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I am really ugly

Its a fact of my life that I am not readily willing to share with many except my immediate family. The picture I portray here on AKA Stone's website is from one of my friends in Norway. Its a caricature of my ugly self shared among friends everywhere on the planet.

I was asked to reveal my personal physical disfiguring from the Vietnam War. I fear, some folks just want to ensure further humiliation of myself because of the ideas that I argue for individual rights, liberties and freedoms; while using my military background against me. I am not begged, borrowed or stolen anywhere upon the planet from anyone. I guess you could say I am mutilated by the US government, just as you are.

I love our country here in America while despising the nation that has raped all of us.

And I pray for us all as the globalists rape us from Washington DC with the design of making us "perfect citizens" fighting for silly wars around the planet making us slaves far beyond mere disfiguring of appearance.

You can not be uglier than me. I fought for nothing more than a hollow concept from Washington DC, controlled by political zealots and bureaucrats that only care about themselves. They shouted "freedom" for America while stealing the essence of our freedoms here at home.

- Buckeroo

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