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What Passover Means For The New Testament Believer

Are We Closer Than Ever To The Next Pandemic?

War in Ukraine Turns on Russia

what happened during total solar eclipse

Israel Attacks Iran, Report Says - LIVE Breaking News Coverage

Earth is Scorched with Heat

Antiwar Activists Chant ‘Death to America’ at Event Featuring Chicago Alderman

Vibe Shift

A stream that makes the pleasant Rain sound.

Older Men - Keep One Foot In The Dark Ages

When You Really Want to Meet the Diversity Requirements

CERN to test world's most powerful particle accelerator during April's solar eclipse

Utopian Visionaries Who Won’t Leave People Alone

No - no - no Ain'T going To get away with iT

Pete Buttplug's Butt Plugger Trying to Turn Kids into Faggots

Mark Levin: I'm sick and tired of these attacks

Questioning the Big Bang

James Webb Data Contradicts the Big Bang

Pssst! Don't tell the creationists, but scientists don't have a clue how life began

A fine romance: how humans and chimps just couldn't let go

Early humans had sex with chimps

O’Keefe dons bulletproof vest to extract undercover journalist from NGO camp.

Biblical Contradictions (Alleged)

Catholic Church Praising Lucifer

Raising the Knife

One Of The HARDEST Videos I Had To Make..

Houthi rebels' attack severely damages a Belize-flagged ship in key strait leading to the Red Sea (British Ship)

Chinese Illegal Alien. I'm here for the moneuy

Red Tides Plague Gulf Beaches

Tucker Carlson calls out Nikki Haley, Ben Shapiro, and every other person calling for war:

{Are there 7 Deadly Sins?} I’ve heard people refer to the “7 Deadly Sins,” but I haven’t been able to find that sort of list in Scripture.

Abomination of Desolation | THEORY, BIBLE STUDY

Bible Help

Libertysflame Database Updated

Crush EVERYONE with the Alien Gambit!

Vladimir Putin tells Tucker Carlson US should stop arming Ukraine to end war

Putin hints Moscow and Washington in back-channel talks in revealing Tucker Carlson interview

Trump accuses Fulton County DA Fani Willis of lying in court response to Roman's motion

Mandatory anti-white racism at Disney.

Iceland Volcano Erupts For Third Time In 2 Months, State Of Emergency Declared

Tucker Carlson Interview with Vladamir Putin

How will Ar Mageddon / WW III End?

What on EARTH is going on in Acts 16:11? New Discovery!

2023 Hottest in over 120 Million Years

2024 and beyond in prophecy


This Speech Just Broke the Internet

This AMAZING Math Formula Will Teach You About God!

The GOSPEL of the ALIENS | Fallen Angels | Giants | Anunnaki

The IMAGE of the BEAST Revealed (REV 13) - WARNING: Not for Everyone

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Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs - "Petticoat Junction"
Post Date: 2014-01-18 23:40:46 by Brian S

White girls and black guys
Post Date: 2013-11-30 20:30:48 by A K A Stone

Liberals Fear Ted Cruz
Post Date: 2013-09-28 13:45:25 by A K A Stone

Sunday Music Thread
Post Date: 2013-08-18 20:16:55 by sneakypete
Poster Comment:Recorded live. Enjoy.

Jethro Don't Be Dumb
Post Date: 2013-08-06 23:30:29 by A K A Stone
Who struck first has zero to do with the use of necessary force to defend oneself from deadly physical force. To be clearer, let's assume Z struck Martin first. If TM responded by beating Z to the point he feared for his life, Z was within his rights to use necessary force to stop the attack. It's called self defense. Jethro Tull posted on 2013-08-06 23:11:52 ET Poster Comment:It does matter who hit who first. You can't attack someone by starting a fight then claim self defense.

I’m a guy again! ABC newsman who switched genders wants to switch back
Post Date: 2013-08-06 15:26:14 by Hondo68
He thought he was a woman trapped in a man’s body — but it turns out he’s “just another boring straight guy.”ABC News editor Don Ennis strolled into the newsroom in May wearing a little black dress and an auburn wig and announced he was transgender and splitting from his wife. He wanted to be called Dawn.But now he says he suffered from a two-day bout of amnesia that has made him realize he wants to live his life again as Don. “I accused my wife of playing some kind of cruel joke, dressing me up in a wig and bra and making fake ID’s with the name ‘Dawn’ on it. Seriously,” Ennis wrote in an e-mail to friends and colleagues Friday, explaining ...

Five Finger Death Punch-"The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell" V1 (Full Album)
Post Date: 2013-08-02 19:16:11 by A K A Stone

Tom Keifer - Solid Ground (Cindarells'a Lead SInger Solo )
Post Date: 2013-07-20 10:08:58 by A K A Stone

MYSTERY: Why do Fartsky, Yukon, Who Cares, And Mad Dogs Ip's cross reference? Or is it a mystery [Full Thread]
Post Date: 2013-07-15 20:28:01 by A K A Stone
Got this from the poster "who cares". This Poster Who Cares who is Mad Dog has the same IP as Fartsky who is Yukon. Think about that one. Hey MORON I'm the person who had the handle "Mad Dog". Which I have told you several times before. I know that you already know this and you are just lying to try to get my goat. You really are a repulsive chickenshit little bitch pebbles. BAN me fool. Put me out of your misery boy. Yeah, I know ... passive aggressive COWARDLY cunt. is as passive aggressive COWARDLY cunt DOES. (Which branch did YOU serve in again pebbles?) Oh well ... FTW Poster Comment: Yukon is Mad Dog. Lol

We Buried Our Dog Fred Today
Post Date: 2013-06-28 22:28:20 by A K A Stone
Fred was a stray dog. He came to us October of the year 2000. My son was in first grade when he came into our lives. I have many good memories of this smart good dog. I remember telling the kids not to feed him so that he would go home to be with his owner. I think the kids fed him and Fred stuck around. We put an ad in the newspaper trying to find who his owners were. We never got a response. I relented and let the kids keep him. We went on walks. He didn't need a leash he would walk right beside you. I enjoyed that a lot. I would also take him to the river with me. We would walk through the water together me catching minnows or fishing and him following loyally along. I remember ...

Wouldn't it be funny if someone sent this government suck ass a message of go to hell
Post Date: 2013-05-06 11:17:47 by A K A Stone

Friday Night Music Thread -- R.I.P. George Jones
Post Date: 2013-04-26 16:19:03 by jwpegler

What is Coptic Christianity, and what do Coptic Christians believe?
Post Date: 2013-04-09 00:58:48 by A K A Stone
Question: "What is Coptic Christianity, and what do Coptic Christians believe?" Answer: “Coptic” means “Egyptian,” and Christians living in Egypt identify themselves as Coptic Christians. As a denomination they originated in the city of Alexandria, one of the most faithful, respected, and fruitful cities during the Apostolic Period. Proudly, the Coptic Christians acknowledge and herald John Mark, (author of the Gospel of Mark), as their founder and first bishop sometime between A.D. 42 - A.D. 62. The Coptic Church was actually involved in the very first major split in the Church, well before there was such a thing as "Roman" Catholicism, and it was ...

Libertysflame transferred to new web server
Post Date: 2013-03-31 10:58:29 by Pinguinite
Last night, Libertysflame was been transferred to a new web server. I believe everything is now working smoothly, but please let me know if anything seems amiss. Thanks, Neil

"The Messiah" Obama wants our guns,
Post Date: 2013-03-05 19:30:58 by A K A Stone
"The Messiah" Obama wants our guns, Along with other liberal bums. Our Constitution, says otherwise, He is not American, he's in disguise. The 2nd Amendment is plain you see, To protect us all from his tyranny. He wishes a country full of sheep, And I pray each night before I sleep. I pray that America will always survive, But I am seeing, a quick demise. Our GOD given rights are under attack, And once gone, we will never get back ! Millions have died to keep us free, I will too, if need be. Drones in the sky, over the land of the free, Drones that will be spying on you and me. Complete control, over us you see, Hell or high water, it WILL NOT be! I served this great ...

Lab interacting with Downe Syndrome Child
Post Date: 2013-02-08 19:22:18 by sneakypete
Poster Comment:If this doesn't move you you are not human.

Refugee from Free Republic
Post Date: 2013-01-29 13:13:48 by refugeefromFR
It's my first time on this forum. I'm a long time member of Free Republic but after Jim Robinson told me to "knock it off", I'm no longer motivated to post there because obviously they do not tolerate a diversity of opinions.

Music Thread For No Reason
Post Date: 2013-01-14 19:22:42 by We The People

Dr Who is BACK!
Post Date: 2012-12-26 22:05:13 by sneakypete
The doctor is back,and his new companion is unbelievably gorgeous and immensely talented with a flair for comedy. I'm not ready to throw Amy Pond under the bus yet (she's a redhead)but the new companion is a lot hotter than Amy and I think her hair is dark red,too. The first episode of this season played a few months ago and it showed a lot of promise for this year,and the second episode that just aired backed that up. Lots of your favorite aliens are back,and one of them (the fireplug looking little General) is going to be a star of the show. He's hilarious,and he thinks a grenade or two is the answer to most problems. I'm sure BBCA will air the first two episodes in ...

To My Friends At Freedom4um
Post Date: 2012-12-26 21:26:09 by A K A Stone
Ok we have been going back and forth for a while cross forum. That is ok because Christine is afraid to have me over at her little Nazi lite site. Because when I used to post over there I would kick your little pathetic asses up and down the street. Why do you think the coward Christine banned me. It was because I called her site on being a site that hates Jews more then it loves America. Have you ever looked at her site. It is the Jews did this or they did that. You are all obsessed about them. It is really pathetic. Oh and in case you didn't know Christine is supposed to be capitalized. Jethro. You have become such a pussy. I remember you said that you were going to have a new way of ...

Durning, king of character actors, dies in NYC
Post Date: 2012-12-25 08:59:49 by sneakypete
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Charles Durning grew up in poverty, lost five of his nine siblings to disease, barely lived through D-Day and was taken prisoner at the Battle of the Bulge. His hard life and wartime trauma provided the basis for a prolific 50-year career as a consummate Oscar-nominated character actor, playing everyone from a Nazi colonel to the pope to Dustin Hoffman's would-be suitor in "Tootsie." Durning, who died Monday at age 89 in New York, got his start as an usher at a burlesque theater in Buffalo, N.Y. When one of the comedians showed up too drunk to go on, Durning took his place. He would recall years later that he was hooked as soon as heard the audience ...

Installing heat and air in my workshop,need advise
Post Date: 2012-12-21 18:32:32 by sneakypete
I want to put a combined heat and ac unit in my workshop,and am looking for brand advise as well as estimated expenses for purchase and installation costs. The shop is a 35x50 foot Quonset hut with a 18 foot ceiling. Right now I am thinking a 250k btu rating on the furnace.

Many people refer to LOL as lots of love ... Only the younger generation (texters, etc) think of it as --- laughing out loud.
Post Date: 2012-12-14 18:45:49 by BorisY
Mitchell5 minutes ago Who are the heartless sick people that keep clicking on "LOL"? This is not a laughing matter, 20 innocent babies were killed and you click LOL. You should be ashamed of yourselves. My Prayers for the families of all the victims and those children that had to witness this madness. Their innocence was taken from them as well and will need therapy for years to be able to handle this horrific episode in their lives. guest2 minutes agoin reply to Mitchell Many people refer to LOL as lots of love. Only the younger generation (texters, etc) think of it as laughing out loud. Poster Comment:lol - lots of love

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