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Juice Newton - Love's Been A Little Bit Hard On Me

International News

North Korean Leader Seen in Public First Time in 36 Days

Iraq Central Bank Governor Urges US to Scale Back Dollar Restrictions

China Enforces New Cybersecurity Rules in Tibet

Brickbat: Cut the Cord

National Conservatives Can't Find a Good Excuse for Viktor Orbán's Inflation Disaster

Is the Japanese Low Inflation–Low Interest Rate Model at an End?

Japan Faces Demographic Disaster

Xi Jinping Lures CELAC Summit to Embrace Belt and Road Initiative

Brickbat: Supply and Demand

Chinese Province to Let Unmarried People Have Children to Tackle Falling Birth Rate

United States News

Club for Growth Snubs Trump Ahead of Annual Donor Retreat

Disney May Lose Control of Its Kingdom With Florida Bill Read Newsmax: Disney May Lose Control of Its Kingdom With Florida Bill | Newsmax.com Important: Find Your Real Retirement Date in Minutes! More Info Here

Salman Rushdie Opens Up About Surviving Attack: I Feel Lucky

US V-22 Ospreys Grounded Over Defective Clutch Parts

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz Signs Bill Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth

An abortion facility in a neighborhood significantly undermines the quality of life in that area

Brickbat: It Will Be Vacant Soon Enough

New Data Show Prison Staff Are Rarely Held Accountable for Sexual Misconduct

Should Clergy be Mandated Reporters? New York’s CARE Act Says Yes

Half the Senate Challenges Biden Admin Rule on ESG Investing

The Establishments war on Donald Trump

FBI raid of Trump home shows that 'equal justice' is a farce

DHS Issues Terrorism Bulletin Over “Conspiracy Theories” and “Misleading Narratives”

Build Back Better’s tax hikes will squeeze Americans long into the future — yet still won’t cover its spending

Conservative news outlets, accused of election falsehoods, air disclaimers

WAYNE ROOT - The Trump ... Comeback Begins ... The Plan To Make Trump - America GreaT Again

Deep State Threat? Gov. Kemp DaughterÂ’s Boyfriend Killed In Fiery, Explosive Wreck

TrusT The plan ... Enjoy The show --- NoThing can sTop whaT is coming.

Photos And Video: Fake News – CBS Stole A Photo From Latinos For Trump In Phoenix And Tagged It As A Biden Event

Trump To Win Landslide in 2020 ... reporTed in BriTain’s Express --- a bible scholar agrees ThaT Trump will win easily.

Does John Bolton's memoir undercut The Atlantic on Trump's canceled visit to US cemetery in France?

Video and Audio

UN Using “Neuroscience” to Push One World “Spirituality” on Children

WE NEED TO STOP THIS | Jimmy Dore’s Epic RANT About Ukraine War

The American Civil Liberties Union Argues that Abortion Is a Religious Right – Thomas Jipping, 1/30/23

What’s the State of Constitutional Carry in America? | 2A For Today!

Christian Schools Going "Woke"? Veteran Teacher Blows Whistle

Dr. Rand Paul Joins The National Desk

llinois Sheriffs NULLIFY Rifle Ban! - Interview with Chad Caton, host of I'm Fired Up on RVM

Dr. Paul on Kudlow: There's Absolutely No Reason To Default - January 25, 2023

The Jewish Conspiracy Tangent

My breakdown of the alleged assault on a Garda in Fermoy.


Russia and Ukraine Have Incentives to Negotiate. The U.S. Has Other Plans.

Push Global CCP Influence Into the Light

Ukraine: The War That Went Wrong

Top Bush Lawyer Admits Guantánamo Military Commissions ‘Doomed From the Start’

Zelensky Warns Major Russian Offensive Is Looming

Pentagon Tells Lawmakers Ukraine Unlikely to Retake Crimea

War Racketeers Won’t Reform Themselves


Ukraine to Replace Defense Minister After Corruption Scandal

New $2.2 Billion Arms Package for Ukraine Includes Longer-Range Rockets

U.S. Constitution

Montana Senate Kills Call for Con-Con

Atlanta Charges Nonviolent Protesters as Domestic Terrorists

A small town in Wisconsin is facing a federal lawsuit after city officials demanded that a local couple, Timothy and Megan Florek, take down their yard sign opposing the rezoning of the property on which a local middle school is situated. The city cl

Alec Baldwin Didn’t Have to Talk to the Police. Neither Do You.

Prosecution of Assange Would Lead to End of the First Amendment, Advocates Warn

A Louisiana Town Repeatedly Arrested A Man For His "F**K JOE BIDEN" Flags. Now, He's Suing.

She Was Jailed for Basic Journalism. A Federal Court Isn't Sure if That's Unconstitutional.

The Living Constitution’s Illimitable Government

We musT keep governmenT secular ... Though neiTher aTheisT --- nor anTi-religion.

AG Barr: Coronavirus lockdowns “greatest intrusion on civil liberties” since slavery

The Left's War On Christians

Pro-Life Students File Lawsuit After Kicked Out From Smithsonian

Jack Phillips and Lydia Booth: Updates on their Stories of Courage

Jury Finds Mark Houck Not Guilty on Bogus Biden Admin Charges

Pro-life Sidewalk Counselor Mark Houck Announces He Will Sue FBI, DOJ in Wake of Acquittal

You're 'only a state, not a god': Officials push Christians to support sin

'Egregious': Smithsonian ejects pro-life kids, now conservatives 'fight back'

Pro-life activist Mark Houck details shocking Planned Parenthood encounter following acquittal

AP Stylebook turns page from journalism to woke newspeak

Colorado Baker Targeted Again by Anti-Christian Left

Court rules against cakeshop owner who refused to bake gender-transition cake

New World Order

Fake Meat Industry Plummeting. Are Globalists Worried?

Are You Ready for "Brain Transparency" and AI Reading your Mind?

Davos and the Holy Grail of Equity

Globalist Cabal Meets Again to Prepare for World Domination

Davos 2023 – Whistling Past the Great Reset’s Graveyard

WTF! World Technocracy Front Gathers Devil's Spawn In Davos

2023: Fourth Turning Meets Mass Formation Psychosis

Mastering the Future: The Megalomaniacal Ambitions of the WEF

Biden signs onto ‘Declaration of North America (DNA)’ with Canada and Mexico: Is the planned North American Union making a comeback?

At Davos, the Rev. John Kerry Signals His Place Among the Elect

Watching The Cops

‘Riotsville, USA’ Shows the Birth of Police Militarization

Tyre Nichols’s Death Proves Yet Again That ‘Elite’ Police Units Are a Disaster

Brickbat: Remember, We Never Met

DOJ Probes Memphis PD on Tyre Nichols' Killing

The Police Cannot Be a Law Unto Themselves

Illinois Town Will Pay $12 Million to Family After SWAT Officer Shot 12-Year-Old in Kneecap

Democratic Mayor Eric Adams of New York mandated all city employees complete a “racial equity” training before a March 6 deadline, Fox News reported. The training emphasizes the importance of recognizing “racial equity” in the workplace, according t

Brickbat: Didn't You See Me?

LAPD Officers Tased a Confused, Terrified Man Who Then Died, All Over a Minor Car Collision

Brickbat: Close Enough

Bush Wars

The Legacy of George W. Bush and His Torturers

I survived Guantánamo. Why is it still open 21 years later?

The First Gulf War – A Catastrophic Error

Where This War Came From

They Couldn’t Have Done It Without Lapdogs Like the Washington Post

U.S. officials misled public on Afghan war

The So-Called War on Terror Has Killed Over 801,000 People and Cost $6.4 Trillion: New Analysis

18-Year Old US Soldiers Now Entering Afghanistan 18 Years After War Began

Mark Levin puts war first and America last

A new moon race is on. Is China already ahead?

Obama Wars

NEWS Obama’s Central African War: 12 years later

'WEIRD': Dems Went Into 'Urgent' Meeting Expecting Impeachment Evidence, Left With 'Propaganda' About Dems' Collusion With Ukraine

Mattis Claims Iran’s 'Act Of War' Got A "Tepid Response" from Obama Because Of The Nuclear Deal

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is voted best real-life hero by MTV viewers ahead of Serena Williams


BREAKING - mRNA Vaccine ... Paralyzes Young Girl --- Now Wheelchair Bound

Leftist Lawyers Try To Protect Killing The Unborn By Calling It A Religion

Democrats Rage at Biden Admin for Approving Major Oil-drilling Project

“Abortion is Reproductive Health Care” says Pop Star Lizzo

Biden Federal Court Nominee Says Two Articles in Constitution Don’t Ring a Bell

You won't believe what Biden's Energy chief blames for high gas prices

On The 12Th day of ChrisTmas ... a liberal gave To meeeeee..... --- (pause for dramaTic effecT)

Is This Winning ... WesTern leaders can no longer hide The Truth --- abouT Ukraine

Yoel RoTh’s SecreT TwiTTer AccounT Revealed ... Former ‘Head of TwiTTer InTegriTy’ --- Was PosTing PhoTos of His Gay Hookups

Son of Alleged Pelosi ATTacker Breaks Silence ... 'For All We Know --- He Was Some Sort of Sex Slave'

I AM A PROPHET and I prophesy

2023 on Wall Street

(Warning this article is by a loon)By 2030, We Will be able to Prevent Most Disease And Arrive on Mars, the New Earth with No Seas

4. The Murder Rate and O.D. Rates Will Double In Most U.S. States

Ukraine will Receive Stealth US Drones & Plague great Whore with great Hailsones

2. Deadly New Pathogens will Again Appear – And Flesh and Brain Eaters in Coastal Water.

In 2023, Much of the Earth will flood--while most of Earth is scorched

2023 in Bible Prophecy

"HEY!! It could happen..."

2021 in Bible Prophecy

The end of the observance of the Last Supper

Mexican Invasion

Biden Immigration Policy Brings Border City to Brink of Collapse

'Fraud': Ronna Romney McDaniel gets destroyed for staged border photo op

Fmr Amb. Landau to Newsmax: Don't Expect Much From Mexico at Summit

Texas Gov. Abbott: Biden's Border Visit Two Years, $20B Too Late

Biden to Meet with Mexican President, Days After Son of 'El Chapo' Bust

Biden Inspects Busy Port of Entry Along US-Mexico Border

Colorado Governor Sending Illegal Aliens to Other Destination Cities

‘The View’ co-host and actress Whoopi Goldberg has defended her controversial vision of the Holocaust, insisting the extermination of Jews by Nazi Germany was not “originally” about race. Goldberg, who claims a distant Jewish ancestry herself, disc

Texas mayor calls for U.N. intervention on southern border

DHS chief accused of erasing 300,000 illegals from reporting

Corrupt Government

Mac Isaac to Newsmax: No Wrongdoing in Turning Over Laptop

Brickbat: Finger-Licking Good

House Oversight Chair Launches Probe Into John Kerry’s Secret China Talks

Newsom's wife made millions after charging schools to watch 'gender justice' films

Public Unions vs. the Public Good

Former teachers union president charged with embezzling $400,000

Why Did George Santos Lie About His Past To Get Elected to Congress?

ESG’s Perverse, Narrow, Fraudulent Ethical Principles

Twitter Files reveal Trump ban came after Michelle Obama, others pressured the company

Hired by the RNC, Harmeet Dhillon Teams Up with the Mitch McConnell Contracted Enforcer Who Destroyed the Tea Party

Satans Mark/Cashless

Cash Out

The Senator Who Didn’t Know (but Thought She Did)

And So It Begins: Digital Currency Becomes Possible in our Future

Digital Currency: The Fed Moves toward Monetary Totalitarianism

CBDC Digital Currencies: A Recipe for Global Slavery

COMMONWEALTH GAMES: No One Showed You This! PT, 2

World Economic forum partners with FTX (WEF site scrubbed. Link is to the Wayback Machine archive)

CLAIM: 2022 Event Just Revealed the Antichrist to the World


This is the vax passport world so many are begging for.

Poison Watch

Pro-abortion Biden Administration turns drug stores into abortion centers

Pfizer reports $100 billion haul, with vast majority of profits looted from US taxpayers

Pfizer Responses to Veritas Expose

Berenson v. Biden is coming...

The Covid Narrative Tide is Turning

Pilots are dying at Southwest Airlines at over 6X the normal rate after the COVID vaccines rolled out

I riff off Jordon Walker, FDA corruption, Watt and Latypova and the global biosecurity system

Covid Vaccines Killed 278,000 Americans by the end of 2021, Peer Reviewed Study Finds

Courts advance use of chemical abortions

The FDA Won’t Stop Pushing Abortion Drugs

Bang / Guns

Prohibiting Guns for Marijuana Users Ruled Unconstitutional

Federal judge rules on law that allows state to sue gun makers

No Matter the 'Details on These Shootings,' Biden Says, Congress Should Respond by Banning 'Assault Weapons'

Did the Fourteenth Amendment Alter the Meaning of the Second Amendment?

Illinois Sheriff Won't Enforce Unconstitutional Gun Ban

Illinois Just Banned 'Assault Weapons' Because Their 'Only Intent' Is Mass Murder

The 3rd Circuit Considers Whether Nonviolent Crimes Justify the Loss of Second Amendment Rights

Why aren’t stalked women ever told to get a gun for self-defense?

Did the Fourteenth Amendment Alter the Meaning of the Second Amendment?

Who Wants to Tell California AG Bonta that Access to ‘Weapons of War’ as a Check Against Tyranny is a Core Tenet of the Second Amendment?


Bruce Springsteen Just Nods in Silence as Obama Calls His Fans Vile Racists

The Media’s Baseless Charge That Voter Fraud Is Baseless

A compilation of twenty alleged election 'facts' that don't pass the smell test

Don’t Want to Eat Cows? Try “Ethical Cannibalism” Instead

Music Legends Van Morrison and Eric Clapton Team for Anti-Lockdown Anthem ‘Stand and Deliver’

As Netflix Defends “Cuties” Movie, Netflix Star Arrested for Producing Child Porn

Black Lives Matter Mob Surround Man's Home, Police Reportedly Arrest Man For 'Brandishing' Gun

Arson Arrests Being Made Across the West Coast – Multiple Fires Identified as Arson – 27 People Killed, Dozens Missing….

Videographer Discovers Portland Antifa War Camp Where Notable Anarchists Like ‘Trumpet Man’ Reside – Is Immediately Set Upon by Slingshots

Fact Check: Joe Biden Repeats the ‘Very Fine People’ Hoax at DNC

Bible Study


[SHOCKING] Spirits of Baal, Astaroth, and Moloch (Pastor Charles Lawson)

Things Demons Don't Want You To Know - How Demons Actually Work

10 Items To Remove Right Now!

SIGNS This is a must see documentry

Teaching Library

The Offence of the Cross

The Story of the Bible Alan Nalley

Iron Is Mixing With Clay RIGHT NOW! | Dr. Gene Kim

Genesis Chapter 1


Stock Market Correction Hits Religious Foundations

Government Keeps Meddling With Private Company Decisions

Amazon to Close its Smile Program, Impacting Christian Ministries

Charitable Giving is Up but Number of Donors is Down for Third Consecutive Year

Silvergate Shares Plunge After Withdrawals Top $8.1 Billion During Crypto Meltdown

For Now, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Still Holds a High Place in the USA

2022 in U.S. stock market was worst year since … 2008!

Nonprofits Raise Record Amount on Giving Tuesday Despite Inflation Pressures

Black Friday Chaos: Amazon Warehouse Workers Set To Strike Across 40 Countries

Peter Schiff: The Recession Is Already Here And It Won't Be Mild

How To

How To Create an eCommerce Website in Minutes!

3 Used Vehicles to Buy During the Market Crash

Remember the Service Station?

Liberal Networks Fixate on Tucker Carlson While Fox News Covers Democratic Scandals

Posted Articles Urgently Needed

Look Here Bucky – This Thread is Just for You.

Avoid the Use of Unsupported Opinions

What It's Like At The Training Camp Where US Troops Learn To Survive If They Are Captured


Learn to Recognize Your Negative Thinking Traps

The Democrats War On Women

Charlie Kirk Wrecks Pro-Trans Wet Leftist

Clown World: Canadian Cancer Society Claims Men Without Cervixes Can Get Cervical Cancer

Planned Parenthood abandons Title X federal funds after Trump rule prohibits abortion referrals

Tulsi Gabbard Calls Kamala Harris a Drug Warrior and Dirty Prosecutor. She's Right.

Report: All Six Men Attracted To Feminists Deeply Affected By Sex Strike

Doctors Are Now Giving 8-Year-Old Girls Testosterone, Claiming They're 'Transgender' (Gov funded)

Talk Radio Watch

Rush Limbaugh passed away this morning

Viewers of Sean Hannity more likely to die from COVID-19 than those of Tucker Carlson

Rush Limbaugh Just Announced he has lung cancer

Social Media Increasingly Conduit for Surveillance and Voter Manipulation

Revealed: You Know How Rush Limbaugh Talks About "Seminar Callers"? Turns Out They're Real -- Employed by a Joint Clinton-DNC Effort


Justice Denied

Stoics in the Shining City

The deeply flawed campaign for racial reparations

Review: The Crown Pits British Tradition Against Reform

Ominous Parallels Reconsidered

Our System Has a Trust Deficit (And For Good Reason)

Inconsistency: The Most Consistent Thing About Politics

The Continuous and Terminal Political Gaslighting of the American Masses

First, They Lied About the Range . . .

Poverty a 'death sentence'? Not in America!


The President Has Spoken

Preaching Predestination with Jim Nestingen

The Presentation of Our Lord

Ministries Making a Difference

‘He Gets Us’ Organizers Hope to Spend $1 Billion to Promote Jesus. Will Anyone Care?

Understanding Hosea's Marriage to Gomer

Play nice!

NASA astronaut says science 'doesn't contradict' Christianity; Bible museum opens new exhibit

Pope Francis: 'Homosexuality is not a crime,' encourages bishops to stop conversion therapy

'Controversial' gender-neutral production of 'Jesus Christ Superstar' features non-binary Jesus


Innovation in all fields of research and invention has entered a uniform, precipitous decline since at least 1945

Report Claiming the Last Eight Years Were the “Hottest on Record” Causing Hysteria in Media

James Webb Telescope Discovers Earth-Size Rocky Exoplanet

Riddle solved: Why was Roman concrete so durable?

Neuralink competitor Synchron launches human trials for first commercial brain computer interface

Hayek on the Difference between Science and Scientism

Where Does ChatGPT Fall on the Political Compass?

There’s No Natural ‘Carrying Capacity’ for the Human Population: An Essay Inspired by the Happy News that the Human Population Has Reached Eight Billion


Everything You’ve Heard About Electric Cars is a Lie, Here’s the Truth

Weird Stuff/Unexplained

Who's the naked chick with Naked Joe Biden

Did Joe Biden Pinch You (underage girl)

Whose in the bed behind Hunter Biden?

Landfill worker in port-a-potty crushed by bulldozer in 'tragic' accident, officials say

5G Weaponized Cell Tower Transmitter Box Contains Cov-19 Chip (Youtube Banned This!)!!

Here Are The Republicans Most Likely To Refuse The Covid-19 Vaccine, Poll Finds

Bizarre Video Shows Woman Removing Mask In-Between Bites of Food

Stop Worrying About Conservatives Refusing to Be Vaccinated

Legislature’s conservative Bastiat Caucus members say they aren't extremists, but principled Republicans

Christian University Ditches Crusader Mascot

Primative Weapons

Archery: Will it EVER be the same again? Wow.

More People Killed by Knives Than by Rifles, Shotguns, But Handguns Used in Most Murders

The U.K. Must Ban Pointy Knives, Says Church of England

Why “Conspiracy Theory” Is Hate Speech

Survival Skills

How to Survive A Famine. Economic collapse can lead to a breakdown of society and mass food shortages

7 Lies People With Money Problems Tell Themselves

Why Preppers and Survivalists Prefer to Be the ‘Gray Man’ If the SHTF

The Only Way to Survive 2023

Staying Warm During a Winter Power Outage

20 FOODS to STOCKPILE that NEVER expire


STRANDED!!! Lake Mead's Water Dropped Too Fast!!!

A Warning From A Farmer

What I Just Learned Will Shock You


Equity Destroying Education in Va.

An Apostate Indicts Our Educational System

College slammed for firing prof who allegedly said killing all whites would end racism

Tennessee should ban public school tuition

Three areas in K-12 education that need more transparency

How Brooklyn's Much-Copied Diversity Plan Helped Throw its Best Middle School Into Chaos

Major red-state university caved to student activists to push 'social justice'

Conservative students face threats after trying to show BLM documentary on campus

Training video uses 'non-binary' doll to pervert minds of 4-year-old kids

Biden Wants Schools That Please Politicians, Not Parents


Pro-Life Champion: Chiefs’ Game-Winning Kicker is an Outspoken Voice for the Unborn

Reality Breaks Through As Female-to-Male Trans Swimmer Starts Competing on Men’s Team

'All glory to God': Tim Tebow gets the best news of his career live on air

NBA Coach Loses, Prays for Winning Team’s Coach

"Wilder is The biggesT puncher in The hisTory of our sporT ... I have goT The biggest balls in The hisTory of our sporT --- as I have proved many - many Times."

RIC OF NATURE - Rico Verhoeven ... From Tyson Fury’s punchbag To Hollywood supersTar --- The undispuTed ‘King of Kingboxing’ on his incredible rise from obscuriTy

Boxing's "White Chocolate" Is Must-See Entertainment

Celebrate The 40-Year Anniversary Of The Miracle On Ice

Kobe Bryant killed in Los Angeles helicopter crash

Trump Curse? Nasty Nats Lose Three in a Row at Home in World Series After Dissing POTUS


Another Recession Sign: Part-Time Work Is Growing Faster than Full-Time Work

The Price-Gouging State

Yes, the US Government Has Defaulted Before

Fed’s Giant Economic Science Experiment

Poverty is a political problem, not just an economic one

We Just Witnessed an Economic Sign That Hasn’t Happened Since the Peak of the Great Depression in 1932

The Fed Is Already Flashing Signs It's Done Raising Rates

The Federal Reserve’s 2% inflation target

"Stakeholder Capitalism" Is an Incoherent Term

Why the End of the Petrodollar Spells Trouble for the US Regime


America Is Once More Safe for Democracy After 'Terrorist' Balloon Shot Down!

Colin Kaepernick Transitions In Order To Make Carolina Panthers Cheer Squad

Ricky Gervais - Trans Women

Starving American Babies Disguise Selves As Ukrainian Soldiers In Hopes Of Getting $40 Billion In Federal Aid

former ... GOP globalisT --- sTooge

SNL to Liberals: It's OK To Question Nonsensical Mask Mandates

Motorcyclist Who Identifies As Bicyclist Sets Cycling World Record

Alec Baldwin's Get Out of Jail Free Card

I'm noT usually inTo grammar policing ... This one is a liTTle over The Top --- IT isn'T "in forced" - iT is 'enforced' - See definiTion here

Dana Carvey breaks out his Joe Biden impression

Cult Watch

Satanic Temple opens abortion clinic named for conservative Supreme Court justice's mom

The Death Cult of Eco-Feminism

‘Satanic golden medusa’ abortion statue outside New York City courthouse ruthlessly mocked: ‘Monstrosity’

Climate group behind headline-grabbing protests is a 'cult,' former member says

US to host largest-ever Satanic gathering

Twelve worst ELCA Lutheran heresies of 2022

Church changes Christmas carol lyric to recognize 'queer and questioning'

This is how the ELCA celebrated Thanksgiving

Taylor Hawkins’ Death and Its Disturbing Links With His Band’s Movie “Studio 666”

Quote iT ... or --- STHU!


Local Gov't Internet Is No Solution

Italy Sounds Alarm on Large-scale Computer Hacking Attack

PayPal Hack Exposes Customer Names, Social Security Numbers

Twitter Data Leak: Account Details Of 200 Million Users Breached, Including Sundar Pichai, Donald Trump Jr., More

8 Mind-Blowing Websites You Probably Didn't Know Existed

Today's Outage

LibertysFlame Server Maintenance Complete (for today)

LibertysFlame Server maintenance

Go the the website outline.com and paste the url of the news story in it. Most articles behind a paywall will appear. I posted the story here

DOWNLOAD VIDEO download video from youtube, dailymotion, any website just paste any link/url with a video


Crisis Pregnancy Centers Labeled 'Anti-abortion' by AP

Lauterbach in 2020: "Schools drive the pandemic, the research is clear." Lauterbach in 2023: The belief that many infections occur in schools and day-care centres “did not prove to be correct"

‘Baby Farms’ Are Already Here

The glory of our humanity begins with a single cell: That’s you and me at our first moment of existence.

What is the effect of an abortion on the grandparents? On the siblings?

How to Memory-Hole a PSYOP

Medical Professional: Scientific Community MUST Issue Mea Culpa on Its Deadly Covid Policies

Massive Peer-Reviewed Mask Study Shows 'Little To No Difference' In Preventing COVID, Flu Infection


NIH-funded study claims trans hormones improve mental health – despite patient suicides

politics and politicians

Ron Paul, ‘Heroic Voice of Reason’ and ‘the Deep State’s Principal Enemy’

Dr. Paul Objects to Big Government Antitrust Bill - December 8, 2022

Dr. Rand Paul's 2022 Academy Fair

Supreme Court to Weigh Biden Student Loan Handout - Spike on Kennedy - 12/06/22 - part 3

VIDEO: Kevin McCarthy Confronted Heading Into State Dinner Attended By Hunter Biden

Sen. Cruz Outlines the Grim Outcome If Herschel Loses Georgia

Growing Number of GOP Leaders, Elected Officials Say It's Time for a Change in RNC Leadership

Zeldin RNC Bid Gains Momentum as Party Leaders Line Up Behind Him (Replace RINO Ronna Romney McDaniel)

DEROY MURDOCK: Electing Herschel Walker Is More Important Now Than Ever

Report, Ronna McDaniel Pulls Ground Resources from Arizona Motivated by RNC Power Challenge

Alternative Energies

No Freedom of Car Choice? Thank Blue State Tyrants

Fuller a Pioneer of Solar Energy

Of Whales and Wind Farms: Greenpeace Silent on Whale Deaths Linked to Ocean Wind Project

Eco-groups push for EVs, but refuse to back U.S. mining for necessary materials

In light of the immensity and gravity of the energy crisis in Europe, the French government indicated its plans a few months ago to drastically amend its stance on nuclear power. After having lobbied for the use of renewable energies instead of nucl

Sell the Magic

Porsche is replacing gasoline with air and water

Swiss Plan Exposes Folly of Relying on Electric Vehicles

Toyota's Secret Weapons That Will Destroy the Rest of the Car Industry

After Nikola Tesla Proved Wireless Electricity was Possible, A Startup Finally Made it a Reality

The Water Cooler

Internal Pink Floyd Feud Reignited Amid Antisemitism Accusations

Oldest person in the United States dies at 115

Review: Buckminster Fuller Helped Inspire Our Future


FReepers have always supporTed him ... he goT sick --- can’T be There for all of you.

RIP Cody

Citizen Free Press-Beter than Drudge!!!!

Trump v. RATZ/RINOZ 2020...easy decision, right?

James OÂ’Keefe announces 'This may be the biggest story Project Veritas has ever broke' [CNN]

Byrds Have Flown - Music


The Not-So-Great Depression Diet

Garet Garrett, the Great

History of Nuclear War. The “90 Seconds to Midnight”

When a Classical Liberal Confronted Nazi Terror

The Wrong Question

From MLK to CRT

Martin Luther King and Planned Parenthood

Decline of Empire: Parallels Between the U.S. and Rome, Part II

The Gulag Archipelago 50 years later– reassessing one of the greatest works of literary realism

The Tyranny of the Majority

Anti Jew Propaganda

Meet The Companies Poised To Build The Kushner-Backed “Coronavirus Surveillance System”

Tucker Investigates: What is destroying rural America?

What's all this about 'Jesus the Palestinian'?


The Bin Ladens and the Bushes: On 9/11 George Herbert W. Bush Meets Osama’s Brother Shafiq bin Laden

How 36 Reporters Brought Us the Twin Towers’ Explosive Demolition on 9/11

Short Version of New Documentary SEVEN Begins Airing Today on PBS

Pagers add further proof that 9-11 was an inside job

Cancer from Radiation Widespread Among 9/11 Responders

FBI 'Mistakenly' Releases 9/11 Bombshell In Court: Key Saudi Diplomat Who "Tasked" Hijackers Named

LMPD to no longer respond to hit and run wrecks, other incidents

2009 Interview: 9/11 FEMA videographer at Ground Zero goes public

First Responders Urge Congress to Reopen 9/11 Investigation

Jersey City cops shown on video kicking innocent man lose jobs, avoid jail time

911 Audio and video

U.S. military assets used to attack Pentagon on 9/11: Video proof

User Submitted Article

Merry Christmas

Transfer of LF to new host site complete

LF Site Transfer

"Blues Brothers" Next to be Banned For Racism

Does anyone believe this $hit email from Gatlin / niltag

What happened to Sneakypete ?

About that Fox News POLL...

Leak a document


These five of our favorite squirrel recipes are guaranteed to get your mouth watering.



Winnie the pooh game created by AI

Marching in Time

Trouble changing my tagline

Sicut Cervus

Georgia election fraud.... VIDEO



Weekend Open Thread

Merry Christmas!

Astro World Hell - First hand account - My prayers go out to everyone involved

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