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"GoFundMe for Son's Hormone Blockers!" (5 year old)

Charlie Kirk Wrecks Pro-Trans Wet Leftist

Watch the Ugly Cunt Lila Grace Rose tell her baby she could have killed it

Is Joe Scarborough and Vicomte13 the same person?

Record Georgia turnout exposes the Democrats' voter suppression lie

It’s Long Past Time For Congress To Break Up The FBI

US Navy Sailors Deserting At "Staggering" Rate Amid Mental Health Crisis

Mexican Cartels Are Living Among You – Hiding in Plain Sight

Peter Schiff: The Recession Is Already Here And It Won't Be Mild

US National Debt Tops $30 Trillion for First Time in History

This Place is ‘far more psychopathic’ than any State in the country By

The Pentagon Testified Assessing the Ukraine and No One Noticed

G7 Countries to Provide $19.8 Billion in Aid to Ukraine

Zelensky Requests $5 Billion a Month from Global Community in World Economic Forum Speech

(Sellout) McConnell Swipes at ‘isolationist’ Rand Paul, Says He Represents ‘a tiny percentage’ of Senate GOP

America LAST: US Senate REJECTS $ 48 Billion Aid Package For Small Businesses and Restaurants Just Hours After Approving ANOTHER $ 40 Billion for Ukraine

Biden Unveils $100 Million More In Weapons To Ukraine Literally Moments After $40BN Approved

Congressman: Democrat-Appointed Justices Know the Leaker

Biden Sent Baby Formula to Ukraine After He Learned About U.S. Shortage [Videos]

Is Hillary’s lawyer cooked?

Biden’s Amendments Hand U.S. Sovereignty to the WHO

Hillary Factor: Evidence now shows false Russia collusion story began and ended with Clinton

How FBI bigwig aided and abetted Hillary Clinton plot

Tucker Carlson Warns America That Biden is About to Hand the WHO Immense Power Over Our Lives

Dr. Malone on The Pandemic Treaty Co-Opting Sovereignty of 194 Nations

The Brief: Despite Evidence Of Clinton Lawyer’s Guilt, Durham Faces An Uphill Battle With A DC Jury

BIDEN'S BOTS: Half of Joe Biden's Twitter Followers Are Fake

West sees Ukraine as ‘expendable’, says Lavrov

What To Do With All of These Useless People?

US Set To Block Russian Debt Payments, Pushing Moscow Closer To Historic Default

What YOU Should Do Now About the WHO Takeover (Vote on May 22-28)

Twitter Engineer Admits Censorship Against ‘tolerant’ Right-Wing in Undercover Sting: We’re all commie as f***

Zelensky Signs Law to Ban Ukraine’s Opposition Parties

McConnell Expects Wednesday Vote on $40 Billion Ukraine Aid

Biden Admin to Spend Billions on New Bike Lanes, Cameras; Struggling Americans Sound OffÂ… Do Better!

Pelosi House ramps up perks like Peloton, liquor store while Americans scramble for baby formula

This Week’s Spygate Trial Is Bad News For Hillary Clinton

Biden sending US Troops Back to Somalia, Reversing Trump Pullout

Ron Paul: Why Did Rand Paul Delay Washington’s $40 Billion Ukraine Giveaway?

The Buffalo shooter was NOT a white supremacist conservative like the media is saying

Justice Clarence Thomas: I Wonder How Long We're Going To Have Institutions At The Rate We're Undermining Them

John Durham Goes to Court

Starving American Babies Disguise Selves As Ukrainian Soldiers In Hopes Of Getting $40 Billion In Federal Aid

Biden Regime Shipping Pallets of Baby Formula to Border Facilities For Illegal Aliens as American Babies Go Hungry

Marjorie Taylor Greene, Food Security is National Security

Rand Paul Blocks $40B Foreign Spending Package; ‘We Cannot Save Ukraine by Dooming the U.S. economy'

Facing Disaster, Dems Begin to Triage

DOJ Employee Accused Of Leaking On Donald Trump Abruptly Resigns As IG Closes In

Republicans question no-Bid ICE contract awarded to Biden ally

“2000 Mules” Not The Slam Dunk I Thought it Would Be

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Prayers for redleghunter.
Post Date: 2012-07-21 12:31:54 by SJN
Please keep redleghunter in your prayers. He has been diagnosed with colon cancer and will be going through surgery. I just found out early this week and have emailed him since and have not gotten a reply. He didn't say when his surgery is, though I know having been through this myself that as soon as they find a tumor, they move within days to remove it. So he may actually have already had surgery or be going through it as I type. That's an unknown. He did not give me permission to post this but neither did he indicate I shouldn't. So I hope he won't be upset that I have. At times like these, we could all use all the prayers and well wishes from those who truly care. So ...

Post Date: 2012-07-04 20:38:43 by A K A Stone

Meet a friend of mine (Music Thread)
Post Date: 2012-07-02 10:46:05 by We The People
Rob Garrett, playing Tommy Bahamas in Las Vegas. Poster Comment:These videos really don't do him justice. The boy is incredibly talented.

Are There Any Posters Besides Eunechs and Dykes at the Nest? [Full Thread]
Post Date: 2012-06-30 01:53:38 by A K A Stone
Are their any posters other then Eunechs and dykes at the nest. There is no masculinity allowed there. You must be a male hating dyke or check your balls at the door. Dykes and girly men all of them. With the exception of one exceptional poster named chan.

Jews and Crime
Post Date: 2012-06-22 22:36:31 by whyofcourse
Jews and Crime "The Jewish Almanac" (Bantam Boooks, 1980, page 58) writes: "It would not be an exaggeration to say that their [the Jewish Gangsters] influence on organized crime in the United States during the 1920´s and 1930´s rivaled, if not exceeded, that of their Italian counterparts." The Jewish mobster Meyer Lansky was a major economic supporter of Zionism and Israel, just like todays Jewish oligarchs from Russia, and ADL has given its "Torch of Liberty Award" to Jewish mafioso Morris “Moe” Dalitz. In this section we deal with the little known fact of Jewish involvment in criminal activities such as money laundering, white ...

Rowdee You Are Confirmed So are you Anonymous something, sorry for the delay [Full Thread]
Post Date: 2012-06-22 21:11:46 by A K A Stone
Confirmed. Welcome

Ferret Mike This isn't true. Why do you repeat a lie? [Full Thread]
Post Date: 2012-06-11 07:49:08 by A K A Stone
Yeah, it only gets interesting when some dumb son of a bitch picks a VP candidate who can see Russia from her front porch Ferret Mike

Two-Time Gay Porno-Posting Disruptor 'yukon' Denies Using LP Alias: 'I'm Back'
Post Date: 2012-06-07 21:25:14 by We The People
Blaming others for your own usual lies and crapping on this forum (as seen poluting the Sidebar) won't get you out of this hole (not that you are averse to holes as noted below)... But since you - the Gay Canary - seem to want to play games, we can do that too for the moment. Here's a teaser of the ENTIRE thread where yu-klown flung himself out of the closet, then eventually emerged as 'I'm Back'. Oh - and then claimed his account wuz hacked, and denied posting under several aliases (with the aid of the usual accomplices). For what it's worth, the entire thread is archived along with several others. There was also a lame excuse the FIRST time yukon posted GAY PORN. ...

Time Magazine Cover -- Forget The Breast, What About The Boy?
Post Date: 2012-05-12 19:27:01 by Brian S
Jamie Lynn Grumet, the 26-year-old mother featured on the cover of Time magazine breastfeeding her 3-year-old son, has done more this week than become the poster woman for “attachment parenting,” the sometimes laudable movement that advises parents to be physically and emotionally available and responsive to their children. She has shown the limits of such a concept, and the ways in which it can be twisted into a bizarre, contemptible caricature of itself. Grumet is a model, and models have to have at least healthy dose of narcissism (television journalists like me, too, by the way). But I fear Grumet has more than what’s healthy. Because she thought nothing of becoming ...

June Cleaver To Gloria Pritchett: 5 Great TV Moms
Post Date: 2012-05-12 19:08:11 by Brian S
(05-12) 13:15 PDT , (AP) -- Why settle for one great mom when, as any TV viewer knows, you can adopt a series of them? Here's five of the best, from the demure 1950s version to the freewheeling 21st-century incarnation. These fictional mamas may have set the bar high for generations of real ones, but they did something in return: kept families entertained so they'd give mom a break, if only until the next commercial. No Mother's Day card is necessary, but let's give each of these TV moms a big hug for her holiday: _ June Cleaver (Barbara Billingsley), "Leave It to Beaver," 1957-63. Yes, June wore pearls around the house. And high heels. But her real trademark ...

Auto legend Carroll Shelby died Thursday night at Baylor Hospital in Dallas at the age of 89.
Post Date: 2012-05-12 14:55:08 by mininggold
Carroll Shelby: 1923-2012 Auto legend Carroll Shelby died Thursday night at Baylor Hospital in Dallas at the age of 89. Carroll Shelby's shadow stretched out Texas tall across nearly the whole of the world's automotive landscape. A natural as a race driver, he won three U.S. sports-car championships in Ferraris and Maseratis, and for Aston Martin he won the 1959 24 Hours of Le Mans with British co-driver Roy Salvadori. Turning automaker in the 1960s, he fathered the Cobra, an Anglo-American hot rod of crude conception but stunning effectiveness that swept the tracks of North America and wrested a world manufacturer's title from Ferrari. Additional success came with his ...

Friday Music Thread
Post Date: 2012-05-04 15:45:09 by We The People
Let's start off with 'The Band'.

I put a hundred bucks in my truck today
Post Date: 2012-05-03 21:15:34 by A K A Stone
I put a hundred bucks in my truck today. What about you?

Logsplitters Post Welcome Thread
Post Date: 2012-05-01 01:35:17 by A K A Stone
Welcome Logsplitter. Nice to have you aboard.

Welcome New Posters Rex River and TylerBishop
Post Date: 2012-04-30 18:54:21 by A K A Stone
Welcome to the site. Hope you enjoy it here. You are set at full posting privelages. Thanks for signing up.

You Are All Suspects Now. What Are You Going to Do About It?
Post Date: 2012-04-28 19:57:37 by Brian S
(Photo: isafmedia / Flickr) You are all potential terrorists. It matters not that you live in Britain, the United States, Australia or the Middle East. Citizenship is effectively abolished. Turn on your computer and the US Department of Homeland Security's National Operations Center may monitor whether you are typing not merely "al-Qaeda," but "exercise," "drill," "wave," "initiative" and "organization": all proscribed words. The British government's announcement that it intends to spy on every email and phone call is old hat. The satellite vacuum cleaner known as Echelon has been doing this for years. What has changed is ...

The Mamas & The Papas - California dreamin
Post Date: 2012-04-28 19:16:21 by Brian S

Nolu Chan's Posts Removed From The Internet [Full Thread]
Post Date: 2012-04-28 10:40:30 by A K A Stone
All of Nolu Chans posts at the nest are not visible to the public anymore. He has been censored. If fact everyone who posts at that site has had their posts hidden from the world.

When I'm Whole, I'm Ready Part I - The BecomeONE Tour Vision
Post Date: 2012-04-20 22:14:29 by A K A Stone

I need something read. Somebody post something
Post Date: 2012-04-17 06:34:56 by A K A Stone
I need something to read

Friday Night Music Thread
Post Date: 2012-04-13 23:08:17 by We The People

Notice: Free Republic has been in full rebellion mode since 2008 and will remain so for the duration
Post Date: 2012-04-11 23:29:49 by A K A Stone
Notice: Free Republic has been in full rebellion mode since 2008 and will remain in full rebellion mode for the duration! No more Doles!! No more McCains!! No more RINOS!! NO ROMNEY!! Those who cannot stomach rebellion might as well start looking for a new home on the net!! Those who have ignored my hundreds of posts on this crucial issue or who have doubted me these last three or four years might as well get used to it. FR will never support the abortionist, homosexualist, socialist, mandate loving, constitution trampling liar Mitt Romney. In case you haven't noticed, a TEA Party rebellion is on and Free Republic signed on years ago. There is no turning back. No more crap from the ...

I would like to welcome new poster Cathal.
Post Date: 2012-03-26 02:00:07 by A K A Stone
Welcome to the site Cathal. You now have full posting privelages. Hope you enjoy the site.

I want to brag about my wife
Post Date: 2012-03-22 18:30:06 by jwpegler
I want to brag about my wife, Carmina. Carmina just received an A- in her college marketing class yesterday. Last fall she signed up to be a Catechist -- she has been teaching Sunday School at the local Catholic Church for a year. She also started her own Day Care business almost three years ago. Now she is a major success with students and their parents who just love her. My wife is the most outstanding person that I have ever met. Carmina was not born in America. But she is living the American dream. Here's the big question: why are their so many people who were born and raised in America who do nothing but piss and moan about how unfair life is? I don't get it. I can't ...

Server outages
Post Date: 2012-03-20 11:28:48 by Pinguinite
I've been dealing with some server issues which have resulted in some outages. What's been happening is that "bing", that wonderful big MS search engine, has had its spiders occasionally pounding the server so hard with page requests that it's brought the server down. I've institute a few changes recently on the server to combat that. The first countermeasure has been a simple load monitor program which shuts the web server down if it gets too busy, and restarts it once it catches up on work and calms down. When it activates, the web site is unavailable, but down time is usually limited between 1-4 minutes. This has kicked in a few times over the past week or two ...

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