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Pinguinite: Frequently Asked Questions
Pinguinite v. 1.02.00

How do I sign in?

The first time you attempt to post an article or comment or access some privileged function, the site will check to see if you have signed in. If you have not, you'll be directed to a "sign in" screen where you may enter your screen name and password. After you sign in, you'll have privileged access. How do I register to post? To register, visit the Register page and enter the requested information. All fields must be completed. After you do so, the system will send you an email with your confirmation code. If you've entered your email address correctly, you should receive the email within a few minutes.

The email will contain a special web address for you to visit. Once you do so your account will either be confirmed immediately or, if the site requires Administrative approval of accounts, your request will be forwarded on to the site moderators for final approval.

I registered a screen name but didn't get any confirmation email. Why not? The confirmation email is sent immediately, and usually received immediately, but there could be delays related to occasional internet problems having nothing to do with the website. If you believe you have entered the address incorrectly or that there is some other problem, you may either notify the site moderator or owner to inquire, wait for the account you registered to expire (96 hours) at which time you may reregister with the correct address. You may also register with a different screen name immediately without waiting. Remember, if you did not enter your address in correctly, we have no way of contacting you. I forgot my Password. Can you tell me what it is? Your password is encrypted in a way that we can't tell what it is, but if you do forget your password, contact us and we can reset your password to something different, after which you may log in and change your password to something only you know. I'm entering my Screen Name and Password but it's telling me it's not right. What do I do? You're probably entering one of those incorrectly, but we're happy to assist. Just contact us and let us know the problem and and we'll square you away.

Every time I sign in I'm told everything is fine, but when I click "continue", I'm asked to sign in again. What's wrong?

This means you are signing in properly, but that your web browser is not accepting or returning "cookies" as it should. Make sure your browser is set to accept cookies from this site. Some users experiencing this problem have had it resolved after rebooting their computer. This problem could also occur if your computer's clock is set to a date in the future and setting it to the correct date fixes the problem. Contact us if you're unable to find a solution. How do I check to see if anyone has replied to one of my posts? Just visit the "Latest Comments" page and enter your screen name (or just a unique part of it) into the "To" field and click the "Go" button. You'll receive a listing of only those posts that are directed to you, with the most recent post displayed first. You can also click the "Check Pings" link that may be displayed on various pages throughout the site.

If you see messages posted to other screen names in the listing, it's probably because your screen name is similar in part to other registered screen names. If that happens, enter your entire screen name in the "To" field, check the "Exact Match" box and search again. That will give you a more exact search.

In the "Setup" page there is a "Bozo Filter". What is that for? As you post more and more, you may encounter personalities from which do not wish to hear. If so, you may enter those screen names into the Bozo Filter. After you do, you will no longer see their comments on the threads or on the Latest Comments page even if they ping you (address a post to you). You also won't see articles posted by them.

Persons you place in your "Bozo" list will not know you have done this unless you tell them.

In the "Setup" page there is also a Category Filter. What do I do with that? The category filter is there to allow you to only see those articles and comments in topics that you are most interested in. If you decide to use the category filter, you will still see any comments from those categories in which you are pinged when you do a ping search. On the Latest Comments page, I see "Subscription Pings"? What are they? Subscription pings are an easy way for members who are interested in a specific topic to be pinged whenever an article or comment of related interest is posted. The person who owns the Subscription Ping List can simply ping the name of the List, and then all those subscribed to that particular List will see the post when they check pings just as if they were pinged by their screen name.

You can choose to subscribe outright to any existing Ping list or you can see a listing of only those subscriptions to that list by using the drop down menu on the Latest Comments Page.

How can I create a Subscription Ping list? Visit the Setup link and then click the "Subscription Pings" button. There you can both create and manage your own Subscription Pings Lists, add co-owners. A co-owner is someone you authorize to activate the ping list. You may also add members (responsible use is strongly encouraged -- do not add persons against their will).

On that page you can also modify your own subscription to other Subscription Ping Lists created by others.

Be advised that Ping List Creation may be restricted from certain persons by site moderators, so use responsibly.

I've set up some content filtering in my setup page and it works, but when I leave and come back, the filters don't work anymore. What's wrong? You need to signed in before the filters can activate. If you are not signed in, the web server won't know who you are or which filter belongs to you. For best results set your bookmark to go directly to the "Sign-in" page so you can sign in before you do anything else. Do I have to enable "cookies" on my browser? A pair of cookies will be set only if you sign in (necessary only to post articles or comments or access any priviledged function) and that cookie will expire when you close your web browser, or after one week, depending on whether you opted to allow your browser to remember your ID and password for longer than one session (see the "setup" page to activate).

But yes, cookies are required to access any privileged function.

Where can I learn more about Pinguinite?

All the application software for Pinguinite was completely designed and written by Neil McIver. The language used is Perl, utilizing CGI scripts. The database is Mysql, and the operating system is Linux. Various forum hosting plans are available for a reasonable fee. Visit Pinguinite.com for more information. Thank you!

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