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James Jaeger: New Documentary “Mainstream” on The Globalist Agenda in Movies

Man Destroys God

What’s Really Happening With Saudi Arabia and Qatar Will Not Be Televised

Teacher sentenced for sexual assault of Palo Alto student, 15

Teacher put on leave after reports a student’s mouth was taped shut

Female Science Teacher, 26, Arrested For ‘Showing Her Genitals’ to a 13 Year Old Boy

West Valley teacher accused of making child porn scrapbooks, bringing them to school

Teacher arrested at Rend Lake College on sex abuse charges

Working Class White America is ‘Dying of Despair’

Florida teen makes special teddy bear to honor fallen officer

International News

Kim Jong Un - Rocketman

Sweden Releases Sex Guide for Migrants Explaining Why Rape Is Wrong

Philippines: Duterte Allows Bombing of Mosques for Final Battle Against Islamic State in Marawi

Supermarket chain airbrushes Christian cross from Greek food to avoid offending

A wave of homicides overwhelms Tijuana

NKorea missile fear sets pre-emptive strike debate in Japan

Smoke seen pouring from Russian consulate in San Francisco

Russia Backpedals On Bitcoin - Unveils Plan To Ban Cryptocurrency Sales To "Ordinary People"

Trump says Kim Jong-un's message 'has been received loud and clear' and warns 'all options are on the table' following North Korean missile launch over Japan, prompting Seoul show of force

Jean-Claude Juncker: The UK government's Brexit position papers are not 'satisfactory'

United States News

Officer in nurse arrest was reprimanded for sex harassment

Is anybody wathching Trump on TV?

Entire Volume of CIA Files On Lee Harvey Oswald, Set to Be Released in October, Has ‘Gone Missing’

Cops Execute Student for Holding a “Tiny” Multi-tool

7 Best Video Sites, YouTube Alternatives

Video shows purse snatching from elderly woman in scooter at Burbank Ralphs

Profs: Boys are better at physics because they play ‘pee games’

Trump Let a Kid Mow the White House Lawn. Idiot Asks: What About Child Labor Laws?

My Father Died This Morning

The 28 States Where a Little Pot Can Still Send You to Jail

The Establishments war on Donald Trump

Trump Doesn’t Know What He’s Doing

Charlie Rose is looking like an idiot on 60 Minutes

Marco Rubio (AKA "Little Castro") Says It’s OK To Beat People For Their Thoughts

It’s Not Trump They Hate—It’s Us!

British spy behind Trump-Russia dossier could be forced to talk after US court ruling

Ann Coulter Might Dump Her ‘Emperor God’ Trump Over Bannon

Bannon friend on revenge: "You have no idea. This is gonna be really f***ing bad."

Bannon Gets The AXE -- 'That f***ing Steve Bannon is taking credit for my election!'

Fox News Host Eboni K. Williams on Receiving Death Threats After Segment Criticizing Trump

Federal managers have some bad news for government workers

Video and Audio

Megyn Kelly's Sunday Show On NBC Yanked After Just Eight Episodes

Music thread

WATCH: Cop Kills Unarmed Man for Walking Toward Him – Gets Job Back & Immunity

Arabian Night - Polish rap

VIDEO: Biker Revs Engine, Drives Through Anti-Trump Activists Laying in the Street for a ‘Die-In’

Video shows cops kick innocent victim of fiery crash

Driving Mr. Stone: Vladimir Putin gives Oliver Stone a ride around Russia in his Mercedes

Outraged mom says TSA treated family "like dogs" during son's pat-down

Shark asks several Divers for help

Trump praises Rand Paul (confirmed Paultard)


isn't time we put a stop to this?

Why Muslim Leaders SILENT on Gay Marriage: “If we come out with our opinion then the left may abandon us”

North Korea's antique airplane could be its most dangerous weapon yet

Al-Qaeda Targets D.C. to Boston Line, Hazmat Cargo Trains in DIY Derailment Guide

Xi to Trump: Show restraint on N. Korea, crisis must have peaceful resolution

Is It Already Too Late to Stop North Korea?

Trump: North Korea ‘will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen’ if more threats emerge

Russian 6th-generation fighter will employ powerful lasers to burn enemy missile

The Incredible Maverick: US Political Elite Adopts McCain's Language


U.S. Constitution

Worse Than Speed Limits (Fungible Laws)

Supreme Court Temporarily Puts Trump's Travel Ban in Fuller Force Again as It Hears Briefing on the Issues and Debates a Ruling

Trump Continues to Remake the Federal Judiciary

Are sex offender registries unconstitutional?

Public sector unions are beginning to panic

Trump, Sheriff Joe, and the Thrill of Arbitrary Power

Could Trump Deliver a Conservative Federal Judiciary?

Congress Quietly Passed A Bill Allowing Warrantless Searches of Homes – Only 1% Opposed It

Tech companies crack down on free speech then label it hate speech like the true fascists they are

More arrested in toppling of Confederate statue in North Carolina

The Left's War On Christians


Praying repetitive words using Rosary beads is forbidden

"WHO AM I TO JUDGE A GAY PERSON?" says Pope Francis

Justin Bieber Hits Photographer With Car Driving From Church

Twitter censors pro-life ads

Detroit Cracks Down Hard On Medical Marijuana

Democrats Reel from DNC Chair’s Announcement That Party Will Exclude Pro-Life Candidates

Teacher, LGBT Partner Are ‘Anti-Christian Bigots’ for Banning Cross Necklaces

Syria Catholic Leaders Slam Trump For Attacking Before Proper Investigation Of Perpetrators, Say Christians Will Suffer Most

PA School District To Teenage Boy: Undress In Front Of Girls And Make It 'Natural'

New World Order

What did they mean by this?

How Google is secretly recording YOU through your mobile

Robert E Lee himself was opposed to Confederate Monuments

U.S. May Begin Airstrikes Against ISIS in Philippines

Liberals -- Unwitting Shills for Communism and Satanism

Statement Concerning My Registration with the Republican Party (Augustus Sol Invictus)

Obama’s Legacy in Africa: How Libya, a Prosperous Nation in Africa was Destroyed by America’s First African-American President

Conway, Kushner, And Ivanka Party It Up With ... George Soros, Chuck Schumer, David Koch

Solar eclipse coming -- and it's $2,000 for grand view

What Police State? Undercover Cops Bust Teens for Selling Bottled Water

Watching The Cops

Officer pictured having tea party with girl he helped deliver dies: 'He blessed so many people'

Utah detective who dragged nurse fired from paramedic job

Arrested Utah Nurse Had It Coming

Nurse: “Scared to death … really betrayed” by arrest

2nd Utah police officer put on administrative duty over nurse arrest

Video shows Utah nurse screaming, being dragged into police car after refusing to let officer take blood from unconscious victim

No joke: Robbers walk into bar full of off-duty cops

No, the feds shouldn’t give war machines to the police

Boston Counter-Protesters Aim To “Make White Supremacists Hide Again”

Stunning Body Cam Footage Shows Officer's Life-Threatening Interaction With Criminal

Bush Wars

Trump is about to outsource a war to a civilian-murdering mercenary group

Tucker Carlson Now Taking on Unrepetentent Neocons One By One

Are Syria's Chemical Weapons Iraq's Missing WMD? Obama's Director of Intelligence Thought So.

Saddam HusseinÂ’s CIA Interrogator Finally Reveals Truth About BushÂ’s Invasion of Iraq

Ban Bolton, Giuliani

Kasich Writes In John McCain For President

Afghanistan: The Making of a Narco State

George W. Bush: 'I'm worried that I will be the last Republican president'

Man fights to keep giant hogweed

From the Ashes of the GOP, A New Chance for Liberty (Post Trump defeat: 2020 Hillary challenge)

Obama Wars

Bombshell Report Catches Pentagon Falsifying Paperwork For Weapons Transfers To Syrian Rebels

Kaboom! Russian Drone With Thermite Grenade Blows Up a Billion Dollars of Ukrainian Ammo

Warm Words for Cold Warrior: Expert Reveals Why Brzezinski's Death is Blow to US

Isis tests chemical weapons on 'human guinea pigs', secret documents reveal

Rep. Thomas Massie's statement on his vote against ObamaCare II

REPORT: Pence has negotiated Obamacare replacement amendment with Freedom Caucus!

Diagnosis Long Overdue

Trump Orders Counterterrorism Expansion in Yemen (considering ground attacks)

Fort Hood jihadist shooter Nidal Hassan is ‘gay’ and wants a sex-change operation

Russia roasts ... Samantha Power - 19.01.2017 -


Hillary Clinton: Women Only Voted For Trump Because Their Husbands Told Them To

Hobby Lobby’s ‘offensive’ decoration

Hillary Clinton still wants to challenge election results

Hollywood is finished - TV ... in the sense they influence - steer the public --- for the exception of the uninformed zombie radical left communists Antifa types.

Liberals sick of the alt-left are taking 'the red pill'

Shapiro to Antifa: America is laughing at your inferior intellect, you know

Protesters in Charlottesville Take Aim at Thomas Jefferson

BIAS ALERT: Amazon 'fixed' reviews for Hillary Clinton's book

Jimmy Carter to Trump: 'Keep the peace ... tell the truth'

Clinton is convinced Trump campaign colluded with Russia

I AM A PROPHET and I prophesy

2016 FLASHBACK: Ted Cruz Predicts Trump Will Cut Deals With Pelosi, Schumer

something earthshaking will occur during the eclipse.

New Star to Appear in Night Sky, Heralding Balaam’s Prophecy of Messiah

The False Intrepreter and his wrong predictions he is a fraud

Conservative Christians pan 'prosperity gospel' Trump inaugural preacher

'The Hare Psychopathy Checklist': The test that will tell you if someone is a sociopath

My prayer on 9/11

Glenn Beck Says Michelle Obama Delivered 'The Most Effective Political Speech' Since Reagan

The Next (and Last) Battle

Don't freak out, but your Horoscope sign has probably changed

Mexican Invasion

"Shut down ICE!": Amnesty activists shout down Pelosi over DREAM deal with Trump


Tucker Carlson on DACA and Shamnesty

Trump Backpedals on Amnesty Deal After Massive Blowback from Base

Rand Worries Trump Has Caught ‘Potomac Fever’ in Pursuit of DACA Deal

A "Read-My-Lips" Moment for Trump?

Trump Prepares To Abandon Wall In Favor Of Legalizing DREAMers

The Cruelty of Barack Obama

What’s this? Now Canada is deporting illegal aliens in growing numbers

Europe Is Killing Itself

Corrupt Government

America's Broken System: Left & Right Authoritarianism

DWS IT Guy Was Banned From House After Trying To Hide Secret Server

Stunning testimony: Voting machines can be hacked without a trace of evidence

Trump DOJ: No plans to charge Lois Lerner in IRS scandal

Melanie Morgan on Antifa, Berkeley, and the Soros Connection

Court Claims Nothing Wrong with Rigging Primaries—Dismisses Lawsuit Against DNC

FDA Approves Synthetic THC for Pharma Co. Behind Anti-Pot Lobby and Opioid Bribery Scheme

Sebastian Gorka Exits White House, Blasts Afghanistan Policy

Utah Rep Demands Name Of Fed Who Used His Position To Score Burning Man Tickets

Forfeiture Loot Corrupts Justice

Satans Mark/Cashless

PayPal is quietly cracking down on white-supremacist accounts

Police Brag About Taking Money from a Homeless Man, Facebook Proceeds to Own Them

Wisconsin Company Announces They Will Implant Microchips In Employees

The House Un-Freedom Caucus

Day Without (Illegal) Immigrants Would Save America $351 Million: So Much For #DayWithoutImmigrants

Lakeland man scams $7 billion in Jesus' name

Today’s Celebrity Society Begs For A Spanking

House Passes Bill to”Microchip Citizens with Mental Disabilities” (And Then Those Who Speak Out?)

Instead Of Black Friday Materialism, Thanksgiving Weekend Should Be A Time To Live, Laugh And Love

Problem, Reaction, Solution – How The Government Will Take Your Cash

Poison Watch

America’s shockingly violent birth

For the First Time, Lawsuit Forces US Court to Review Fluoride Toxicity, Could END Fluoridation

Video: How Russia and Syria lied about the chemical weapons attack

White House Officials Misstate the Number of Chemical Attacks by Assad

Top Missile and Chemical Weapons Expert Debunks Trump’s Claims About Syrian Chemical Weapons

Trump's Mar-a-Lago kitchen is disgusting

Animal Control claims longtime family dog is wolf hybrid, won’t return him to owners

12 TSA Agents Just Indicted For Smuggling $100 Million Worth Of Cocaine (Homeland Security)


Pentagon Vaccine for Religious Fundamentalists, sales pitch

Bang / Guns

Should You Tell the Cops You Have a Gun?

Janet Reno, American Saint

2 Years After CBP Took His Truck Because of a Few Forgotten Bullets, Still No Hearing

Silent but deadly

10 Dumbest Gun Control Laws That Need To Be Repealed Right Away

U.S. Virgin Islands Allows National Guard To Seize Guns, Ammo Ahead Of Hurricane Irma

It fascinates me when people say, “Why won’t gun owners compromise?”

Black Matriarch Demonstrates The Moral Myopia of Black Females

NYC to Gun-Owning Tourists: Drop Dead

What A Backyard Submachine Gun Can Teach Us About Gun Laws


Did lesbians cause Hurricanes Irma and Harvey? God knows.

"Best Critique of Evolution You Will Ever Hear"

Fort Knox Has a Mind-Blowing Amount of Gold Currently Hidden In Its Vaults

NFL Owners Agree To Consider Letting Players Use Medical Marijuana

Planned Parenthood touts its ‘trans’ healthcare for the gender confused

NASA unveils plan to test asteroid defense technique

Kentucky Public Schools Can Now Offer Bible Classes In Social Studies Curriculum

HIT & RUN BLOG Students Hold Free Speech Events, Get Denounced as White Supremacists

Students Sue After Entire High School Illegally Groped And Molested By Cops

Body Cam Refutes Official Story, Shows Cop Murder Innocent Boy for No Reason

Bible Study

Workmen Allegedly Find Bone Fragments of Saint Peter Inside Medieval Altar in Rome

Biblical prophecy claims the world will end on Sept. 23, Christian numerologists claim

15 September 2017 Charles Spurgeon Devotion

WARNING !!! Pope Calls Jesus and the Bible a LIE !!! False Prophet EXPOSED !!!

Texas woman breaks out into incredible gospel song performance inside Hurricane Harvey shelter 2017

Under Trump, evangelicals show their true racist colors


The Economics of God

Scripture & Smoke 25: Mthw Ch. 24; Joya de Nicaragua Antano 1970 Lancero

"In Him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily. And ye are complete in Him." — Colossians 2:9, 10


Another Reason for the Electric Car Push?

I Became a Pot Felon at 18. I'm Owed More Than an Apology.

Economics Is Dead

'Free cruise' robocalls could land you $900

Storage Cubby “Criminals”

How the U.S. Postal Service has helped turn Amazon into a giant by undercharging them by $1.46 a package on postage

Snapchat IPO Investors Have Now All Lost Money on Snap Stock

Minimum wage set to drop in Missouri

Will the Government Ruin Self-Driving Cars?

"Boss Gatlin" accused of using three kids to assist in Higginsville marijuana operation

How To

How to Make Big Money on Little Deals- Real Estate Investing

Swimming trunks! Pair of frantic adult elephants save a calf from drowning in an incredible display of teamwork

Trump's Dangerous Anti-Libertarian Nationalism

BREAKING: NH State Representative Joins Libertarian Party – Press Conference Video

How to Test Gold & Silver at Home: 5 Proven Bullion Testing Methods

How to construct a ventilated pit latrine

A Male Trump Supporter Punched A Woman Eating Dinner In The Face

Musick for a Weekend: Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah

Team Trump is already filled with Washington insiders

Trump Could Tap Rudy & Newt for Cabinet Positions

The Democrats War On Women

Rosie O’Donnell’s ex Michelle Rounds dead in apparent suicide

Even Those Who Struggle Mightily to Lose Weight Are Guilty of Thin Privilege

Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones call for destruction of Bill Clinton statue

Student reveals how she jumped out of her moving car to escape 'racially motivated' kidnappers

Is new LPGA dress code 'body shaming' players?

Merkel paves way for 'gay marriage', passes in 'snap' vote

Boys Will Keep Winning Girls’ Sports Trophies Until We Are Willing To Re-Assert Sex Distinctions

'Alternative facts': A common legal term

Can You Identify This Woman Who Set A Trump Supporter’s Hair On Fire In DC On Inauguration Day?

Apprentice Contestant Summer Zervos Slaps Donald Trump With Defamation Lawsuit

Talk Radio Watch

Alex Jones, Roger Stone agree: Someone may be drugging President Trump

Laura Ingraham Gets 10 PM Slot At Fox News

Limbaugh evacuates South Florida after claiming Hurricane Irma was a liberal hoax

Advertisers Begin to Pull Ads From Fox News' 'Hannity'

O’Reilly to team up with Glenn Beck on radio

Infowars apologizes for 'Pizzagate' coverage

Back to Videos Hannity: WikiLeaks Proves That "Everything The Conspiracy Theorists Said" Was True

Roger Ailes Bragged About Hiring Someone to Physically Assault Gabriel Sherman

Limbaugh: ‘Clinton Cash’ Illustrates Why There Is ‘No Reality’ When It Comes to the Clintons’ Message

Glenn Beck Mocks Donald Trump By Covering His Face With Crushed-Up Cheetos


Curse of the Woke Conservatives

The War on Some Drugs

Orwell or Huxley? Or both?

Trump Quietly Promises Billions in New Nuke Contracts

Worst Box Office In 25 Years: Hollywood’s Problems Are Permanent & Deep

Why Today’s Conservatives Are Useless Debaters

Trump's lack of decorum

Interesting thoughts

Under Trump, Homeland Security actually gets around to securing the homeland

Laws Named After Victims Are Always Well-Meaning, and Usually Bad Policy


An Unworthy Pope

What does the term “holy see” mean?

This Dogma Won't Hunt

IT'S ON: Christian Group Sues SPLC, Amazon, and Guidestar for Defamation Because of 'Hate Group' Designation

My Trilogy

Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow - West is making a mistake

Trump threatens to change the course of American Christianity

Pope Francis Adds ‘Fourth Path’ to Official Sainthood

Police launch hate crime investigation aftrer a painting of Jesus was left in an Islamic center

Religious leaders get high on magic mushrooms ingredient – for science


DEATH OF CABLE NEWS: Cord Cutting At Record Highs

AI gaydar can accurately determine sexuality from a photo

Forget trigonometry, 'cos Babylonians did it better 3,700 years ago – by counting in base 60!

That Al Gore climate change sequel is doing about as well as expected

'Angel particle' discovery called milestone

Things Get Hot for Michael Mann

Watch biggest explosion EVER on Moon as NASA warns we could be next

Scientists explain ancient Rome's long-lasting concrete

Weird science: How today’s apple can become tomorrow’s ear

New form of carbon discovered that is harder than diamond but flexible as rubber

Weird Stuff/Unexplained

Catholic Internet poster -God raised a lizard and a mouse from the dead because I said please. Claims God healed his broken neck and spine. Also says Christ does not treat Christians' diabetes or cancer. He let's them bear that cross, die

Voynich manuscript: the solution

Woman Sends Unsolicited Vagina Pics to Men in Most Predictable Experiment Ever

Horrified McDonald's customers watch naked man inject drugs into his testicles

Wall Street Journal writer Joseph Rago found dead in his apartment (34 years old)

Local WWII veteran’s remains recovered more than 70 years later, in a tree

The handshake war between Macron and Trump goes epic!

Local Mom Claims Vaccines Caused Her Son’s Calvinism

'We have all of this beautiful Irish press. Where are you from? Come here': Bizarre moment Trump interrupts call to new leader of Ireland to comment on reporter's 'nice smile'

Severed Human Toe Served in Canadian Bar’s ‘Sourtoe Cocktail’ Is Stolen

Primative Weapons

Man gets harpooned on fishing trip

Girl suspended from school for cutting peach with child butter knife

'Zombie knife' seller urges shoppers to buy before ban takes effect

Survival Skills

Bookmark This: Over 400 Links Google DoesnÂ’t Want You To Visit

Forbes Says Self-Reliant Homesteaders Are “Delusional” and “Mooching” Off “Civil Society”

This Story About A Vegetarian Woman's Death Match With A Rabid Raccoon Is Everything

Man spots his stolen car being driven through New Jersey then cuts the driver off before viciously beating him in the street

Your Handy Guide to Camping in Forbidden Places

Fox captured barehanded

Hawk caught using roadkill

WATCH: How to Go Through a DUI Checkpoint Like a Pro — in Less than 30 Seconds

Court Decides to Censure, Not Remove Anti-Gay Marriage Judge

Sessions to attend Mar-a-Lago dinner with Trump


High School Grades Linked to Healthy, Unhealthy Behaviors

Enrollment down, dorms closing at Univ. of Missouri; Is this the price of political correctness?

As Trump administration promises end to Title IX witch hunts, witch-hunters cry foul

Johann Herder as prophet of the contemporary university

University of Arizona Says They Have No Relationship with Visiting Scholar Who Identifies as a Hippo

16.4 Million Americans Think Chocolate Milk Comes From Brown Cows, Survey Reveals

Video: The “anti-fascist” fascist freak show at Evergreen State

New PBS Documentary on Education in America is Creating a Stir

Study Reveals Cuts to Sex Education and Birth Control Led to LOWER Teen Pregnancy Rates

University of Hawaii Professor: Universities Should Stop Hiring ‘White Cis Men’


NFL Ratings Down Big on Opening Night Amid Renewed Anthem Protests

Tim Tebow’s unlikely quest moves to the next level

Area Man Tells ESPN to Eff Off

NBL player whose eye popped out during a game reveals he could STILL SEE through the dangling orb… and it has been returned to its socket with no lasting damage


Cubs World Series Champions!!!!!!!

Kaepernick Anger Intense in NFL Front Offices

Who Was Ty Cobb? The History We Know That’s Wrong

Ken Starr Resigns As Baylor Chancellor Amid Football Rape Scandal

Baylor Has A Secret Cache Of Baptist Gold That They Use To Pay Recruits


How Price Gouging Helped My Family during a Storm

1:02:12 How to Get a Loan - Real Estate Investing Made Simple

Cannabis company buys entire California town to create marijuana tourist destination

Rick Perry on supply and demand economics: Supply it, then demand will follow

Report: Steve Bannon wants to raise federal income taxes on the rich

China's JAC Motors unveils first vehicles assembled in Mexico

Trump Tax Plan Eyes Cut to Deduction for High-Tax States

OPEC to U.S.: Please produce less oil for the ‘prosperity of the world economy’

Sorry America, Your Taxes Aren’t High

Amazing: US Debt Decreased by More Than $60 Billion Since Trump Inauguration


If NFL Ads Were Honest…

A Thousand Words (Irony?)


Longview, TX man shocked after prostitute he booked was his own wife

Gravestones of The Russian Mafia

Orrin Hatch: Cunning Linguist

The Coach

Chinese artificial intelligence calls Communist Party ‘incompetent’

Guess which site is under "DOS attack!" during the endless grift?

The longest password ever

Cult Watch

Gatekeeper of DC Society Sally Quinn Comes Out as Occultist, Used Hex to Kill People

Oldest white supremacist website shut down after complaint

Trump Punishes Longtime Aide After Angry Phoenix Speech

Warrants Issued For White Supremacist Featured In Vice Film

TOS doubling-down on the griftathon hysteria

Secessionists push for South to break away from US again

The Real Reason Why MS-13 Gangsters Were Brought to America

The Mooch gets the Axe

UPDATE: Not Being Stupid Is ‘Cognitive Privilege’ Now, Which Is Just Like White Privilege

Trump once summoned Priebus to kill a fly in Oval Office


President-Elect Trump Announces Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani to Lend Expertise to Cyber Security Efforts

Top US Republican senator says Russians hacked his campaign

It's dead, Jim (Hopalong's site crashes)


Why Vladimir Putin’s Russia Is Backing Donald Trump

Computer Question

“Most serious” Linux privilege-escalation bug ever is under active exploit (updated)

The internet belongs to the world, not to Ted Cruz

Woman launches lawsuit against Canadian vibrator maker

Has anyone upgraded to Windows 10? Any advice?


Can an Illegal Drug Help Your Liver?

Utah nurse screams 'help me' as she's cuffed by cop for refusing to draw blood on unconscious patient, video shows

BOMBSHELL: United Nations admits latest outbreak of polio in Syria was caused by polio vaccines

President Trump Needs To Stop Breaking The Law Over Obamacare Like Obama Did

Seniors Becoming Fastest Growing Marijuana Users

That Chicago soda tax was an even bigger hot mess than predicted

Should Physicians Decide Who Gets to Use Psychedelics?

WaPo: Why Jeff Sessions is going to lose his war against cannabis

Unexpected Ben & Jerry's Ingredient: Herbicide

The Cost of Not Having Single Payer: $1.4 Trillion Per Year

politics and politicians

Report: Trump Caves on DACA, Wants ‘Quick’ Amnesty for 800K Illegal Aliens

Clinton Claims To Have Confronted Zinke About Calling Her The ‘Anti-Christ’

Democrats give away the Rust Belt by alienating Catholics

Leaked: Obama left a letter for Trump on his way out, here’s what it said

VIDEO: No help for huricane victims unless Debt Ceiling is Raised - Paul Ryan (R)

Trump Quietly Nominates Mass Surveillance Advocate To “Protect” Your Privacy Rights

'He's an a------, but he's our a------': California congressman gives blunt assessment of Trump

Will Justice Come For IRS Lawbreakers At Last?

Duncan Hunter says Trump's 'an a--hole but he's our a--hole'

Pelosi Very Confused: You "Can't Shout Wolf in a Crowded Theater"

Alternative Energies

What’s bigger than the Trump-Putin meet? This is [LNG sales to Europe]

Fill 'Er Up. And Head for the Beach.

Solar Panels Generate 300 Times More Toxic Waste Than Nuclear Reactors

Tesla car battery production releases as much CO2 as 8 years of gasoline driving

Startup says it can make compressed-air energy-storage scheme dirt cheap


Donald Trump Hangs With Christian Prosperity Teachers, Televangelists Paula White And Kenneth Copeland

13 Year Old Invents Tesla Inspired Free Energy Device For Under $15

Don't Kid Yourself: Of Course Trump Can Win

Canadian Oil Sands Wildfire forces mass evacuation of 80,000 residents

The Water Cooler

83-Year-Old Grandpa Saves the Day By Pushing Suspect Off Roof

Meanwhile in Spain, Antifa scum vs Spanish Police

John Deere 3033R or TYM 394 tractor/loader?

Southern Poverty Law Center Transfers Millions in Cash to Offshore Entities

AirDropping penis pics is the latest horrifying subway trend

Defendant who texted teen to commit suicide sentenced to 15 months in jail

Recent high school grad accused of multiple robberies

Firefighter who shot neighbor will not face charges, prosecutor says

Cyclist knocked to ground in hit-and-run caught on camera

O’Reilly Hints at Competing Network to Fox News: ‘I Am Starting My Own Operation’


Viking skeleton’s DNA test proves historians wrong

Henry Hudson

Fake evidence used in the Oklahoma Bombing

25 Years Ago, the Federal Govt Changed its Rules to Launch a Sniper Attack on Off-Grid Family

Harry Truman and the Atomic Bomb

It’s Been Exactly 80 Years Since the US Declared War on Weed — and Weed Is Still Winning

The Founders’ Go-To Text

Second Monumental Arch of Titus

Old America versus the rotten new

The Boston Marathon Bombing After Four Years

Anti Jew Propaganda

BBC deletes tweet about three Palestinians killed after deadly stabbing; Now guess who did the stabbing

Palestinian leader invited to White House in Trump call

14 Facts You May Not Know About Johnny Carson

Alan Dershowitz: Why I Will Leave Democratic Party If Keith Ellison Is Elected DNC Chairman


Seeing Is Not Believing: Steel and Concrete Became Mid-Air Dust on 9/11

Ron Paul: Police State Was Planned, 9/11 Just ‘Provided An Opportunity’ to Implement It

Where Was Osama bin Laden on September 10, 2001? One Day Before 9/11 He Was in a Pakistani Military Hospital…

Brother of 9/11 victim claim the US orchestrated the atrocity as new study shows it was impossible that the third tower collapsed from fire

Saudi government allegedly funded a ‘dry run’ for 9/11

The Lies of 9/11 Miracle Workers: A Review of David Ray GriffinÂ’s Bush And Cheney: How They Ruined America And The World

FBI's 911 Report Riddled With Censored Words, Missing Pages

CIA Agent Confesses On Deathbed: 'We Blew Up WTC7 On 9/11'

The Saudi Agents Next Door: Americans Who Cashed in on Campaign to Stop 9/11 Trial

FOIA Docs Show CIA/Pentagon Made 1,800 Movies, TV Shows To Make America Love War

911 Audio and video

911- Flight 175 Was Not A Commercial Aircraft

John Kerry Admits: “WTC 7 on 9/11 was Brought Down in a Controlled Fashion”

Reports: Bombs went off in basement levels of towers on 9/11

User Submitted Article

Stone's Questions About the Police State (My Answers)

Washington, D.C. just began allowing residents to list their gender as 'X' on their driver's licenses

Cowboy rules for the Wild West

Link for Pres Trump Speech to Joint Session of Congress

Poor Donald, he's in the dumps!

Monday Night Debate

Anybody watching the Demoncrap Convention ?

Anybody watch Cruz Speech - Impressions


Got an email today about Trump - little rough but makes a point

Leak a document

Florida Doctor Links 'Low Testosterone Levels' To Men Who Support Clinton

He's back with a new ad - Jeb! 2016

Was the father of presidential hopeful Cruz involved in the JFK assassination? (Rafael Cruz, Sr.)

Jabin Botsford is a fucking liar


PETA Asks Twitter For Reasons To Eat Bacon. It Backfires Dramatically.

Anthony Bourdain on Sichuan Peppers, Sex, Eating Dogs, and Political Correctness

Canned Pumpkin Isn’t Pumpkin

US companies are hoarding $2.5 trillion in cash overseas

The Colonel’s original chicken recipe found in scrapbook (11 herbs and spices)


We All Need To Admit That America Has A Tattoo Problem

LP site back up


Old Slavic singing

The Americans With No Abilities Act (ANAA).

Questions that A K A Stone asked but never got an answer because they got their ass kicked

Lets burn this place down

Free Repubic Is Down!

Interesting Political Cartoons

'He shares the same concerns I do': Ku Klux Klan members say they feel safer with Donald Trump as President - and even Pauline Hanson is on their radar

New York’s long history of police brutality: “Necessary force” goes all the way back to the beginning of the NYPD

Joining high court, the real Neil Gorsuch set to stand up

WATCH – Official Risks Her Life To EXPOSE What Obama’s Muslim ‘Sleeper Cells’ Are Planning

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