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What Trump Gets Right about Harvard

The wesT has no viable opTions ... shorT of nuclear war --- of defeaTing Russia in Ukraine

Grants Single Mom

Who’s our real president? Joe Biden — or the staffers who keep walking back his comments?

Flint, Mich. Clerk Resigns After Elections Group Calls Out Lopsided Number Of Democrat Poll Watchers

China Recruited Top US Scientists To Gain Military Edge In Hypersonic, UAV & Submarine Tech – Reports

Pete Kaliner: Former EcoHealth VP says they developed COVID-19

Biden’s FBI is no beTTer Than ... The worsT miliTanT police enTiTies --- in hisTory

U.S Military Recruitment video. Woke Homos

The Latino vote in Nevada could lead to a Republican Senate majority

DeSantis Moves to Prohibit Communist China From Buying Farmland, Land Around Military Bases

Trump haTers who said ... “his supporTers" --- "musT be exTerminaTed”

'I'm NoT Bluffing' - Vladimir PuTin ... Warns The WesT --- He Is Willing To Use Nuclear Weapons

Democrats are blind to the dangers the illegal migrants they invite in face

Crazed NorTh DakoTa Man ... Runs Over - Kills Teen --- For “ExTremisT” Republican Views

WWIII - The DemocraTs’ ulTimate weT dream ... JusT imagine - marTial law wiTh DemocraTs ruling over us --- wiTh an iron-fisT

By transporting migrants, GOP governors are exposing Democrats’ hypocrisy

Release Biden’s secret voter plan

Nikki Haley: I won’t stand for liberal intimidation from Tish James or her office

Facebook spied on private messages of Americans who questioned 2020 election

Progressives, Journalists Worry: Are Polls Once Again Overestimating Democrats?

Crime Runs Rampant In Democrat Strongholds, With Shootings, Beheading Last Weekend

Biden Quietly Loosens Tech Export Rules to Chinese Communist Firms Just Days After Huawei Lobbyist’s Brother Joins White House.

Now it's a majority of voters who want Biden impeached!

Bank of America's Equity: Racial Discrimination, Elitism, Fraud, and Bad Business

NUKE ALERT - ‘DirecT ThreaT’ ... Russia could use TacTical nuclear weapons in Ukraine --- Taking us To brink of WW3 - warns miliTary chief

Special Master Order Reveals Biden’s Direct Involvement In Trump Raid And Six Other Bombshells

DemocraTs ... Dangerously Copy The TacTics --- Of Famous FascisTs

TIPP Poll Asks: Does America Have A Two-Tier Justice System?

FBI agent Timothy Thibault hid intel from whistleblower on Hunter and the ‘Big Guy’ Joe Biden

Biden’s open border is attracting a huge new category of illegal migrants

Inmates received $1.3 billion in covid-19 stimulus checks, including those serving life sentences

China’s Forced Organ Harvesting Demands U.S. Response

Studies Show ... ThaT Covid “Vaccines” --- Cause Massive Blood Damage

Zuckerberg’s Admission Of FBI Meddling In 2020 Election Is Even Bigger Than It Seems

Redacted Mar-A-Lago Affidavit Confirms Biden’s DOJ Fished For A Crime To Pin On Trump

Remember The People's Convoy (Feb 2022)

EveryThing abouT The raid ... The case being builT by The DeparTmenT of JusTice --- reeks of sloppiness - desperaTion.

Unsealed Mar-a-Lago search warrant affidavit reveals the government has no case against Trump

Wave of lawsuits coming against psychiatrists and doctors who rubber-stamped transgender mutilations and surgeries

CONFIRMED: FBI Colluded With Big Tech To Prevent Voters From Learning About Hunter Biden’s Laptop

With IRS Funding, Democrats Plan to Audit the Middle Class

Biden’s 87,000 IRS Agents Set to Become Woke Army of “Equity” Enforcers

My husband Capt. David Dorn was murdered in 2020 riots. His killer had help dividing America.

The ReTurn of PeTer STrzok ... How a Fired FBI Official Is Making The Case --- AgainsT Himself

Parents and the left are in an all-out war, and the kids are collateral damage

Mar-a-Lago ... The --- Abyss

White people banned from off-campus UC Berkeley student housing common areas

New Jersey district removes Thomas Jefferson from elementary school name over slavery

Come On, Mitch McConnell, Republicans Need You To Step Up And Lead

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Amazon unveils Wi-Fi-enabled Brita Infinity Smart Water Pitcher with Dash Replenishment
Post Date: 2016-03-01 09:22:26 by Willie Green
For many people, walking around with a water bottle all day is a way of life. Not only is it reassuring that your thirst can always be quenched, but it is very healthy too. Once you get away from all of the sugar-filled drinks, and even worse, the artificially sweetened beverages, you may feel much healthier. Unfortunately, water bottles can be very bad for the environment. While some can be recycled, a good amount of them can end up in landfills. Not to mention, the process of making the plastic can have a large carbon footprint. A good solution is opting for an in-home water filter and carrying reusable bottles. Today, Amazon announces a very high-tech filtration pitcher -- ...

Now Even Michael Mann Admits The ‘Pause’ In Global Warming Is Real; Throws Allies To Wolves
Post Date: 2016-02-28 10:40:25 by cranky
The “Pause” in global warming is real – not an urban myth concocted by evil ‘deniers’ – a study has found, signalling the development of a major schism within the climate alarmist camp.“It has been claimed that the early-2000s global warming slowdown or hiatus, characterized by a reduced rate of global surface warming, has been overstated, lacks sound scientific basis, or is unsupported by observations. The evidence presented here contradicts these claims,” the paper in Nature Climate Change says.Though the paper’s findings are not controversial – few serious scientists dispute the evidence of the temperature datasets showing that there has ...

Exoplanet Census Suggests Earth Is Special after All
Post Date: 2016-02-20 08:53:16 by cranky
A new tally proposes that roughly 700 quintillion terrestrial exoplanets are likely to exist across the observable universe—most vastly different from Earth More than 400 years ago Renaissance scientist Nicolaus Copernicus reduced us to near nothingness by showing that our planet is not the center of the solar system. With every subsequent scientific revolution, most other privileged positions in the universe humans might have held dear have been further degraded, revealing the cold truth that our species is the smallest of specks on a speck of a planet, cosmologically speaking. A new calculation of exoplanets suggests that Earth is just one out of a likely 700 million trillion ...

Genetically modified blood turned into 'living drug' in stunning new therapy that hunts down and destroys diseased cells and prevents them from returning - possibly FOREVER
Post Date: 2016-02-16 08:29:08 by cranky
Layla Richards became one of the first to be given the landmark treatmentShe was given genetically engineering cells which killed off her leukemia Studies reveal the treatment could last for at least 14 years in the body It raises the prospect of a permanent cancer cure being widely availableA revolutionary treatment that could stop cancer from ever coming back is close to becoming widely available, scientists said yesterday.Dubbed a ‘living drug’, it will act in a similar way to a vaccine, by being constantly alert for the disease returning.T-cell immunotherapy hit headlines last year when British baby Layla Richards became one of the first people in the world to be given the ...

Scientists take a step closer to ETERNAL LIFE as they PRESERVE and REVIVE brain
Post Date: 2016-02-12 22:52:48 by cranky
FOR the first time, scientists have successfully managed to cryogenically freeze a brain and then revive it. Scientists have successfully cryogenicaly frozen a brainIn a step towards eternal life, researchers from 21st Century Medicine (21CM) managed to freeze the brain of a rabbit using a technique known as Aldehyde-stabilized cryopreservation (ASC). The team, led by recent Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate Robert McIntyre, wrote in a press release: "Using a combination of ultrafast chemical fixation and cryogenic storage, it is the first demonstration that near perfect, long-term structural preservation of an intact mammalian brain is achievable.”Scientists ...

Physicists detect gravitational wave forseen by Einstein
Post Date: 2016-02-12 19:24:52 by sneakypete
A team of physicists who can now count themselves as astronomers announced Thursday that they had heard and recorded the sound of two black holes colliding 1 billion light-years away, a fleeting chirp that fulfilled the last prophecy of Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity. That faint rising tone, physicists say, is the first direct evidence of gravitational waves, the ripples in the fabric of space-time that Einstein predicted a century ago. And it is a ringing (pun intended) confirmation of the nature of black holes, the bottomless gravitational pits from which not even light can escape, which were the most foreboding (and unwelcome) part of his theory. More generally, it ...

Archaeologists Discover Remains of Egyptian Army From the Biblical Exodus in Red Sea
Post Date: 2016-02-12 19:08:21 by sneakypete
Egypt’s Antiquities Ministry announced this morning that a team of underwater archaeologists had discovered that remains of a large Egyptian army from the 14th century BC, at the bottom of the Gulf of Suez, 1.5 kilometers offshore from the modern city of Ras Gharib. The team was searching for the remains of ancient ships and artifacts related to Stone Age and Bronze Age trade in the Red Sea area, when they stumbled upon a gigantic mass of human bones darkened by age. The scientists lead by Professor Abdel Muhammad Gader and associated with Cairo University’s Faculty of Archaeology, have already recovered a total of more than 400 different skeletons, as well as hundreds of weapons ...

Are scientists to blame for Zika virus? Researchers released genetically modified mosquitos into Brazil three years ago
Post Date: 2016-01-31 18:51:58 by cranky
Didcot-based firm Oxitec genetically modified mosquitoes in 2012 They were released into Brazil to target disease-carrying insectsIt has led to claims the modified bugs could have sparked Zika outbreakBut Oxitec denies this and has been asked to expand its work in Brazil Concerns have been raised scientists could be to blame for the Zika virus outbreak after genetically modified insects were released into Brazil three years ago. Didcot-based biotechnology company Oxitec worked on the same type of mosquito that carries the virus in 2012, engineering them to have offspring that die out before they can breed, reducing the population of disease-carrying bugs.Some scientists questioned the ...

Earth is actually two planets, scientists conclude
Post Date: 2016-01-29 19:04:50 by cranky
The early Earth was mixed with a baby planet called Theia following a head on collision 4.5 billion years ago, scientists have found Today's Earth is made up of early Earth and the embryonic planet Theia Earth is actually made up from two planets which came together in a head-on collision that was so violent it formed the Moon, scientists have concluded. Initially it was believed that the Moon was created when a smaller planet called Theia grazed the Earth and broke up, sending a smaller chunk into space where it was caught in Earth’s gravity. But if that was the case the Moon would have a different chemical composition to the Earth, because it would be made up, predominantly, ...

Zebra cousin went extinct 100 years ago. Now, it's back
Post Date: 2016-01-27 12:16:47 by cranky
Never heard of the quagga? You're not alone. The animal, a relative of the zebra, went extinct over 100 years ago. Now, a group of scientists outside of Cape Town are bringing it back. Like zebras, the quagga has stripes, though these only appear on the front half of their bodies. Unlike the zebra, they are brown along the rear half of their body. These animals used to roam South Africa in vast herds, but European settlers fixed the beasts in their sights, killing them at an alarming rate. By the 1880s, the last known example had died. Now, however, scientists have bred an animal that looks strikingly similar with the help of DNA and selective breeding. Reverse engineering A group ...

Maglev: Floating Bonsai Trees Are Now A Reality
Post Date: 2016-01-25 17:52:56 by Willie Green
Air Bonsai | Create your "little star" by Hoshinchu Air Bonsai Garden The creators want to raise $80,000 USD to support their creation, which will be offered for $200 USD (basic set). You can help them out by donating here: Air Bonsai | Create your "little star"Poster Comment:My cat would love this thing... LOL!

Have scientists found a CURE for Type 1 diabetes? Experts halt the disease by implanting cells that help produce insulin
Post Date: 2016-01-25 11:45:07 by cranky
Experts transplanted cells into mice that began producing insulinThey also stopped cells being rejected by the body's own immune systemThe results mean a cure for Type 1 diabetes could be one step closerScientists are now working to replicate results in people with the conditionA cure for Type 1 diabetes is a step closer after scientists managed to halt the condition for at least six months thanks to insulin-producing cells.Experts from US hospitals and institutions including Harvard University managed to transplant cells into mice, which immediately began producing insulin.The team was also able to show they could prevent the cells being rendered useless by the body's own immune ...

IVF: First genetically-modified human embryos 'could be created in Britain within weeks'
Post Date: 2016-01-13 15:52:13 by cranky
The research involves editing of the genes of day-old IVF embryosThe first genetically-modified human embryos could be created in Britain within weeks according to the scientists who are about to learn whether their research proposal has been approved by the fertility watchdog. Although it will be illegal to allow the embryos to live beyond 14 days, and be implanted into the womb, the researchers accepted that the research could one day lead to the birth of the first GM babies should the existing ban be lifted for medical reasons. A licence application to edit the genes of “spare” IVF embryos for research purposes only is to be discussed on 14 January by the Human Fertilisation ...

Sonic youth: vaginal speaker lets you play tunes to foetuses
Post Date: 2016-01-05 14:19:11 by Willie Green
Does anybody else remember when a Donny Osmond poster was found up a woman’s vagina? Because I do. I’ve never forgotten it, and I never will. Now, there’s another means of smuggling Osmond into one’s insides – a vaginal speaker. Spanish company Babypod has invented a speaker that is designed to be inserted into the vagina, stimulating foetal development. “Babies learn to speak in response to sound stimuli, especially melodic sound. Babypod is a device that stimulates before birth through music. With Babypod, babies learn to vocalise from the womb,” reads the blurb on the company’s website. There has been plenty of research on the effect of sound on ...

Periodic table's seventh row filled; four elements added
Post Date: 2016-01-04 13:53:31 by nativist nationalist
Chemistry textbooks as we know it are officially out of date, as four new elements will soon be added to the periodic table. Elements 113, 115, 117 and 118 have formally been recognized by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry. USA TODAY Time to update all those science textbooks across the globe. Scientists in Japan, Russia and America discovered four new elements that have been added to the periodic table, completing its seventh row, according to the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC). The discoverers are invited to suggest permanent names and symbols for the new elements, according to an IUPAC statement on Dec. 30. The Joint Institute for ...

New photos of SpaceX booster show sooty, but undamaged rocket
Post Date: 2016-01-04 12:56:59 by Tooconservative
The Falcon 9 rocket not only survived, it now appears increasingly clear it did so in good shape. On Sunday SpaceX released a new photo of the first stage of its Falcon 9 rocket that it successfully landed two weeks ago. Aside from soot, produced by the rocket's engines, the Falcon 9 booster appears to be structurally intact. That was the assessment of SpaceX founder Elon Musk, who tweeted, "No damage found, ready to fire again," on New Year's Eve. Musk has said the flown booster will undergo "static fire" testing on the launch pad, in which the rocket is restrained while its engines are fired. After testing the rocket is expected to become a valued artifact, ...

TIME Magazine Screws the Pooch on North Pole Temperature
Post Date: 2015-12-31 09:33:53 by Tooconservative
Alexandra Sifferlin at TIME Magazine says the temperature at the North Pole is over 50 degrees higher than average. Global Warming!!!!!1!!1!North Pole Unfrozen as Temperature Soars Stormy weather in the North Atlantic has brought balmy weather to the world’s northernmost point. The temperature in the North Pole hit 42 degrees Fahrenheit on Wednesday morning, which Discovery News says is 50 degrees higher than average for this time of year. Storms over Iceland and Greenland, fairly common in winter, are pushing warmer air to the Arctic. Fifty degrees higher than average certainly seems noteworthy. Except, where it says 42 degrees Fahrenheit in the above passage . . . where does that ...

Scientists Create the Superman of Metals
Post Date: 2015-12-29 17:52:56 by Stoner
A group of scientists say they have created the Superman of metals, a material so strong and lightweight it could lead to the creation of faster vehicles and revolutionize the airline and automotive industries. Engineers at the University of California, Los Angeles, used a combination of ceramic silicon carbide nanoparticles and magnesium. The new metal boasts a stiffness-to-weight ratio that far surpasses other strong metals that engineers have reliably used for generations. The metal is also capable of absorbing and withstanding high heat without having its integrity altered. Nanoparticles are a tiny speck of any material, just 1 to 100 nanometer in size, or a billionth of a ...

The Boxing Day miracle of the cloned puppy
Post Date: 2015-12-26 16:49:52 by cranky
British couple witness birth of the first of two new puppies in South Korea as result of their dead pet being cloned in groundbreaking procedure It was a miracle of science which put a smile back onto the faces of Laura Jacques and her partner Richard Remde. Six months ago the couple were left devastated when their beloved boxer dog Dylan died of a heart attack at the age of eight, after being diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour. One of the cloned puppiesBut yesterday they received the first of two new puppies as a result of their dead pet being cloned in a groundbreaking procedure. Ms Jacques, 29, and Mr Remde, 43, from Skipton, North Yorkshire, became the first British couple ...

The Most Comprehensive Assault On 'Global Warming' Ever
Post Date: 2015-12-24 20:05:17 by Tooconservative
It made sense.  Knowing that CO2 is a greenhouse gas and that our industrialized world is adding a large amount of it to the atmosphere on a yearly basis, I accepted the premise that this would cause global temperatures to rise.  But one day about 7 years ago, I looked at the ubiquitous graph showing the “global” temperature of the last 150 years and noticed something odd.  It was subtle, and as I found out later, disguised so that it would be overlooked.  There appeared to be a period of about 40 years between 1940 and 1980 where the global temperatures actually declined a bit.  As a data analysis expert, I could not ignore that subtle hint and began to ...

SpaceX launches Falcon 9 rocket, lands booster back on land
Post Date: 2015-12-22 09:58:19 by Stoner
SpaceX successfully launched their Falcon 9 rocket carrying 11 satellites to low-Earth orbit. This mission also marked SpaceX's first successful landing of the first stage booster. VPC 635863299837790943-Screen-Shot-2015-12-21-at-9.26.13-PM.png (Photo: SpaceX) 5032 CONNECTTWEET 78 LINKEDIN 60 COMMENTEMAILMORE CAPE CANAVERAL — “The Falcon has landed.” It may not top the Eagle’s 1969 moon landing, but SpaceX’s confirmation Monday night that it successfully landed a Falcon 9 rocket booster at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station could be remembered as a historic turning point in rocketry. USA TODAY Budget deal fully funds NASA's Commercial Crew Program It ...

NOAA Relies On ‘Compromised’ Thermometers That Inflate US Warming Trend
Post Date: 2015-12-18 08:37:49 by Tooconservative
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s reliance on poorly-sited weather stations to calculate surface temperatures is inflating the warming trend of the U.S. and maybe even the rest of the world, according to a landmark study looking at three decades of data. “The majority of weather stations used by NOAA to detect climate change temperature signal have been compromised by encroachment of artificial surfaces like concrete, asphalt, and heat sources like air conditioner exhausts,” Anthony Watts, a seasoned meteorologist and lead author of the study, said in a statement Thursday. These “compromised” weather stations run hotter than stations that are ...

Behold, the catalog of cellphone spying gear the feds don’t want you to see
Post Date: 2015-12-17 19:24:47 by Tooconservative
The Intercept A secret catalog of cellphone spying gear has been leaked to The Intercept, reportedly by a person inside the intelligence community who is concerned about the growing militarization of domestic law enforcement. Among the 53 items are the now-familiar Stingray I/II surveillance boxes. They're billed as the "dragnet surveillance workhorse [that] has been deployed for years by numerous local law enforcement agencies across the United States." It has a range of 200 meters and sells for $134,000. A chief selling point is the "ready-made non-disclosure agreements from the FBI and Harris Corp. [that] will provide a pretext for concealing these features from ...

Google: We have proof that our quantum computer really works
Post Date: 2015-12-09 17:47:39 by cranky
Google announced a breakthrough in the field of quantum computing Wednesday. The company thinks it's found a quantum algorithm that solves problems 100 million times faster than conventional processes. If confirmed, this discovery could not only lead to iRobot-style artificial intelligence but also advance the US space program by light years. Back in 2013, Google and NASA went halvsies on a D-Wave X2 computing system. The D-Wave is supposedly the world's first functional quantum computer, though experts both within and without the company have never been able to conclusively prove that the machine actually taps into the quantum realm to produce its calculations. That is, until ...

Impression of King Hezekiah's royal seal discovered in excavations in Jerusalem
Post Date: 2015-12-03 13:25:24 by redleghunter
First seal impression of an Israelite or Judean king ever exposed in situ in a scientific archaeological excavation Date:December 2, 2015 Source:The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Summary:Excavations by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem at near the southern wall of the Temple Mount have unearthed an impression of the royal seal of King Hezekiah (727-698 BCE). This is the first seal impression of an Israelite or Judean king to come to light in a scientific archaeological excavation. It brings to life the Biblical narratives about Hezekiah and activity in Jerusalem's Royal Quarter in the First Temple Period. The Ophel excavations at the foot of the southern wall of the Temple Mount, ...

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