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Feds to audit CA high-speed rail project as funding flounders

Trump Triples Down In Amazon Feud: "Deal With Post Office Will Be Changed"

Gymnast Aly Raisman: The doctor for the U.S. national team sexually abused me [hundreds of others too]

Anthony Weiner Sentenced to 21 Months in Prison

James Jaeger: New Documentary “Mainstream” on The Globalist Agenda in Movies

Man Destroys God

What’s Really Happening With Saudi Arabia and Qatar Will Not Be Televised

Teacher sentenced for sexual assault of Palo Alto student, 15

Teacher put on leave after reports a student’s mouth was taped shut

Female Science Teacher, 26, Arrested For ‘Showing Her Genitals’ to a 13 Year Old Boy

International News

Rocket Man no more: North Korea suspending nuclear and ICBM testing

Meanwhile in Sweden: Shootings And Grenade Attacks Are So Common, the Media Doesn’t Bother to Report Them Anymore (VIDEO)

Interview With Boy In ‘Chemical Attack’ Video: ‘We Didn’t See Any Chemical Attack Symptoms’

This Is The Problem: Out of Top 100 News Outlets, Not a Single One Questioned Syrian Attack

Child ‘Victim’ of Alleged Syrian Gas Attack Speaks Out, Says He Was Given Food to Make the Video

US Intel Officials Just Admitted U.S. Bombed Syria with No Proof of Sarin Attack

Bruno Sammartino dies at age 82

Syria, chemicals weapons and missile strikes: FAKE NEWS theater at its finest… you are being subjected to an elaborate psyop

Wag the Dog: The Syrian Airstrike Charade

Thousands Of US Troops Amass On Syrian Border For Military ‘Drill’

United States News

Comey, the memos and the question of what’s classified

The 10 Highest BACs Ever Recorded (You are supposed to be dead at 0.4)

Woman fined $500 for saving free Delta Air Lines apple

Michigan town’s feud over military gear gets ugly

Entire County Refuses to Obey New Gun Control Law, Declares Itself Gun Owner Sanctuary

Body Cam Shows Cops Never Got Out of Car to Look for Trapped Boy as He Died Right By Them

Penn State's 98-Year-Old Outing Club Is No Longer Allowed to Go Outside

Hundreds of Muslims from Bangladesh breaching US border at Laredo, Texas

Mitt Romney fails to secure Utah GOP nomination, will face primary

Brooklyn postal worker arrested after 17,000 pieces of undelivered mail found

The Establishments war on Donald Trump


'A Man Without Courage': Dershowitz Slams Comey for Leaking Trump Memos

Why I Won't Read James Comey's Book

Giuliani Looks To Swiftly End Mueller's Investigation

Trump Is a Grotesque Echo of Bill Clinton

James Comey: It ‘Wasn’t Necessary’ to Inform Trump that DNC, Hillary Campaign Financed Dossier

Trump's Hometown Newspaper Just Burned Him With A Savage Nickname

Mitch McConnell introduces Hemp Farming Act of 2018

Trump calls FBI raid of lawyer’s office a ‘disgrace’

The Russia Investigation Is Costing Mike Flynn His Home

Video and Audio

Black men's arrest at Philadelphia Starbucks prompts city probes amid national outcry

The Fall,British police drama on Netflix

Why is Twitter getting away with shadowbanning Ted Cruz?

Diamond and Silk FURIOUS After Facebook Reveals Why Their Content Has Been Censored

Trump supporter attacked by 2 women at DC restaurant, police say

Hide the sausage in the bush...


Cops Caught Competing In Race To Run Over Raccoon

Cop Pulls Man Over, Tickets Him for Illegal Tint—But His Windows Have NO TINT

Couple sells everything for sailboat. It sinks on day 2


State Department Press Briefing - April 17, 2018

American Airlines warns pilots some Asia flights could be rerouted amid tensions with Russia

Russia UN envoy 'cannot exclude' war between Russia, US

Jim Mattis Updates President Trump's Plan On Syria At House Committee Hearing

State Department: US 'has its own mechanisms' to investigate Bashar Assad

Trump Positions War Ships Against Syria

Sergei Skripal's cat and guinea pigs are dead

Top US General Says American Troops Should be Prepared to Die—for ISRAEL

War With Russia? Is This Really What They Want?

Ex-CIA Boss Brennan Rattled About National Security After Trump’s Alec Baldwin Tweet

U.S. Constitution

It’s Time For The United States To Divorce Before Things Get Dangerous

Repealing the Second Amendment Is Easier than You Think

Treason and Sedition Alert: Repeal the Second Amendment

Suozzi Suggests Using the ‘Second Amendment’ on Trump

President Trump and the Freedom of Speech

Trump pushing gun reform proposals that include age limit increase on purchases


misterwhite outs himself again, claims States can infringe...

Supreme Court curbs rights of immigrants awaiting deportation

Idaho Passes Strongest Anti-NDAA Bill in America Out of Committee

The Left's War On Christians

LGBT Activists Vow to Shut Down Christian Ministry, 'Your Faith be Damned'

Air Force colonel’s career restored after same-sex marriage discrimination incident

House Vote on FOSTA is a Win for Censorship (LF shutdown by GOP Leadership?)

Ohio governor John Kasich: US witnessing 'the end of a two-party system' (+Hickenlooper 2020)

The Trump Presidency: A Repeat Of G.W. Bush?

Republicans repeal the Tea Party

*Tony Dungy [NBC Analyst, Former Colts Coach] Attacked by anti-Christian Mob on Twitter for saying Super Bowl Winning QB Foles played well because he’s Christian*

Catholics are the ONLY THING blocking late term abortion ban (hold the fake christians accountable)


Catholic cathedral welcomes ‘Pink Saturday’ gay pride gathering with bishop’s blessing

New World Order

Total Control: New Measures Toward Global Totalitarianism

Donald Trump Livid After FBI Raids Personal Lawyer: ‘Attorney-Client Privilege Is Dead!’ (Brietbart posters lighting it up! FIX IN?)

The Unholy Trinity of Modern Errors: Naturalism, Rationalism and [libertarianism/free market] Liberalism

The End of the world as we know it

Did Senate Dems and George Soros Hide Their Support of Doug Jones Super PAC? Legal Complaint Filed

Soros Chalks Up Another DA Win After Dropping Nearly $1 Million In Texas Race

Pastor recruited to be government informant speaks out about FEMA plans

“Smart” homes of the future replacing role of biological PARENTS, thanks to creepy new Google patent for Big Brother system

YouTube Instructed Staff To Cancel Interviews With Applicants Who Weren't Female, Black or Hispanic,,,,

'Take The Guns First' - Trump's War On The Second Amendment

Watching The Cops

'Harrowing' body cam video shows man armed with kitchen knives attack police officer

Police officer save choking infant on roadside

Stand down? Broward captain ordered deputies to wait during Parkland massacre

Florida Highway Patrol Car Caught Racing A Lamborghini Aventador On Video

Four sheriff’s deputies hid during Florida school shooting

Edmonton police detective guilty of selling steroids to other officers

waco madman or messiah


SF police union criticizes policy, video shows car hitting officer

Florida Cop Gets Life in Prison for Paying to See Girl Raped

Bush Wars

How President Trump Normalized Neoconservatism

Former US president George HW Bush apologizes after actress claims he 'sexually assaulted' her from his WHEELCHAIR

Dubya's Daddy is a Dirty Old Man... Gropes Actress Right In Front of Barbara

[Gitmo] Detainees Complain of Not Being Force-Fed During Hunger Strikes

Trump’s Horrible, Arrogant, Dumb, Neocon UN Speech

Trump is about to outsource a war to a civilian-murdering mercenary group

Tucker Carlson Now Taking on Unrepetentent Neocons One By One

Are Syria's Chemical Weapons Iraq's Missing WMD? Obama's Director of Intelligence Thought So.

Saddam HusseinÂ’s CIA Interrogator Finally Reveals Truth About BushÂ’s Invasion of Iraq

Ban Bolton, Giuliani

Obama Wars

Another Fatal FBI Fumble in Florida (killer told police he "stabbed the victims because of his Muslim faith")

Trump’s Budget Proposal Reinstates ObamaCare Bailouts


The CIA Armed ISIS (SKYWATCH TV, 'Five in Ten' 12/18/17)

Troops, Toys & Threats: Trump Signs $700 Billion Military Funding Bill

BREAKING: Tony Podesta To Be Indicted, Inside Source Claims (Uranium One)

Obama’s name to replace Jefferson Davis on Jackson elementary school

Once promised paradise, IS fighters end up in mass graves

Bombshell Report Catches Pentagon Falsifying Paperwork For Weapons Transfers To Syrian Rebels

Kaboom! Russian Drone With Thermite Grenade Blows Up a Billion Dollars of Ukrainian Ammo


Calexit gets go-ahead to start collecting signatures

Under attack, the FBI becomes a partisan battleground

Democrats are getting desperate as Mueller stalls

The Comey Memos Read Like The Diary Entries Of A Young Teenager

The Democratic (Democrat-Communist) Party filed a lawsuit alleging a conspiracy by Russian officials, the Trump campaign and Wikileaks to damage the Clinton campaign

Woman Calls Police Over Man Wearing Pro-Gun T-Shirt At Park

Slobbering MSM/Hollywood Fete 0bama At Last WH Correspondents' Dinner (Cringe-Worthy Skit Stars Boehner & 0bama)

Sandy Hook Parents Hit Alex Jones With Defamation Lawsuits

The New Yorker Publishes Hate Piece Against Chick-fil-AÂ’s Christian Ethos

Scarborough: People Who Believe Comey Biased Against Trump Too Stupid for Kitchen Utensils

I AM A PROPHET and I prophesy

Biblical prophecy claims the Rapture is coming April 23

Bible has the answer: divide the city(s) of the sanctuary of God 3 ways

Jim Bakker Says God Will Punish You For Making Fun Of Him

2016 FLASHBACK: Ted Cruz Predicts Trump Will Cut Deals With Pelosi, Schumer

something earthshaking will occur during the eclipse.

New Star to Appear in Night Sky, Heralding Balaam’s Prophecy of Messiah

The False Intrepreter and his wrong predictions he is a fraud

Conservative Christians pan 'prosperity gospel' Trump inaugural preacher

'The Hare Psychopathy Checklist': The test that will tell you if someone is a sociopath

My prayer on 9/11

Mexican Invasion

After Police Allow Confessed Pedophile to Flee, Mom Becomes Vigilante, Hunts Down Son’s Abuser

Border Patrol actually pretty excited to see National Guard helping out

Oregon’s Liberal Dem Governor Kate Brown Accepted Large Soros Donation Three Days Before She Refused to Send National Guard to Protect US Border

“We Demand To Be Treated As Citizens” -Pueblo Sin Fronteras

Coyote Caravan Coming to Help Progressive Left Take Trump Down

Illegal Aliens Marching Through Mexico to US Border Now Receiving Legal Advice on ‘Their Asylum Rights in US’

Trump Wins: Migrant Caravan Changes Mind After Trump Announces U.S. Forces To Border

Trump: Dems 'stand in our way' on stronger border

Trump Says He Plans to Order Military to Guard Border

Report: Illegal Alien Accused of Murdering Elderly Woman ‘Possibly’ a Texas Serial Killer

Corrupt Government

Revealed: Robert Mueller's FBI Repeatedly Abused Prosecutorial Discretion

Baton Rouge Cop on Body Cam: Probable Cause? "Who gives a s***, we're writing this report."

In Racine County Wisconsin, neatly maintained homes and dream houses are being designated ‘blighted’ to make way for Foxconn

More Drug Lab Misconduct Results In Massachusetts Court Tossing Nearly 12,000 Convictions

DEA Has Taken $3.2 Billion from People Never Charged with a Crime

F.B.I. Raids Office of Trump’s Longtime Lawyer Michael Cohen

Nunes threatens legal action against FBI, DOJ for Russia records

Sick Semper Tyrannis

Austin bomber was an unemployed 20-something with no criminal record (NY POST)

Sessions may fire top FBI official Andrew McCabe before pension eligibility

Satans Mark/Cashless

Hillary Clinton visits witches’ coven in Manhattan

Vatican Refuses to Disavow Pope’s Alleged Denial of Hell

(Target: KIDS) Disney & Oprah's 'A Wrinkle In Time' Movie = In-Your-Face Celebration/Conditioning of Occultism/SJW/White Man-Hate/Witch-Female "Empowerment" and Magic

The deeper reason for drug ads on television

BlackRock turns up the pressure on gun makers (Powerhouse investment firm - Stocks)

*TOP 11 Grossing Movie of 2017 Are ALL Dark Comic Book/Fantasy/Cartoons* (My Title)

School Shooting Plot Exposed: You Won’t Believe Who Set It Up

Charlie Daniels thinks Taco Bell should stop fiddling around with the Illuminati

Congress Quietly Pushing Bill to Require National Biometric ID for ‘ALL Americans’

A Future No One is Going to Like

Poison Watch

GOP rule change could give Mitt Romney the boot (Former Utah Republican)


Hugh Hefner died yesterday

America’s shockingly violent birth

For the First Time, Lawsuit Forces US Court to Review Fluoride Toxicity, Could END Fluoridation

Video: How Russia and Syria lied about the chemical weapons attack

White House Officials Misstate the Number of Chemical Attacks by Assad

Top Missile and Chemical Weapons Expert Debunks Trump’s Claims About Syrian Chemical Weapons

Trump's Mar-a-Lago kitchen is disgusting

Animal Control claims longtime family dog is wolf hybrid, won’t return him to owners

Bang / Guns

Man makes pipe-guns from scrap, sells them to gun “buyback” program for $300

Today's GOOD NEWS: Gun rights advocates rally at state capitols across US

Americans surrendering their assault weapons

Cancel your Bank of American credit cards easily over the phone

Bank of America will no longer lend to companies that make ‘military-style’ weapons

Inside the Decade-Long Russian Campaign to Infiltrate NRA, Elect Trump

Deerfield bans assault weapons and high-capacity magazines

Does Gun Control Reduce Murder? Let’s Run The Numbers Across The World

California Considering Unprecedented Law Restricting Police Firearm Use

Ted Nugent: Parkland’s Student-Activists Are ‘Soulless’ Liars


The Best DNA Ancestry Test

It's all Eve's fault

Taxpayers Held Liable After Cops Beat Elderly Deaf Man Because He Couldn’t Hear Them

Water, Water Everywhere, But Not a Drop on Earth

Creation vs Evolution: The Bombardier Beetle Challenge

Gov’t Revokes Off-Grid Amish Community’s Religious Rights, Forces Them to Use Electricity

Yes, the FBI is America's secret police

Amazing Fossils Found in Flood Deposits


Crime Syndicate Ramps Up ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ Gaslighting Campaign

Bible Study

Strange Sounds in the Sky 2018

Strange Sounbds in the Sky 2018

Of Course Jesus Is Black: ‘That S**t Doesn’t Happen To White People’

Exorcism: Vatican course opens doors to 250 priests

"Prophecy Update: The End of Damascus"

The Divine Paranoia of Scott Pruitt

Does Google really hate Jesus?

BOOK OF ROMANS: (Brief Summary) It May Be The Most Important Chapter In The Bible

On The Greek word “pharmakia”

Exposing the Lie of Romans 13: Misinterpretation Claiming that Evil Government is Ordained by God


Airlines Know You Hate the Airport, and Are Trying to Do Something About It

Former Speaker Of U.S. House Of Representatives Lights Up A Cannabis Company

U.S. Trade Deficit with China Has Eliminated at Least 3.4M American Jobs

California threatens Weedmaps over promotion of illegal cannabis shops

Citigroup Announces Gun Control Requirements for Clients and Small Businesses

Study: Calif. Pot Industry Staying Illegal to Escape State’s High Taxes, Onerous Regulations

Trump’s Tariff Turducken

Top 10 traits of a good tester

Buffett Makes Fools of the Experts

Newsweek is unable to pay its bills, faces eviction

How To

How To Build a PC

KlingoLutherans release new song for whirled peas

Watch Va. congressional candidate make sawed off assault weapon, VIDEO

Windows 10 = Maze of Slow, Intrusive Garbage. Need Help in Un-Bloating and Speeding Up

6 Card Games Every Man Should Know

Cooking Hamburgers With Thermite

Making Charcoal the Easy Way

The universal Rebel and the psy-op to neuter him

A Wisconsin mother is facing 10 years in jail after making her nine-year-old son hold down a swimming pool on top of her minivan while she drove it

I Predict Trump Will Continue the CIA’s JFK Assassination Cover-Up

The Democrats War On Women

Kellyanne Conway to Hillary Clinton: ‘Stop Pretending You’re A Feminist’ After Losing to Trump

FemiNazi SJWs protest Doritos chips, sexist CEO

A male backlash against #MeToo is brewing

Quick, Men. To The Escape Pods

Male Feminist Comedian Aziz Ansari Accused Of Sexual Assault Photo of Ian Miles Cheong

Feminists ditch “pussy hats” because they’re offensive to trans people or something

Paul Sorvino Furious With Weinstein Over Treatment Of Daughter Mira: 'I Will Kill That Motherf***er'

Paul Ryan Sees His Wild Washington Journey Coming to An End

Mother Jones "Counselled" Activist "Reporter" and Archprogressive David Corn Three Years Ago for Making Women Uncomfortable and Inappropriate Touching

New Republic president out after misconduct accusations involving women employees

Talk Radio Watch

“He’s crapping all over us!”

Pahrump-based radio host Art Bell dies at 72

InfoWars' Alex Jones Accused Of Racism, Anti-Semitism And Sexual Harassment

The Rot Inside the Republican Party

Limbaugh alarmed by Trump's 'dictatorial' behavior towards NFL

Alex Jones, Roger Stone agree: Someone may be drugging President Trump

Laura Ingraham Gets 10 PM Slot At Fox News

Limbaugh evacuates South Florida after claiming Hurricane Irma was a liberal hoax

Advertisers Begin to Pull Ads From Fox News' 'Hannity'

O’Reilly to team up with Glenn Beck on radio


The Sequel on The Conservative Cave on 22 Apr 2018

After 33 years, I have solved the crime of the ceAntury

Want To Stop Mass Killings? Start Punishing Those Who Failed To Stop Them

The Time for a Massive Anti-War Movement is Now


What’s Missing – and Why!

Will Stephon Clark’s Killing by Police Finally Force Open California Misconduct Investigations?

20 Questions You’re Not Supposed to Ask in 2018 America

Yes, white ‘privilege’ is still the problem

On the Horrors of Masculinity and Maleness


The Empty Tomb

State-Enforced Paganism in America

Does The Celestial-Geophysical-Historical Time Clock Provide Evidence For An Easter Crucifixion & Resurrection?

Catholic bishop denies Senator Durbin communion until he repents

They called me a stupid German whore

Pastor Begley: Melania Trump Demanded Spiritual Cleansing of WH, Removal of Pagan, Demonic Idols

First-century Mark: More Information!

Pope Francis slams Fake News, Disinformation

New Libertarian Convert Asks Ron Paul Into His Heart

All Hail The Chronic: Introducing Bizarre Pot Churches


Framed for Murder By His Own DNA

Shock: Google Recording Porn Searches, Even 'Incognito' History Easily Obtainable

Conservative Comedian Owen Benjamin Banned From Twitter & YouTube: “my ability to make an income has been revoked. “

Report: Facebook And ‘Top-Secret’ Doctor Were Working With Hospitals To Collect Patient Information

China's space lab to crash soon

Self-Driving Uber Car Kills Arizona Pedestrian

what is the best way to dump FB and youtube

Stephen Hawking has died. The famed physicist was 76.

Six cloned horses help rider win prestigious polo match

What the SpaceX Success Means for the Moon, Mars, and More

Weird Stuff/Unexplained

If you like eating dogs, prepare for a ban

No One Can Explain The Mysterious UFO Sighting By Two Different Pilots

Footage of mysterious object above ocean stuns military personnel

Trump flip flops on Tariff, exempts Mexico & Canada

Army vet with AR-15 stands guard outside high school

Shooting at N.S.A. Headquarters Leaves Several Injured

Cops: Jets' Robby Anderson Threatened To Fuck Officer's Wife, "Nut In Her Eye" After Arrest

Doctors, Laundry Detergent Makers Beg Americans To Stop Eating Laundry Pods

New York Acid Attack Victim Lied To Police, Burned Herself, NYPD Says

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton Retain Most Admired Titles

Primative Weapons

America’s Longest-Serving Bomber Sets New Record For Most Smart Bombs Dropped On An Enemy

Scientific Study Shows Decades-Old Police Training ‘Responsible for Thousands of Unnecessary Deaths’ (21 Foot Rule)

Man gets harpooned on fishing trip

Girl suspended from school for cutting peach with child butter knife

Survival Skills

CHAPPAQUIDDICK Official Trailer (2018) Kennedy Biography Movie

War Toy TV Ads from 50s and 60s (Toxic Masculinity Alert!)

SCOTTeVEST CEO, who markets jackets to preppers, Says customers are 'Gullible'and 'Fucking Idiots'

The man whose biblical doomsday claim has some nervously eyeing Sept. 23

Bookmark This: Over 400 Links Google DoesnÂ’t Want You To Visit

Forbes Says Self-Reliant Homesteaders Are “Delusional” and “Mooching” Off “Civil Society”

This Story About A Vegetarian Woman's Death Match With A Rabid Raccoon Is Everything

Man spots his stolen car being driven through New Jersey then cuts the driver off before viciously beating him in the street

Your Handy Guide to Camping in Forbidden Places

Fox captured barehanded


"White Privilege" is a Racist Concept, and Trying to Teach It is a Racist Act

'America's Never Been Great': Student Records Teacher Saying Trump 'MAGA' Slogan Trying to Bring Back Segregation

Stop Indoctrinating our Children

Pa. school district arms teachers, students with buckets of rocks in case of shooting

High School Teacher Suspended For Pro-Gun Comments On Parkland Shooting

Why Combat Vets Love Jordan Peterson The need for benevolent monsters.---

The 10 Worst Colleges For Free Speech: 2018

The Top 10 Most Disturbing Statistics From Mark Steyn’s “After America: Get Ready for Armageddon”

Delaware students can now choose their own race. This should end well

Teenage Dystopia: The Cycle of Oppression and Resistance


Ratings for NBC's Olympics Continue to Stink on Ice

Here come the Russians in Olympic figure skating and controversy is right behind

Comedy Skit Features Fans Who Want MORE Politics In Their Sports

Super Bowl LII had fewest viewers since 2009, down 7 percent from last year

Why Tom BradyÂ’s New England Patriots Are the Most Tainted Sports Dynasty Ever

Madden NFL 18 predicts Super Bowl 52

Meek Mill to watch Super Bowl from prison

Here’s Why You Probably Won’t See Any Anthem Protests At The Super Bowl

NFL Ratings Plunge Again For Divisional Playoff Round

Ratings Down for All Four NFL Playoff Games, Chiefs-Titans Least Watched in 5 Years


You won’t believe what tax reform will cost wealthy Californians in 2019

The Richest 1% Will Own Two-Thirds Of Global Wealth By 2030, Report Finds

The Omnibus Spending Bill Is a Fiscal Embarrassment

Is The U.S. Economy Really Growing? (No)

Paul Ryan Will Hate This=> US Aluminum Manufacturer Announces 300 New Jobs in Kentucky Following Trump’s Tariff Announcement

Against Trump's Tariffs

Here’s why the Dow took the Trump tariffs so hard

Deutsche Bank: This Does Not Make Sense

KEENAN: Rand Paul Is Wrong About The Deficit

The discreet terror of the American bourgeoisie


Dad, Why Do I Have To Go To School?

A Pelosi joke

Most of our generation of 60+ were HOME SCHOOLED in many ways .

Undercover police posing as drug buyers arrested by undercover police posing as drug dealer

'Embarrassed' mom goes viral for accidentally sending son to school in lewd McDonald's parody shirt

Truth About Taxes

Neighborhood Stasi

What is wrong with this picture?


Hogg Hitler! The little dictator in the making

Cult Watch

Texas, California, and the Tale of the Coyote

Woman arrested after seen in Facebook video giving marijuana to 1-year-old

Libertarian Think Tank Let Boss Sexually Harass Workers

Fake news sharing in US is a rightwing thing

Dumbed-Down Security Briefings Still Too Difficult for Trump to Read

Bitcoin could fall below $5,000 if this report on a mysterious cryptotoken is right

Meet the Man Who Started the Illuminati

"This Is Serious": Facebook Begins Its Downward Spiral

Documentary on the alt-right sheds light on the movement's roots

For A K A Stone and rlk


Google Fuchsia is not Linux: So, what is it and who will use it?

It's not just Facebook. Thousands of companies are spying on you

Mozilla launches Facebook Container add-on to isolate your web browsing activity from Facebook

Facebook accused of massive fraud in new lawsuit filed by Cook County

There's No Such Thing As Free Data

What lies beneath: The things Facebook knows go beyond user data

Linux Mint ditches AMD for Intel with new Mintbox Mini 2

Microsoft tries out new must-use-Edge ploy in Windows 10 preview

How To Make a WordPress Website - 2018 - In 24 Easy Steps

Innovative Engineer Sentenced to Prison for Recycling Old Computers Instead of Trashing Them


Uranus Smells Like Rotten Eggs

How Much Do You Poop in Your Lifetime?

Happy 20th Birthday to Viagra, the Accidental Boner Pill That Changed America

8 Vitamins and Supplements That Help Brain Function and Mental Focus (brain-boosting "Nootropics" are the PROVEN rage)

FDA Deaths

What you need to know about ANTI-AGING... HGH and DEER ANTLER VELVET

Autism over the years

Raw milk is trending for some reason—so are nasty, drug-resistant infections

President Trump Said in 2015 that He Never Had Flu Shots and Never Had the Flu. Meanwhile Everyone Else Being Pressured to Get These Shots

Woman nurses kids through the flu, then is diagnosed herself, only to die 3 days later – all of them were vaccinated

politics and politicians

Jeff Sessions and His Enemies

"Coffee Coffee Coffee!!? (R)emember when...

New social network Gab.ai preaches freedom of expression for internet users [pro-Trump]

Rand Paul, king of Senate drama, is at it again

Wisconsin GOP Senator Scott Fitzgerald Protects Perverts

Arizona's Flake, in New Hampshire, mulls 2020 challenge to Trump

Rick Saccone’s Pennsylvania blunder was very expensive for Republicans

Nick Freitas: The Most Interesting Liberty Republican You've Never Heard Of

Trump, Slayer of Pushers

Trump the 'Big Second Amendment Person' Becomes 'Trump the Gun Grabber'

Alternative Energies

US sells oil to the Middle East as surging domestic production puts America on pace to rival Russia and Saudi as world's top energy producer

Tesla To Construct Virtual Solar Power Plant Using 50,000 Homes In South Australia

Putin's Master Plan to Install a Pawn In the White House Who Would Greatly Amp Up Energy Production and Thereby Decimate the Russian Oil-Based Economy Is Nearly Complete

What’s bigger than the Trump-Putin meet? This is [LNG sales to Europe]

Fill 'Er Up. And Head for the Beach.

Solar Panels Generate 300 Times More Toxic Waste Than Nuclear Reactors

Tesla car battery production releases as much CO2 as 8 years of gasoline driving

Startup says it can make compressed-air energy-storage scheme dirt cheap


The Water Cooler

Christian Peace

Is Whitey dead?

Woman ripped man's testicle out with her teeth

How the CIA 'found' Hitler alive in Colombia in 1954: Agency was told about man with a VERY familiar face who lived in an ex-SS community where he was called The Fuhrer and given Nazi salutes, declassified files show

Feelbad story of the day: Victims of Vegas massacre being harassed, threatened by conspiracy theorists

83-Year-Old Grandpa Saves the Day By Pushing Suspect Off Roof

Meanwhile in Spain, Antifa scum vs Spanish Police

John Deere 3033R or TYM 394 tractor/loader?

Southern Poverty Law Center Transfers Millions in Cash to Offshore Entities

AirDropping penis pics is the latest horrifying subway trend


Civic Anarchism and Statism: I Believe in the State

14 Years Ago, Pat Tillman Was Killed and Gov’t Covered Up the Truth to His Death to Sell War

Bitter lessons 25 years after Waco, Texas, siege

On This Day in 1914, US Military Slaughtered Kids in Colorado and JD Rockefeller Had Media Cover It Up

The Oklahoma City Bombing - Were there additional explosive charges and additional bombers?

23 Years Later: The Oklahoma City Bombing Story You Were Never Told About

Flashback: Vice President Joe Biden: No improper motive by feds at Waco, the Davidians “committed suicide”

About the Pocket Watch

What Did Ancient Romans Do Without Toilet Paper?

Bush Angle to Reagan Shooting Still Unresolved as Hinckley Walks

Anti Jew Propaganda

Swedish woman who made online jokes about Islam could be jailed for 2 years

200 Years Together (Now in English!)

BBC deletes tweet about three Palestinians killed after deadly stabbing; Now guess who did the stabbing

Palestinian leader invited to White House in Trump call

14 Facts You May Not Know About Johnny Carson

Alan Dershowitz: Why I Will Leave Democratic Party If Keith Ellison Is Elected DNC Chairman


Navy Seal Says He Killed Bin Laden — and the Photos of His Dead Body Are Fake

Cops Respond to Fake 911 Call & Kill Innocent Grandpa In His Own Home

Tokyo-bound flight diverted back to LAX after 'unauthorized person' discovered on plane (Boarding Pass Scanners Fake)

Studies Show Wtc Building 1,2 & 7 Could Not Have Fallen – Why Does The U.S. Government Still Lie About 9/11?

Former Pentagon staffer: absence of engines, tail, wings show no 757 crashed at the Pentagon on 9/11

How to Understand JFK Conspiracy Theories

Seeing Is Not Believing: Steel and Concrete Became Mid-Air Dust on 9/11

Ron Paul: Police State Was Planned, 9/11 Just ‘Provided An Opportunity’ to Implement It

Where Was Osama bin Laden on September 10, 2001? One Day Before 9/11 He Was in a Pakistani Military Hospital…

Brother of 9/11 victim claim the US orchestrated the atrocity as new study shows it was impossible that the third tower collapsed from fire

911 Audio and video

WTC7 — This is an Orange

911- Flight 175 Was Not A Commercial Aircraft

John Kerry Admits: “WTC 7 on 9/11 was Brought Down in a Controlled Fashion”

User Submitted Article

What Does Everyone Think ??

Merry Christmas to All

A Conversation With God

Stone's Questions About the Police State (My Answers)

Washington, D.C. just began allowing residents to list their gender as 'X' on their driver's licenses

Cowboy rules for the Wild West

Link for Pres Trump Speech to Joint Session of Congress

Poor Donald, he's in the dumps!

Monday Night Debate

Leak a document

Russian meddling in U.S. elections may go back to the Tea Party ‘revolution’ of 2008 (helped Ron Paul?)

Florida Doctor Links 'Low Testosterone Levels' To Men Who Support Clinton

He's back with a new ad - Jeb! 2016


PETA Asks Twitter For Reasons To Eat Bacon. It Backfires Dramatically.

Anthony Bourdain on Sichuan Peppers, Sex, Eating Dogs, and Political Correctness

Canned Pumpkin Isn’t Pumpkin

US companies are hoarding $2.5 trillion in cash overseas


We All Need To Admit That America Has A Tattoo Problem

LP site back up


Awesome Cover of Hall and Oates' "She's Gone" (This ROCKS!)

Alexa, What is a Chemtrail?

Procol Harum - Conquistador // Denmark - 2006 (LIVE)

Latest Internet Prank Is Tricking People Into Putting Aluminum Foil Into The Microwave

"The Nothing Box" (AKA. Men's vs. Women's Brains)

Libertysflames question of the week...Can you think of anything worse then.......

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly/Ecstasy of Gold - The Danish National Symphony Orchestra (Live, 2018!)

Ghost Riders in the Sky

United States shows displeasure at press, after Russian showcase of power

Trump pardons Kristian Saucier, former sailor jailed for submarine pictures

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