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International News

Church of Scotland loses over half its membership since 2000; age of average worshiper is 62: report

India: Another Demonetization?

Facebook hit with record $1.3B fine in European privacy case

Why China Can’t Pull the World Out of a New Great Depression

Zelensky offended Pope with his bad choice of present — newspaper

Our Man in Tokyo

Don't Blame Elon Musk for Turkey's Authoritarian Twitter Censorship

Joe Biden snubbed back by King Charles as First Lady tucked away at back of Westminster Abbey Coronation congregation

Government mandates sex survey, students have brilliant response

G7 Summit Statement to Target China's 'Economic Coercion' Read more: EXCLUSIVE-G7 Summit Statement to Target China's 'economic Coercion' -source | Newsmax.com

United States News

IRS coverup of Hunter Biden could be scandal that sinks a presidency

The War on Tamales

Montana governor signs law to define ‘sex’ as only male or female

DOE Mobile-home Rule Won’t Save Planet, Will Make Housing More Expensive

The FBI just got caught in yet more massive, outrageous FISA abuses

Theft Is Now Costing Retailers in the United States About 100 Billion Dollars a Year

Texas Legislature Passes Ban on Gender-Transition Treatments for Minors

South Carolina House passes six-week abortion ban

Bipartisan lawmakers introduce legislation requiring AM radios in new cars

Another Oregon County May Have Voted to Explore a Move to Idaho

The Establishments war on Donald Trump

Musk Pulls Check Mark From NY Times' Twitter Account

FBI raid of Trump home shows that 'equal justice' is a farce

DHS Issues Terrorism Bulletin Over “Conspiracy Theories” and “Misleading Narratives”

Build Back Better’s tax hikes will squeeze Americans long into the future — yet still won’t cover its spending

Conservative news outlets, accused of election falsehoods, air disclaimers

WAYNE ROOT - The Trump ... Comeback Begins ... The Plan To Make Trump - America GreaT Again

Deep State Threat? Gov. Kemp DaughterÂ’s Boyfriend Killed In Fiery, Explosive Wreck

TrusT The plan ... Enjoy The show --- NoThing can sTop whaT is coming.

Photos And Video: Fake News – CBS Stole A Photo From Latinos For Trump In Phoenix And Tagged It As A Biden Event

Trump To Win Landslide in 2020 ... reporTed in BriTain’s Express --- a bible scholar agrees ThaT Trump will win easily.

Video and Audio

Luther: If you must allegory, allegory this way

The Cross Prepares a Way (John 14 reflections)

Erik Sperling on the US Attempt to Keep the War in Yemen Going

Where Is That Darn Recession?

Dave Smith & Konstantin Kisin on Ukraine

Ad Exec Tim Cramer on Why So Many Big Businesses are Going Woke

Dr. Rand Paul Discusses the Tiktok Ban and Freedom of Speech with WHAS

If I Had A Ship

The Best 30-Minute Explanation of Marxism I Have Ever Heard

Holy Spirit, Light Divine (Organ) from Pentecost Mosaics


The Drip, Governmental Lies and US Armed Forces Recruitment

No Truce With the Heartland

F-16s to Ukraine

Operation Stiff Upper Lip… British Minister Rushes to Kiev Following Artyomovsk Debacle

Hungary’s Orban Says Ukraine War Can Only End With Deal Between Russia and US

Boris Johnson Sent to Texas to Lobby Republicans to Keep Arming Ukraine

Neo-Nazi Militia Used US Armored Vehicles in Attack on Russia’s Belgorod Region

US aircraft carrier arrives in Norway to take part in drills with armed forces

Syracuse-based Christian adoption agency New Hope Family Services has entered into a favorable settlement agreement with the state of New York and may continue offering adoption services to children and families.

Report: China hacked critical networks to spy on U.S. military

U.S. Constitution

Supremes rein in EPA's power grab with decision for Idaho landowners

FISA and freedom … or the lack thereof

Supremes unanimously rule against government equity confiscation

Explained: That 'public debt' clause in 14th Amendment

Congress’ unconstitutional pay scam gets members $34K raises

Should free speech be infringed when you hear something you don’t like?

Biden’s DOJ Indicts Four Americans for Their Political Views on Russia

Yes, Secession Is Constitutional. The 10th Amendment Proves It.

Wheels of Justice: Jury Duty

Stanford Students Who Shouted Down Federal Judge to Get Mandatory Free-speech Training

The Left's War On Christians

New York Settles Case with Christian Adoption Agency

Facebook Deletes “Jesus Died So You Could Live” Post, Calls It “Hate Speech”

Candidate for mayor wins payout after being sacked for Christian views

Biden folds on orders to Catholic hospital to kill sanctuary candle

Christian woman wins payout after being fired for comments on same-sex marriage, transgenders in women’s sports

Vanity Fair: Murdoch Fired Carlson Because of Prayer Speech

Dem caught swiping Bibles, flees when reporter confronts her

‘Christians Are Under Attack’: Detransitioner Oli London Sounds Alarm on ‘Erosion of Free Speech’ After Alleged Riley Gaines Assault

Jack Phillips appeals trans cake case to Colorado Supreme Court

Ohio Pregnancy Center Targeted by Pro-Abortion Zealots

New World Order

A WHO pandemic treaty would be a threat to our freedom

Henry Kissinger at 100: A contradictory legacy of peace and terror

Jordan Peterson's 'anti-WEF' upstart is inundated with WEF-associated individuals

The Global Reset

Adventures in NATOstan: Sparks Flying in Ibiza, Locked Down Bilderberg in Lisbon

Stop the WHO Power Grab!

Great Reset: The Control of the Food Supply And The Control of The People

Epstein Calendar Reveals 'Shadow Nobility' Running The World

The UN Is Obsolete – The Cabal & Their NGO’s Are Mental Cavemen

Pandemic Treaty Will Usher in Unelected One World Government

Watching The Cops

Review: Animal Control Pokes Fun at Real-World Policing Problems

The Rise of the American Gestapo: Has It Already Happened?

A rematch of the 2020 election next year, pitting President Joe Biden against former president Donald Trump, would hurt down-ballot Republicans, a new poll has found. If Trump is at the top of the ticket, Democrats would have a five-point advantage

Brickbat: Good Enough for Government Work

Brickbat: Bad Cop

FRED Says . . .

Brickbat: No Good Deed

License plate-reading cameras will watch for stolen vehicles in Turlock. Here’s where

Brickbat: Pounding the Pavement

Our Constitution’s premier amendment sanctioned the fringe New England organization NSC-131’s (National Social Club-Anti-Communist Action) small, short-lived April 1 demonstration in downtown Portland, Maine. The freedom to speak one’s mind and peace

Bush Wars

Iraq war: How US campuses became militarised and forgot the war on terror

Criminals at Large: The Iraq War Twenty Years On

The Invasion of Iraq Wasn’t a “Mistake.” It Was a Crime.

The 20th anniversary of the Iraq war also marks a colossal failure of the mainstream media


A million lives later, I cannot forgive what American terrorism did to my country, Iraq


Symposium: Aside from Bush & Cheney who is at fault for the Iraq War?

Bush-Era Neocons Should Shut Up About Iraq (And Everything Else)

It was 20 years ago but the Iraq War folly could be our fate

Obama Wars

NEWS Obama’s Central African War: 12 years later

'WEIRD': Dems Went Into 'Urgent' Meeting Expecting Impeachment Evidence, Left With 'Propaganda' About Dems' Collusion With Ukraine

Mattis Claims Iran’s 'Act Of War' Got A "Tepid Response" from Obama Because Of The Nuclear Deal


Lighting a Candle to Rainbow Zeus


The Mind Virus of the Affluent Woke Left

Major journal retracts study warning about transgenderism after activist threats

Biden’s World: Navy Hires Active Duty Drag Queen; What’s Next?

The Joys of Gender

‘Song of the South’ and Disney’s Unconscionable Erasure of James Baskett

Bioethicists: Euthanasia Okay for ‘Unjust Social Conditions’

CBS segment highlights how adding bugs to the food system 'could be a game-changer' to fight climate change

Zooey Zephyr Poses for Photo With 'The Squad'

I AM A PROPHET and I prophesy

2023 on Wall Street

(Warning this article is by a loon)By 2030, We Will be able to Prevent Most Disease And Arrive on Mars, the New Earth with No Seas

4. The Murder Rate and O.D. Rates Will Double In Most U.S. States

Ukraine will Receive Stealth US Drones & Plague great Whore with great Hailsones

2. Deadly New Pathogens will Again Appear – And Flesh and Brain Eaters in Coastal Water.

In 2023, Much of the Earth will flood--while most of Earth is scorched

2023 in Bible Prophecy

"HEY!! It could happen..."

2021 in Bible Prophecy

The end of the observance of the Last Supper

Mexican Invasion

Texas Sues Biden Over Immigration ‘Parole’ Scam

States sending troops after Biden fails to secure southern border

Illegal Migrants Disappear in the Crop Picking Agriculture Industry

NY Hotels Boot Homeless Veterans to Shelter Released Migrants

Government Workers Betray Constitutional Oath and Submit to United Nations Agenda

Texas Gov. Abbott: Biden WH Pulling Patrol Agents Off Border

Migrants Rush US Border in Final Hours of Title 42

Mayorkas Warns Migrants: Border Remains Closed

Georgia AG to Newsmax: WH Border Policy Led to Trafficking

With Title 42 Set to End, Abbott Deploys “Texas Tactical Border Force”

Corrupt Government


Fluoride Lawsuit Against EPA: Alleged Corruption, Shocking Under Oath Federal Statements

Trump and his staffers conducted a 'dress rehearsal' to move sensitive documents even after the DOJ asked for them to be returned

Ex-Trump Advisor Bannon's Trial Over Border Wall Scheme Set for May 2024

Brickbat: Dirty Hands

IRS whistleblower accuses DOJ of protecting Hunter Biden

Matt Taibbi shares details about being investigated by IRS

FBI chief threatened with contempt for hiding evidence of Biden criminality

Ex-Trump Lawyers Signaling Bad News for Former President: Kirschner

Trump's Disregard for the Rule of Law Is at Least As Bad As Biden's

Satans Mark/Cashless

What Can I Do To Stop CBDCs?

Push-button digital tyranny: U.K. introduces 'Britcoin' CBDC project

Cash Out

The Senator Who Didn’t Know (but Thought She Did)

And So It Begins: Digital Currency Becomes Possible in our Future

Digital Currency: The Fed Moves toward Monetary Totalitarianism

CBDC Digital Currencies: A Recipe for Global Slavery

COMMONWEALTH GAMES: No One Showed You This! PT, 2

World Economic forum partners with FTX (WEF site scrubbed. Link is to the Wayback Machine archive)

CLAIM: 2022 Event Just Revealed the Antichrist to the World

Poison Watch

Is This Why Pediatricians Push Vaccines?

Governor DeSantis Ban the Bioweapons or You May Become Complicit

Why Exactly Does the Government Dump Toxic Fluoride Into ¾ of the US Water Supply?

Vaccines cause autism

Ex-Pfizer VP: COVID vax push a ‘supranational operation’ intended to ‘maim and kill deliberately’

Why you should NOT get the flu vaccine

‘Horrible Idea’: First Vaccine for Birth Control Now in Clinical Trials

Doctors Were Bribed for Covid Vaccination Coercion

The COVID vaccine causes tinnitus and many other adverse events: there is no doubt about this

The "non-specific effects" of vaccination, or: How certain vaccines appear to have enduring influences on infections and mortality in the vaccinated unrelated to the viral infections they prevent

Bang / Guns

ATF: Amend or Abolish?

Tenn. Gov. Calls Special Session After School Shooting

Georgia Dems Call for Special Session on Guns

Martial Law And Gun Confiscation- The enforcement of martial law (including gun confiscation) presupposes that county and local law enforcement personnel will be willing to carry it out on a national scale.

'Stand Your Ground' Laws Are Back in the News, but It's Not Clear Why

Will you be jailed for inadvertently breaking new gun rule?

President Biden Goes All Out (Falsely) on Gun Control Again

Death Threats = First Gun Purchase

Banks, Credit Cards Set to Report Gun Purchases as “Suspicious Activity”

The Great Gun Control Myth


Bruce Springsteen Just Nods in Silence as Obama Calls His Fans Vile Racists

The Media’s Baseless Charge That Voter Fraud Is Baseless

A compilation of twenty alleged election 'facts' that don't pass the smell test

Don’t Want to Eat Cows? Try “Ethical Cannibalism” Instead

Music Legends Van Morrison and Eric Clapton Team for Anti-Lockdown Anthem ‘Stand and Deliver’

As Netflix Defends “Cuties” Movie, Netflix Star Arrested for Producing Child Porn

Black Lives Matter Mob Surround Man's Home, Police Reportedly Arrest Man For 'Brandishing' Gun

Arson Arrests Being Made Across the West Coast – Multiple Fires Identified as Arson – 27 People Killed, Dozens Missing….

Videographer Discovers Portland Antifa War Camp Where Notable Anarchists Like ‘Trumpet Man’ Reside – Is Immediately Set Upon by Slingshots

Fact Check: Joe Biden Repeats the ‘Very Fine People’ Hoax at DNC

Bible Study

Digging Deeper into Scripture: John 14:1–14

Digging Deeper into Scripture: Matthew 28:1-10

Joel: An Overview


[SHOCKING] Spirits of Baal, Astaroth, and Moloch (Pastor Charles Lawson)

Things Demons Don't Want You To Know - How Demons Actually Work

10 Items To Remove Right Now!

SIGNS This is a must see documentry

Teaching Library

The Offence of the Cross


The FTC should answer its Call of Duty to Gamers

Biden accused of 'war' on small businesses

Another One Down? First Republic Bank Fails, FDIC Sells It to JP Morgan

FDIC Cash Balance Covers 1.27% of All Insured Deposits

The Path to Abundant Air Travel

IRS Data Book Reveals Size & Scope of Nation’s Tax-Exempt Religious Nonprofits

Anheuser-Busch Announces Staffing Shake-Up after Dylan Mulvaney Controversy

Official: Credit Suisse Takeover Will Be Smooth

Musk Opens Twitter Algorithm; Slams Others Who Won't

Fmr. US Treasury Official: Five US banks May Collapse, Lose Twice World GDP

How To

How To Create an eCommerce Website in Minutes!

3 Used Vehicles to Buy During the Market Crash

Remember the Service Station?

Liberal Networks Fixate on Tucker Carlson While Fox News Covers Democratic Scandals

Posted Articles Urgently Needed

Look Here Bucky – This Thread is Just for You.

Avoid the Use of Unsupported Opinions

What It's Like At The Training Camp Where US Troops Learn To Survive If They Are Captured


Learn to Recognize Your Negative Thinking Traps

The Democrats War On Women

Charlie Kirk Wrecks Pro-Trans Wet Leftist

Clown World: Canadian Cancer Society Claims Men Without Cervixes Can Get Cervical Cancer

Talk Radio Watch

Western Civilization Is in Its Death Throes

Rush Limbaugh passed away this morning

Viewers of Sean Hannity more likely to die from COVID-19 than those of Tucker Carlson

Rush Limbaugh Just Announced he has lung cancer

Social Media Increasingly Conduit for Surveillance and Voter Manipulation

Revealed: You Know How Rush Limbaugh Talks About "Seminar Callers"? Turns Out They're Real -- Employed by a Joint Clinton-DNC Effort


An Interview with Satan on the Eve of His Retirement

The feds and their Big Tech copycats spy on unsuspecting Americans

Is Unlocking Closed and Indifferent Minds Possible?

You Don’t Have To Choose Between Happiness and Being Informed

The Great Left-Wing Disinformation Operation Against the Supreme Court

Whatever Happened to the American Way?

Since When Do Politicians Believe That Americans Should Have Personal Freedom?

Once Trust Has Been Lost, There's No Going Back

Multiculturalism Is Tearing America Apart

Team Biden Just Laid Another Green Energy Egg


Fisking a Turnip, Part 5: What If THEY Heard The Gospel. Bonus level: Woe’s False Standards.

83 United Methodist Churches in Iowa Exit Denomination

‘A day of sadness’: 193 Georgia churches vote to leave United Methodist Church

Johnny Hunt’s Network of Nonprofit and For-Profit Businesses

"Male and Female Souls: On Ontological Difference"

Does God exist? Only half of Americans say a definite yes

Renowned Catholic philosopher warns Pope Francis is ‘destroying the foundations of faith and morals

'God is Trans' exhibit at Catholic church divides parishioners: 'Enough is enough'

‘You Are All One’? Eastern Orthodoxy and the Struggle of Ethnic Christianity

Spending Time with God Can End Youth Loneliness


"Population Decline Will Change the World for the Better", Scientific American Says

Mathematicians Discovered Something Mind-Blowing About the Number 15

Japan's Ispace Shares Crash On Lunar Lander Fail

Exposing the Climate Racket: The Latest IPCC Report

The Climate Collapse Thesis

Visualizing The World's Plummeting Fertility Rate

Save the date: One year until total solar eclipse sweeps US

Climate science makes a bad religion

A Convenient LIE

Brain implant startup backed by Bezos and Gates is testing mind-controlled computing on humans

Weird Stuff/Unexplained

Stanford professor says aliens are ‘100 per cent’ on earth, US is ‘reverse-engineering downed UFOs’

“We Don’t Know Where They Come From, Who Made Them, or How They Operate,” Senator Gillibrand Says in Latest UFO Hearing

Aliens ‘only explanation’ for mutilated cows found on Aussie farm

Who's the naked chick with Naked Joe Biden

Did Joe Biden Pinch You (underage girl)

Whose in the bed behind Hunter Biden?

Landfill worker in port-a-potty crushed by bulldozer in 'tragic' accident, officials say

5G Weaponized Cell Tower Transmitter Box Contains Cov-19 Chip (Youtube Banned This!)!!

Here Are The Republicans Most Likely To Refuse The Covid-19 Vaccine, Poll Finds

Bizarre Video Shows Woman Removing Mask In-Between Bites of Food

Primative Weapons

Archery: Will it EVER be the same again? Wow.

More People Killed by Knives Than by Rifles, Shotguns, But Handguns Used in Most Murders

The U.K. Must Ban Pointy Knives, Says Church of England

Survival Skills

If You Live in a Major US City, It’s Probably Time To Move

Ability to Communicate With Others Is Vital In Every Survival Situation: Grid-Down Communication Methods

The USD Could Lose Petrodollar Status: How Do You Prep for That?

Worst 5 States for Preppers to Retire- If the grid went down nationwide and society as we know it collapsed, would be people be escaping from your state, or escaping to your state?

The Final Straw: What Is America’s Tipping Point and How Food Shortages and Food Riots Could Be Coming to America

Here’s How I Know You’ll Survive This

Food Shortages Are Starting To Become Quite Serious All Over the Planet

How to Survive A Famine. Economic collapse can lead to a breakdown of society and mass food shortages

7 Lies People With Money Problems Tell Themselves

Why Preppers and Survivalists Prefer to Be the ‘Gray Man’ If the SHTF


School district runs snitching database to report 'racism,' microaggressions

The Biden Administration’s Hostility toward Religious Colleges

Dem Va. Legislators: Parental Rights, Protecting Kids From Porn Are “Stupid,” “Crap”

Students harassed for protesting drag show at Loyola University Chicago: ‘I hate Catholic people’

Catholic university exposed for allowing ‘transgender’ males to live in women’s dorms

Pomp and Circumstance

State Control of Minor Children – A Rising Ideology of Liberal Mindlessness

‘We Were Blindsided’: Female Wyoming Students Break Silence after Suing Sorority for Admitting Male

Facial Recognition Software To Be Used on Kids in West Virginia Schools

Campus Crybullies at Oxford


Enes Freedom to Newsmax: 'Do Not Apologize' to China

Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr on Wednesday blamed the Biden administration's border policies for the sex trafficking of a 15-year-old girl. Four migrants were charged earlier in the day for their involvement in the trafficking of a minor femal

Kentucky Derby Refuses to Go Woke

NPR Fumbles “Limited Evidence of ‘Trans-male’ Advantage” Story

Trans in women's sports: Is it inclusiveness, or insanity?

Pro-Life Champion: Chiefs’ Game-Winning Kicker is an Outspoken Voice for the Unborn

Reality Breaks Through As Female-to-Male Trans Swimmer Starts Competing on Men’s Team

'All glory to God': Tim Tebow gets the best news of his career live on air

NBA Coach Loses, Prays for Winning Team’s Coach

"Wilder is The biggesT puncher in The hisTory of our sporT ... I have goT The biggest balls in The hisTory of our sporT --- as I have proved many - many Times."


It's Happening: Fisk Gives Slight Downgrade to US Credit

The debt ceiling melodrama is a Uniparty diversion from reality

Biden's economy leaving millions of families struggling to make ends meet

The Market Now Believes in a Much Tougher Fed Until November

The Fed Is Losing the Inflation Fight

Are You Ready For a Real Recession?

Economists expect inflation, interest rates to stay high: survey

How Many Dominoes Must Topple Before One Falls on Us?

US Debt Default: A Positive Outcome

Fed Up Yet?


America Is Once More Safe for Democracy After 'Terrorist' Balloon Shot Down!

Colin Kaepernick Transitions In Order To Make Carolina Panthers Cheer Squad

Ricky Gervais - Trans Women

Starving American Babies Disguise Selves As Ukrainian Soldiers In Hopes Of Getting $40 Billion In Federal Aid

former ... GOP globalisT --- sTooge

SNL to Liberals: It's OK To Question Nonsensical Mask Mandates

Motorcyclist Who Identifies As Bicyclist Sets Cycling World Record

Alec Baldwin's Get Out of Jail Free Card

I'm noT usually inTo grammar policing ... This one is a liTTle over The Top --- IT isn'T "in forced" - iT is 'enforced' - See definiTion here

Dana Carvey breaks out his Joe Biden impression

Cult Watch

PETA Rewrites Bible to Make Book of Genesis a ‘Cruelty-Free Story of Creation’

Lutheran Bible camp in South Dakota to host LGBT pride camp for 14 through 18-year-olds

‘Your god is way too small’ if you don’t support killing preborn humans, says Minnesota pastor

ELCA Lutheran congregation devotes a Sunday to celebrating queerness…

Tucker: 'Cult of climate' is filling void left by lack of religious faith

Report: SEC Probing Secrecy of Mormon Church Investment Fund

Satanic Temple opens abortion clinic named for conservative Supreme Court justice's mom

The Death Cult of Eco-Feminism

‘Satanic golden medusa’ abortion statue outside New York City courthouse ruthlessly mocked: ‘Monstrosity’

Climate group behind headline-grabbing protests is a 'cult,' former member says


FBI Shuts Down Notorious Hacker Marketplace

Warning: The Ban TikTok Bill Is Not What You Think It Is

Local Gov't Internet Is No Solution

Italy Sounds Alarm on Large-scale Computer Hacking Attack

PayPal Hack Exposes Customer Names, Social Security Numbers

Twitter Data Leak: Account Details Of 200 Million Users Breached, Including Sundar Pichai, Donald Trump Jr., More

8 Mind-Blowing Websites You Probably Didn't Know Existed

Today's Outage

LibertysFlame Server Maintenance Complete (for today)

LibertysFlame Server maintenance


Hospital rushes kids into sex changes, whistleblower reveals

I Gave My Bone Marrow for Free. Not Everyone Should Have To.

Gender Transition Surgery: Dreams Turned to Nightmares

FDA makes big change on blood-donation process for gay people

Two Decades of Risky, Unmitigated Biological Threat Research

Mother: If not for a sidewalk counselor, “my beautiful daughter would not be here today.”

Abortionist nonchalantly describes aborting a baby at 37 weeks

What They Meant by Essential and Nonessential

Stay Home, Save Lives: Uncovering the COVID Deception

90% of Babies With Down Syndrome are Killed in Abortions, We Must Fight for Them

politics and politicians

DeSantis’ ‘big government’ extends to record state budget

DeSantis says he’ll consider pardoning Jan. 6 defendants, including Trump

Trump tears into ‘The View’ co-host, ex-aide Alyssa Farah Griffin in online tirade: A 'sleazebag' and 'loser'

2024 Trump Nomination Would Hurt Down-Ballot Republicans, Poll Finds

DeSantis still won't say whether he thinks Trump lost in 2020

GOP watches as Trump’s problems with suburban women go on display

FAU Poll: Florida's Republicans Pick Trump Over DeSantis

Ted Cruz’s Democratic Challenger: Better if Second Amendment Had Never Been Written

Tucker tells news reporter he's running for president, then pulls classic move

'Barely reanimated corpse': 89-year-old Sen. Feinstein returns

Alternative Energies

Here's how long EVs have to be driven before they save emissions versus gas cars

If You Build it . . .

Hoot of the Day: The UAW Demands a "Just Transition" to Electric Vehicles

EPA issues climate rule forcing power plants to adopt expensive tech or shut down

Supreme Court to consider overruling Chevron doctrine

New York will ban gas stoves in new buildings in an effort to meet emissions reduction goals

California Approves Regulation to Phase Out Diesel Trucks by 2036

Without Nuclear Power, Germany's Energy Future Looks Short of Energy

Electric Vehicles: Volt Farce

Biden’s electric-car mandates slam the working class and boost China

The Water Cooler

New Book on Bob Dylan Features Hundreds of Rare Images

Pilot Safely Lands Plane After A Cobra Crawls Up His Shirt Mid-Flight

Internal Pink Floyd Feud Reignited Amid Antisemitism Accusations

Oldest person in the United States dies at 115

Review: Buckminster Fuller Helped Inspire Our Future


FReepers have always supporTed him ... he goT sick --- can’T be There for all of you.

RIP Cody

Citizen Free Press-Beter than Drudge!!!!

Trump v. RATZ/RINOZ 2020...easy decision, right?


Hidden Christians’ Illicit Sacred Vase Brought to Light in Japan

On This Day in 1787: Constitutional Convention Gets Down to Business

U.S. military leaders in World War II had consensus on the atomic bomb

Are the Best Years of My Country Behind Me?

Florida revives an 1850s strategy to exclude Chinese immigrants

David Hume's Warning on Forever Wars

Some Questions on the Intriguing Twentieth Century

What is the Report from Iron Mountain?

Ancient necropolis from 2,000 years ago unearthed next to Paris train station

‘Fiddler on the Roof’ star was Mossad spy – media

Anti Jew Propaganda

Meet The Companies Poised To Build The Kushner-Backed “Coronavirus Surveillance System”

Tucker Investigates: What is destroying rural America?


The Bin Ladens and the Bushes: On 9/11 George Herbert W. Bush Meets Osama’s Brother Shafiq bin Laden

How 36 Reporters Brought Us the Twin Towers’ Explosive Demolition on 9/11

Short Version of New Documentary SEVEN Begins Airing Today on PBS

Pagers add further proof that 9-11 was an inside job

Cancer from Radiation Widespread Among 9/11 Responders

FBI 'Mistakenly' Releases 9/11 Bombshell In Court: Key Saudi Diplomat Who "Tasked" Hijackers Named

LMPD to no longer respond to hit and run wrecks, other incidents

2009 Interview: 9/11 FEMA videographer at Ground Zero goes public

First Responders Urge Congress to Reopen 9/11 Investigation

Jersey City cops shown on video kicking innocent man lose jobs, avoid jail time

911 Audio and video

User Submitted Article

Merry Christmas

Transfer of LF to new host site complete

LF Site Transfer

"Blues Brothers" Next to be Banned For Racism

Does anyone believe this $hit email from Gatlin / niltag

What happened to Sneakypete ?

About that Fox News POLL...

Leak a document


These five of our favorite squirrel recipes are guaranteed to get your mouth watering.



Pinguinite you have mail

Liberty's Flame Hosting Renewal Due

Winnie the pooh game created by AI

Marching in Time

Trouble changing my tagline

Sicut Cervus

Georgia election fraud.... VIDEO



Weekend Open Thread

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