are endless connections between these celebrated individuals and ongoing experiments in MK Ultra and mind control – perhaps operating on the mass population level. If even some of this is true, it is interesting and significant; but more so, this is a window into the doors of perception that were ...

Yukon has been unbanned [Full Thread]
Post Date: 2015-09-23 09:28:33 by A K A Stone
Don't know if he is interested or not. But he has been restored. Everyone be respectful please.

Question about ads and FireFox
Post Date: 2015-09-20 10:39:23 by Justified
I have a question about Firefox or Flashplayer. It seems that the ads overload my computer. Basically slow it down to a crawl. I have to load up Task Manager and delete "flash" to get back to normal. From what I have detected is that it tries to run all ads at once. Then I go in and end "FlashPlayerPlugin_18_0_0_232" to get control back. Just guessing but it seems as if Firefox is treating the whole site as one page being seen by the user and starts them all up. Im a dummy when it comes to web stuff or just dangerous enough to blow up my computer! LOL Any advise would be nice. Thanks.

Dog stands guard for a WEEK with her trapped friend until the pair were found together
Post Date: 2015-09-17 21:00:18 by cranky
A dog duo that had been missing for a week on Washington State's Vashon Island were lost when one of the dogs fell into an old cistern in a ravineWhile one dog, a Basset hound named Phoebe, sat trapped, her Irish setter companion Tillie waited by her sideTillie was also occasionally spotted outside the ravine, where she gained the attention of a passerby, leading to the discovery of the pairTwo dogs that had been missing for a week are now safely back home after they were discovered in the woods, where one had watched dutifully over the other as she sat trapped in a ravine.The dogs, a Basset hound named Phoebe and a Setter mix named Tillie, went missing September 8 and as days went by ...

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