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Gazan Refugee Warns the World about Hamas

Iranian stabbed for sharing his faith, miraculously made it across the border without a passport!

Protest and Clashes outside Trump's Bronx Rally in Crotona Park

Netanyahu Issues Warning To US Leaders Over ICC Arrest Warrants: 'You're Next'

Will it ever end?

Did Pope Francis Just Call Jesus a Liar?

Climate: The Movie (The Cold Truth) Updated 4K version

There can never be peace on Earth for as long as Islamic Sharia exists

The Victims of Benny Hinn: 30 Years of Spiritual Deception.

Trump Is Planning to Send Kill Teams to Mexico to Take Out Cartel Leaders

The Great Falling Away in the Church is Here | Tim Dilena

How Ridiculous? Blade-Less Swiss Army Knife Debuts As Weapon Laws Tighten

Jewish students beaten with sticks at University of Amsterdam

Terrorists shut down Park Avenue.

Police begin arresting democrats outside Met Gala.

The minute the total solar eclipse appeared over US

Three Types Of People To Mark And Avoid In The Church Today

Are The 4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse About To Appear?

France sends combat troops to Ukraine battlefront

Facts you may not have heard about Muslims in England.

George Washington University raises the Hamas flag. American Flag has been removed.

Alabama students chant Take A Shower to the Hamas terrorists on campus.

In Day of the Lord, 24 Church Elders with Crowns Join Jesus in His Throne

In Day of the Lord, 24 Church Elders with Crowns Join Jesus in His Throne

Deadly Saltwater and Deadly Fresh Water to Increase

Deadly Cancers to soon Become Thing of the Past?

Plague of deadly New Diseases Continues

[FULL VIDEO] Police release bodycam footage of Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley traffi

Police clash with pro-Palestine protesters on Ohio State University campus

Joe Rogan Experience #2138 - Tucker Carlson

Police Dispersing Student Protesters at USC - Breaking News Coverage (College Protests)

What Passover Means For The New Testament Believer

Are We Closer Than Ever To The Next Pandemic?

War in Ukraine Turns on Russia

what happened during total solar eclipse

Israel Attacks Iran, Report Says - LIVE Breaking News Coverage

Earth is Scorched with Heat

Antiwar Activists Chant ‘Death to America’ at Event Featuring Chicago Alderman

Vibe Shift

A stream that makes the pleasant Rain sound.

Older Men - Keep One Foot In The Dark Ages

When You Really Want to Meet the Diversity Requirements

CERN to test world's most powerful particle accelerator during April's solar eclipse

Utopian Visionaries Who Won’t Leave People Alone

No - no - no Ain'T going To get away with iT

Pete Buttplug's Butt Plugger Trying to Turn Kids into Faggots

Mark Levin: I'm sick and tired of these attacks

Questioning the Big Bang

James Webb Data Contradicts the Big Bang

Pssst! Don't tell the creationists, but scientists don't have a clue how life began

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Quiz: Occupy Wall Street or Tea Party?
Post Date: 2011-10-17 19:00:43 by A K A Stone
Guess whether the person in the slides that follow is participating in an Occupy Wall Street or a Tea Party rally. Answers to each image are on the following slide. Click for Full Text! Poster Comment:Take the quiz at source. I got all kinds of them wrong

The fill in the blank quiz that stumped war! [Full Thread]
Post Date: 2011-10-14 08:58:37 by A K A Stone
In the United States of America you are considered ___________________ until proven guilty.

American Citizens Who Fought Fro Germanu In WWII
Post Date: 2011-10-13 12:20:14 by war
I picked up the following info from another forum "WW2 talk" (posted in 2008 and repeated here for educational purposes) There were US citizens who were members of the Waffen-SS, but no unit was made up of American volunteers None were ever raised (despite some claims about an "American Free Corps" or "George Washington Brigade"). According to figures from the SS five US citizens served in the Waffen-SS in May 1940, but after that date no numbers are available. Second Lieutenant Martin James Monti (born 1910 in St Louis of an Italian-Swiss father and German mother) went awol Oct 1944, he travelled from Karachi to Naples (through Cairo and Tripoli) where to ...

I got rid of a couple of attack taglines today. [Full Thread]
Post Date: 2011-10-12 07:55:52 by A K A Stone
There are a couple of taglines that are bothersome. I wacked them. Even though they were accurate quotes. Go ahead and quote them but to have N word and stuff every time you comment is bothersome.

Hank Williams Jr: 'Keep The Change' ( New Ditty Kicks Socialist Azz)
Post Date: 2011-10-11 17:18:25 by Liberator
"I'll keep my freedom and I'll keep my gun and my religion too, "I'll keep my friends the same, "Keep the govt out of my bus and you can keep the change, "This country is sure enuf going doing the drain, "USSA how you like the name you know whos to blame I'll keep the USA and you can keep the change - we know what we want and we know who's to blame" Poster Comment:Ol' Hank tellin' it like it is and striking a chord with the crowd... Check out his lyrics.

Horror in Spain: Bull gores matador in the eye as spectators gasp in shock
Post Date: 2011-10-08 22:52:43 by Sebastian
Spanish bullfighter Juan Jose Padilla could lose his vision after a dangerous run-in with a bull. A bull brutally gored a matador in Spain on Friday, tearing through the man's jaw and pushing out his eyeball as spectators watched in horror."I can't see, I can't see anything," Juan Jose Padilla, 39, shouted as he was rushed out of the ring while bleeding profusely and cupping his protruding eye.The 1,120-pound animal had chased the bullfighter and pinned him to the ground, goring him after he tripped. Television images caught the horrifying scene.The bull, named Marques, was the second fighting beast Padilla had faced during the second day of the annual Virgen del Pilar ...

8 Year Old Raps Lil Wayne - How To Love (Parody by MattyBRaps)
Post Date: 2011-10-08 11:18:22 by A K A Stone

Mao Zedong China Life
Post Date: 2011-10-03 22:29:16 by A K A Stone
Different things can not touch (Preface) Chinese people believe that world, there are four things can not mess Pong: carpenter's ax, mason's knife (Wadao), run errands (bachelor) of luggage, big girl's waist. Hong Kong also different from the nineties: Mao Zedong's "power" and Western democracy "over." Chinese people stand out of luck keeping a low profile, deep self lucky convergence suppression. Sat down critics, stand up and be reasonable assessment is the world; the West is characterized by a sense of never refused to accommodate different ideas, religions and countries, has been the line Jianchu then fast! Contentment and the music of civilization ...

Hiring laborer for work in Dayton
Post Date: 2011-10-02 11:08:02 by A K A Stone
I'm looking for someone that knows how to hang drywall, paint, and has carpentry skills. The pay will be negotiated. Please contact me here if you want the job. No fags need apply I don't hire them.

Saturday Night Music Thread
Post Date: 2011-09-24 20:30:41 by Get Outta Dodge!
Poster Comment:Check out the tribute to Roy Orbison at about 1:40

Any Facebook Users???
Post Date: 2011-09-19 15:11:06 by jwpegler
Can I ask a favor? I finally got around to putting up a Facebook page for my business. Can I get you to click on the LINK and then "LIKE" the page? Please? I can use all of the free marketing that I can get! Thanks.

Welcome New Members
Post Date: 2011-09-14 21:23:03 by A K A Stone
I would like to welcome some new members. Welcome freedomsnotfree, Young, -_'+?!@, Eric, noitall. I hope you enjoy the site. Sorry if it took me to long to confirm you.

Ameriphobe definition
Post Date: 2011-09-05 17:26:45 by A K A Stone
An Ameriphobe is someone that is opposed to traditional American values. An Ameriphobe is an indivudual that thinks the constitution of the United States is a "living" document.

True Blue Freedom
Post Date: 2011-08-22 18:29:12 by VinnyTex
What happened to True Blue Freedom Forum?? Didn't last a year. Another Freep offshoot that goes up in smoke

Facebook’s Holocaust Problem
Post Date: 2011-08-18 12:11:58 by Brian S
Is Facebook in denial about Holocaust denial? For years, international organizations opposing anti-Semitism have been urging the planet’s preeminent social-networking platform to delete any content that asserts the Nazi-orchestrated extermination of 6 million Jews never took place. And for years, officials of Facebook, boasting more than 750 million active users, have refused, insisting that mere denial of the Holocaust, however “repugnant and ignorant,” doesn’t constitute “hate speech” as defined by Facebook’s Terms of Service policy prohibiting “content that: is hateful, threatening, or pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity or ...

'Mum, the bear is eating me!': Frantic final phone calls of woman, 19, eaten alive by brown bear and its three cubs
Post Date: 2011-08-17 19:49:10 by Sebastian
Eaten alive: Olga Moskalyova, 19, gave an horrific hour-long running commentary on her own death in three separate calls to her mother as the wild animals mauled her A distraught mother listened on a mobile phone as her teenage daughter was eaten alive by a brown bear and its three cubs.Olga Moskalyova, 19, gave an horrific hour-long running commentary on her own death in three separate calls as the wild animals mauled her.She screamed: 'Mum, the bear is eating me! Mum, it's such agony. Mum, help!'Her mother Tatiana said that at first she thought she was joking. 'But then I heard the real horror and pain in Olga's voice, and the sounds of a bear growling and ...

New Pro-Consumer Airline Rules to Go into Effect
Post Date: 2011-08-13 10:52:15 by Thunderbird
The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has established new pro-consumer rules that include compensation of baggage fees and involuntary bumping passenger, to go into effect on Aug. 23. The new rules will require airlines to refund baggage fees for lost luggage and make it more expensive to involuntarily bump passengers due to overselling of flights. There would also be fines for jets sitting on the tarmac for longer than four hours. While consumer rights groups have praised the actions, the airline industry has been outspoken in their disapproval. Spirit Airlines, along with Allegiant Air and Southwest Airlines, are challenging several provisions, particularly one that would require ...

Terrifying footage shows bus gun attack 'after man dared to complain about mother spanking her child'
Post Date: 2011-08-05 22:32:24 by Sebastian
As he rode the bus late one afternoon, Lefenus Pickett suddenly realised he could not stand by any longer.A mother was spanking her child for running in the aisles so the 37-year-old intervened and told her: 'That's child abuse'.Soon he would regret trying to be the Good Samaritan.The woman, Penny Chapman, 20, is said to have made a call on her cell phone and minutes later two thugs began firing at the bus with an assault rifle and a handgun.Scroll down for videos Terrifying: Gunmen take aim at the bus, firing rounds at horrified passengersPetrified: Passengers cower for their lives as shots rain in on them In terrifying CCTV video from inside the vehicle, passengers dive for ...

'Christian Terrorist'? Norway Case Strikes Debate
Post Date: 2011-07-31 15:24:45 by Brian S
When the "enemy" is different, an outsider, it's easier to draw quick conclusions, to develop stereotypes. It's simply human nature: There is "us," and there is "them." But what happens when the enemy looks like us _ from the same tradition and belief system? That is the conundrum in the case of Norway and Anders Behring Brevik, who is being called a "Christian extremist" or "Christian terrorist." As westerners wrestle with such characterizations of the Oslo mass murder suspect, the question arises: Nearly a decade after 9/11 created a widespread suspicion of Muslims based on the actions of a fanatical few, is this what it's ...

An Open Letter to the GOP
Post Date: 2011-07-26 12:50:16 by calcon
As someone who understands the pressures and difficulties you have been going through, I want to say, “Congratulations.” You won, and so did the country. Absent some major miscalculations, within the next few days there will be official acknowledgement of what has already happened. At the beginning of the debt-ceiling debate, a realistic, optimistic outcome essentially would have been this: The Republicans would take the initiative and put their plan before the American people. The debt-ceiling increase would be accompanied by corresponding spending cuts. There would be no new taxes. You would drive a hard bargain in the face of unrelenting presidential and Democratic ...

Soros to return outsiders' hedge fund money: report
Post Date: 2011-07-26 08:28:44 by Sebastian
Soros Fund Management Chairman, George Soros, attends a session at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, January 27, 2011. Hedge fund manager George Soros is returning capital to outsiders, choosing instead to invest his billions only for himself at a time when new regulations threaten to crimp how these funds may operate, Bloomberg Television reported. The octogenarian fund manager will end his nearly four-decades long run as one of the world's most storied hedge fund managers by becoming a family office, the report said. His chief investment officer, Keith Anderson, will leave. New regulations were cited as pushing Soros to take his decision. A Soros spokesman did not ...

Nolu Chan You Have Mail
Post Date: 2011-07-13 21:27:20 by A K A Stone
You have mail. Please respond.

Lost in the Shuffle
Post Date: 2011-07-12 18:34:34 by A K A Stone
Look at that precious child. She was abused by this world. The people responsible for justice for this murdered child have failed miserably in their task. There can be no justice for her in this world now. Her mother killed her then partied for a month.. Her grandmother lied so that her murderer could go free. High dollar defense attorneys have obscured the truth so that they can enhance their resume and make money.

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