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In Day of the Lord, 24 Church Elders with Crowns Join Jesus in His Throne

In Day of the Lord, 24 Church Elders with Crowns Join Jesus in His Throne

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Pssst! Don't tell the creationists, but scientists don't have a clue how life began

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Teacher Right-to-Work Looking Like a Done Deal
Post Date: 2011-09-13 19:04:16 by CZ82
Teacher Right-to-Work Looking Like a Done Deal Support from Senate, House and Governor may align for swift passage By Jack Spencer | Sept. 12, 2011 Chances look good for passage and enactment of legislation to provide right-to-work status for Michigan public school teachers. Under the measure, called the “Freedom to Teach Act,” teachers would no longer be required to join or support a union as a condition of employment. At the end of last week, Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville, R-Monroe, announced the measure on Michigan public television’s "Off the Record," and asserted that he strongly supported it. The legislation is expected to be formally ...

Indiana: Mass Exodus of Students from the Public Schools
Post Date: 2011-09-04 10:00:38 by CZ82
Indiana: Mass Exodus of Students from the Public Schools With public schools in Indiana spending anywhere between $9,000 and $14,000 per student annually, one would think the education they provide would be first class. Nine grand a year is quite a lot of money. Most private schools produce good academic results at half that cost; and homeschooling families perform miracles at just a portion of it. Therefore, public school advocates shouldn’t have worried too much about the new voucher system introduced in the state of Indiana, where parents could take their vouchers and enroll their children in any school they want – provided the school has state accreditation. But what ...

Early Obama Letter Confirms Inability to Write
Post Date: 2011-08-29 08:35:37 by CZ82
Early Obama Letter Confirms Inability to Write By Jack Cashill On November 16, 1990, Barack Obama, then president of the Harvard Law Review, published a letter in the Harvard Law Record, an independent Harvard Law School newspaper, championing affirmative action. Although a paragraph from this letter was excerpted in David Remnick's biography of Obama, The Bridge, I had not seen the letter in its entirety before this week. Not surprisingly, it confirms everything I know about Barack Obama, the writer and thinker. Obama was prompted to write by an earlier letter from a Mr. Jim Chen that criticized Harvard Law Review's affirmative action policies. Specifically, Chen had argued ...

Do Layoffs Mean the WI Teachers Union Is on the Financial Ropes
Post Date: 2011-08-21 09:52:11 by CZ82
Do Layoffs Mean the WI Teachers Union Is on the Financial Ropes? by Kyle Olson Before the Republican takeover of state government, the leaders of the Wisconsin Education Association Council were very influential people who wielded a great deal of political power. They were extremely well funded by a system that forced schools to deduct union dues from individual teachers, whether they wanted to be members or not. And they used a big chunk of that wealth to pressure state lawmakers into passing union-friendly policies. Notice we didn’t say “education friendly policies.” Education has very little to do with the teachers union’s agenda. Its main function is to ...

The Superiority of School Vouchers Demonstrated
Post Date: 2011-08-21 09:09:56 by CZ82
The Superiority of School Vouchers Demonstrated By Gary Jason The failure of the American K-12 public school system has been obvious for decades. Some of us fossils can recall the public uproar that accompanied the release of the report "A Nation at Risk" back in 1987, documenting the mediocre at best, disastrously bad at worst performance of the nation's public schools. The public school special interest groups (the PSSIGs) -- that is, public school administrators, education department professors, "labor studies" professors, textbook publishers, and most notoriously teachers unions and their members -- managed to turn the outrage into support for jacking up ...

Failure 101 at Chicago State University
Post Date: 2011-08-13 18:50:19 by CZ82
Failure 101 at Chicago State University Phil Boehmke Call it "Animal House" in the hood. This week in the People's Republic of Chicago (PRC) political leaders and academics met to review a number of troubling issues facing Chicago State University (CSU). The Chicago Tribune reports: ...during the 2008-09 academic year, 449 Chicago State students received state grant money even though, under university policy, an untold number of them should have been dismissed for poor academic performance. Of those students, 106 had a grade-point average of 0.0 and still received aid from the taxpayer-funded Monetary Award Program, known as MAP. The state's largest grant program ...

Life and Times of Thomas Jefferson
Post Date: 2011-08-08 16:59:23 by CZ82
THOMAS JEFFERSON At 5, began studying under his cousins tutor. At 9, studied Latin, Greek and French. At 14, studied classical literature and additional languages. At 16, entered the College of William and Mary. At 19, studied Law for 5 years starting under George Wythe. At 23, started his own law practice. At 25, was elected to the Virginia House of Burgesses. At 31, wrote the widely circulated "Summary View of the Rights of British America " and retired from his law practice. At 32, was a Delegate to the Second Continental Congress. At 33, wrote the Declaration of Independence . At 33, took three years to revise Virginia legal code and wrote a Public Education bill ...

Australian School Answering Machine
Post Date: 2011-07-31 17:59:59 by CZ82
Poster Comment:Ya gotta love the Aussies.....

The age of white guilt: and the disappearance of the black individual
Post Date: 2011-07-21 17:23:20 by CZ82
The age of white guilt: and the disappearance of the black individual By Shelby Steele One day back in the late fifties, when I was ten or eleven years old, there was a moment when I experienced myself as an individual--as a separate consciousness--for the first time. I was walking home from the YMCA, which meant that I was passing out of the white Chicago suburb where the Y was located and crossing Halsted Street back into Phoenix, the tiny black suburb where I grew up. It was a languid summer afternoon, thick with the industrial-scented humidity of south Chicago that I can still smell and feel on my skin, though I sit today only blocks from the cool Pacific and more than forty years ...

Liberty Counsel Gains Constitutional Freedoms for Florida School District
Post Date: 2011-07-12 21:30:45 by CZ82
Liberty Counsel Gains Constitutional Freedoms for Florida School District Friday, 08 July 2011 03:36 PM EDT Gina Meeks Florida school district is no longer under the “reign of terror” of the American Civil Liberties Union. After litigation brought by Liberty Counsel, the ACLU and the Santa Rosa County School District, located in Florida's panhandle, have agreed to modify a prior Consent Decree. As a result of the settlement, the organization won back dozens of constitutional freedoms for teachers, staff, students and members of the community. Liberty Counsel is “an international nonprofit litigation, education and policy organization dedicated to advancing religious ...

Investigation into Atlanta Public Schools cheating finds unethical behavior across every level
Post Date: 2011-07-09 09:27:11 by CZ82
Investigation into APS cheating finds unethical behavior across every level By Heather Vogell Across Atlanta Public Schools, staff worked feverishly in secret to transform testing failures into successes. Curtis Compton, ccompton@ajc.com A state investigation found former Atlanta schools superintendent Beverly Hall and her top aides either ignored or destroyed evidence of test cheating across the district. Teachers and principals erased and corrected mistakes on students’ answer sheets. Area superintendents silenced whistle-blowers and rewarded subordinates who met academic goals by any means possible. Superintendent Beverly Hall and her top aides ignored, buried, destroyed or ...

Jewish University Presidents Who Abandon Jews
Post Date: 2011-07-03 09:36:52 by CZ82
Jewish University Presidents Who Abandon Jews By Stella Paul Since we live in a craven age, let's salute our few heroes. Meet Jessica Felber, a 21-year-old Lioness of Judah, who's suing the University of California for failing to protect her civil rights. Felber is a student activist at Berkeley who simply asserts her right to stand on campus and hold a sign saying, "Israel Wants Peace," without subsequently needing urgent medical attention. What Jew can count on that right on a UC campus these days? In March 2010, Felber was violently assaulted by Husam Zakharia, the leader of Students for Justice in Palestine, as she peacefully held her sign at a pro-Israel event. UC ...

Teachers’ Union Rejects Calls for Minor Concessions to Save Jobs
Post Date: 2011-07-02 16:55:01 by CZ82
Teachers’ Union Rejects Calls for Minor Concessions to Save Jobs Says Area Businesses Should Donate $94 Million to MPS MacIver News Service | June 30, 2011 [MILWAUKEE] The Milwaukee teachers’ union wants area businesses to donate $94 million to solve the district’s financial problems, hoping that will save some of the 519 jobs to be lost on Friday. Milwaukee Public Schools announced the layoffs on Wednesday. Dr. Gregory Thornton, MPS superintendent, said at least 200 teachers’ jobs could be saved if the union would have agreed to a 5.8 percent pension contribution from its members. “We will move into a new school year with a big loss of a lot of talent and a ...

Union curbs rescue a Wisconsin school district
Post Date: 2011-07-02 10:30:19 by CZ82
Union curbs rescue a Wisconsin school district Byron York, 06/30/11 8:05 PM. "This is a disaster," said Mark Miller, the Wisconsin Senate Democratic leader, in February after Republican Gov. Scott Walker proposed a budget bill that would curtail the collective bargaining powers of some public employees. Miller predicted catastrophe if the bill were to become law -- a charge repeated thousands of times by his fellow Democrats, union officials, and protesters in the streets. Now the bill is law, and we have some very early evidence of how it is working. And for one beleaguered Wisconsin school district, it's a godsend, not a disaster. The Kaukauna School District, in the Fox ...

Blacks Picket The NAACP
Post Date: 2011-06-17 17:26:32 by CZ82
Blacks Picket The NAACP June 17, 2011 by Chip Wood Residents of Harlem, a New York City neighborhood, protested the NAACP last month. For a moment, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Thousands of residents of Harlem, a New York City neighborhood, had taken to the streets to protest the NAACP. And yes, virtually every one of them was black. What was it all about? Apparently, a huge number of parents in Harlem believe the quality of education their children are getting is more important than the color of the skin of their teachers. They were demanding better schools — even if that meant a bunch of black teachers lost their jobs. You won’t be surprised to learn that many of our ...

Gov. Christie Moves to Privatize N.J. Public Schools
Post Date: 2011-06-16 20:56:01 by CZ82
Gov. Christie Moves to Privatize N.J. Public Schools Bruce Walker, Monday, 13 June 2011 09:42 New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has found a way to solve the problem of chronically sub-standard public schools in his state, while dissolving the barnacles of public education, and its immense bureaucracy: privatize public education. The first part of his plan would authorize management organizations to operate five under-performing public schools in a public-private partnership. Not surprisingly, New Jersey teachers’ unions have blasted this move as part of the Governor’s “ongoing effort to privatize public education in New Jersey.” The proposal comes after the New ...

A 'Brain-Dead Liberal' Awakens
Post Date: 2011-06-03 06:38:33 by CZ82
A 'Brain-Dead Liberal' Awakens By Rick Richman David Mamet's provocative new book, The Secret Knowledge: On the Dismantling of American Culture, explores in greater length and considerably greater depth the themes he announced in his 2008 op-ed for the Village Voice, "Why I Am No Longer a 'Brain-Dead Liberal.'" It comes complete with a bibliography of 117 books listing virtually every work relating to his topic. The bibliography -- and Mamet's explication of the issues involved in his turn to conservatism -- is particularly impressive since Mamet says he "never knowingly talked with nor read the works of a Conservative before moving to Los Angeles, ...

'Racial Incident' in Texas School Plunges City into Turmoil
Post Date: 2011-05-20 20:08:21 by CZ82
'Racial Incident' in Texas School Plunges City into Turmoil By David Paulin It's being called an ugly "racial incident." As a consequence, Bastrop, Texas, a city of about 8,000 near the capital of Austin, is in turmoil. And a school principal's career is in jeopardy. There were no racial epithets used in this incident, however. There was no "hate crime." And nobody was discriminated against. Rather, the well-intentioned principal of Bastrop Middle School, Teri Watson, did what liberal lawmakers and government bureaucrats have done for years. She tried to help some of her students by identifying them as members of an underachieving racial group -- ...

Power of Observation Test
Post Date: 2011-05-16 19:17:10 by CZ82
www.oldjoeblack.0nyx.com/thinktst.htm Poster Comment:Take it to see how observant you are....... Post your results, if you dare!!!!!

Laugh of the Day-B.A. in Journalism is Most USELESS College Degree
Post Date: 2011-05-14 13:41:21 by CZ82
Top 20 Most Useless College Majors: Journalism Is #1 Posted by Dr. Ron Ross May 10th 2011 at 4:58 The Daily Beast posted an article recently titled, “20 Most Useless College Majors.” The journalists who wrote the story concluded that a B.A. in journalism is the most useless degree of all. According to the report, data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics was reviewed to come up with the list, including starting- and mid-career salary levels, the expected change in the total number of jobs from 2008 to 2018 and the expected percentage change in available jobs from 2008 to 2018. If someone goes into journalism today because he or she wants a high-paying job with lots of ...

Pro-Life Movement Emerging in Force on College Campuses
Post Date: 2011-04-30 23:28:39 by CZ82
Pro-Life Movement Emerging in Force on College Campuses by Kristan Hawkins, 04/30/2011 As Washington and Americans turn their attention to the coming fiscal crisis, the pro-life movement, still energized by its recent fight to federally de-fund Planned Parenthood, is in full force, engaging the abortion industry on multiple fronts that span from the Beltway to your local hospital. One major front that is often overlooked in the abortion debate is on college campuses. According to the Guttmacher Institute, Planned Parenthood’s research organization, 52% of all abortions are performed on women ages 25 and younger. And it’s everywhere on campus—from the abortion ...

College Course: US Flag Is Racist, How-To Defeat America In Iraq And Afghanistan
Post Date: 2011-04-26 18:39:31 by CZ82
College Course: US Flag Is Racist, How-To Defeat America In Iraq And Afghanistanby Dan Riehl While claiming the American flag represents racism and discussing today’s Progressive Movement’s efforts to defeat America both at home and abroad, including on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan to help their international “comrades,” Communist Tony Pecinovsky pulls the mask off today’s Progressive Movement in two new exclusive Big Government videos of a University of Missouri course offering, already much in the news. Pecinovsky first came to light yesterday in a Washington Times item by Kerry Picket. Communism 101 at the University Tony Pecinovsky, a Communist ...

Dear Unionized Teachers, Quit Yer Bellyachin’
Post Date: 2011-04-23 10:08:16 by CZ82
Dear Unionized Teachers, Quit Yer Bellyachin’ by Kyle Olson As state governments continue to grapple with labor and legacy costs, we’ve seen government employee unions respond with massive rallies and publicity stunts. Some union bigs have even threatened to turn their job into a “weapon.” Case in point, of course, is Madison, Wisconsin. Thousands of union protesters from around the country converged on the state capitol in an effort to intimidate and stop Gov. Scott Walker and his allies from passing a bill that would not only balance the state budget, but allow schools and municipalities to dramatically cut labor costs. Unionized teachers have been at the head of ...

My Journey to Conservatism
Post Date: 2011-04-23 09:48:22 by CZ82
My Journey to Conservatism By Carmen Guillermo I would like to share with you my enlightenment, which started off with this simple e-mail: February 16, 2010 I found these pages one night after about 4 hours of research. What prompted the research? I couldn't sleep one night because it bugged me that people considered Republicans racist. I've been a Republican my entire adult life and I just didn't see the racism. So after tossing and turning, I decided to research why? This is what I found. This link talks about the Democratic Party. www.pbs.org/wnet/jimcrow/stories_org_democratic.html This link talks about how the Republican Party was founded. ...

Merit Pay for Teachers Works and the Evidence Now Proves It
Post Date: 2011-04-15 16:22:06 by CZ82
Merit Pay for Teachers Works and the Evidence Now Proves It By Gary Jason The idea that any business would pay employees based simply on time served, rather than on the quality of work performed, is economically daffy on its face. It is as offensive on economic grounds as it is on philosophic ones. On economic grounds, it obviously leads to a severe case of the agency problem: by giving people no incentive to perform quality work, they (the agents) will likely fail to deliver a quality service to the principals (the people for whose benefit the agents are supposed to work). On philosophic grounds, it violates the meritorian principle of social justice -- namely, that those who have more ...

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